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A reliable, feature-rich phone system can help dental practitioners to create a professional and pleasant experience for patients. With the use of a robust and versatile VoIP solution in your dental office, you can optimize client engagement and improve patient care efficiently.

When searching for the best VoIP phone system for your dental office, VoipReview can help you compare and contrast the best providers in the dental industry! You can search our site and read authentic, user-submitted reviews of VoIP providers and compare different VoIP plans to find out which is best for your industry.


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How Does VoIP Help Dental Offices Deliver Quality Service to Patients?

A VoIP phone system for a dental office can deliver top quality service by improving patient care, streamlining operational workflows, and optimizing client engagement.

Unlike a traditional landline, a feature-rich VoIP phone solution can help dental offices deliver top-notch services by:

  • Optimizing patient engagement. VoIP makes it easy to route or transfer calls, thus providing a fast and efficient way for the staff members or the dentists to talk to their patients even when they step out of the office. The call forwarding feature also enables you to route after-hours calls from your office to other extensions, like your mobile number or home phone number. This way, you can answer important calls from your clients and offer them assistance during emergencies.
  • Delivering announcements and greetings. One of the most useful VoIP features that controls the flow of calls is the auto attendant. Through an auto attendant, you can customize the system to deliver greetings and announcements to your clients, thus building stronger doctor-patient relationship. An auto attendant can also be customized to instruct the caller on what to do when the patient needs immediate care, or even offer directions to the office
  • Enhancing customer experience. Integrating VoIP with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system provides you with a powerful communication tool that enhances customer experience by providing quick access to essential data and communication options. With a CRM integration, you can keep all relevant customer information right at your fingertips, from billing to appointment schedules, and other important details. This way, you and your staff can access or retrieve important customer information and use this to facilitate better service to your patients. You can also send important documents conveniently whenever your patient needs it.
  • Keeping track of patient’s record securely. Confidentiality in regards to patient information is crucial to all dental care services. To keep track of vital client information without compromising doctor-patient agreement, make use of a cloud-based VoIP system. Not only can you keep your data safe and secure, but a cloud-based VoIP can also help you maximize office space by eliminating physical documents. You can also send important documents to your patients without any hassle because a hosted VoIP system is accessible anywhere and at anytime as long as there is an Internet connection.
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What are Some Useful VoIP Features that Help Manage Operation Workflows in a Dental Office?

VoIP systems are equipped with automated features such as call forwarding, video conferencing, day/night mode, and hunt groups, which can help streamline work processes in a dental office.

A reliable VoIP solution supports efficient communication between the patient and the dentist while also promoting effective collaboration among the internal staff.  Here are some popular and important features of VoIP that can help streamline operational workflows, thus boosting employee productivity and improving communication in a dental office:

  • Day/Night Mode - This feature makes it possible for a dental assistant to designate calling rules during daytime (business hours), or while everyone is out of the office at night (after-hours). Through a Day/Night mode, you can  route incoming calls to your home or personal phone, and store voicemails to help you or your dental staff address the calls during business hours.
  • Hunt Groups - This function allows you to hunt for an available dental staff by routing incoming calls to various phone extensions. Through hunt groups,  your clients and potential clients can easily get in touch with you or any of your staff in the office (or during after-hours). Whether a patient is simply inquiring about an appointment, or suffering from an emergency and needs immediate assistance, the hunt groups and call forwarding features of VoIP can help ensure their calls are answered anywhere at anytime.
  • Video Conferencing - A VoIP system for dental offices allows you to conduct online video conferences within a group. This useful feature will help you communicate with  your staff about important deals, meetings, documents, files, and agenda, regardless of their location.

Aside from day/night mode, hunt groups, and video conferencing features, additional functionalities such as call monitoring, call recording, and call reports can help you save conversations between you and your patients in a safe and secure manner.

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What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing the Best VoIP Provider for a Dental Office?

Before making the switch to a VoIP system for your dental office, consider crucial factors like the ratings, user-generated reviews, features, and monthly price to help you select the ideal VoIP plan and provider.

Aside from these, you need to consider your current budget and the office’s equipment needs as well. Also, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and sufficient bandwidth capacity to accommodate a VoIP installation. Try running a speed test ahead of time to see if your internet can handle a VoIP solution.

Most importantly, before you transition to a VoIP phone service solution, read authentic user reviews here at VoipReview. We have compiled thousands of real customer reviews into an easy-to-read format to help you determine how providers rate on price, sound quality, customer service, features, and reliability.

Browse our scatter plot for an overall comparison of reviews from reputable VoIP providers. You can also check our individual provider pages and learn how the provider has ranked over time. As a market leader in VoIP search business, VoipReview can help you make an informed decision about which provider will best fit your business requirements.


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