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Transportation companies and taxi operators need proper coordination and an accurate delivery of information across all levels of their businesses to stay competitive. With the use of a powerful communication channel like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system, transportation companies and taxi operators can streamline operational workflow and improve productivity to empower their mobile workers and to increase their bottom line.

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How Can Taxi Operators and Transportation Companies Utilize VoIP?

A cost-effective VoIP phone system and accompanying unified communication solution can help transportation companies and taxi operators enhance their productivity and mobility for a fraction of a cost.

Effective communication is crucial in the transportation industry because it can help deliver clear and concise information (i.e. meetings, directions, roadblocks, schedule changes, traffic conditions, etc.) to better serve taxi and transportation companies. In this way, a VoIP phone system can empower drivers and other workers by giving them the support they need to make decisions that can improve their services in the following ways:

  • Offering transportation companies the freedom to work remotely without sacrificing productivity. Features like call routing, voicemail, instant messaging, and call conferencing can help taxi and transportation companies enhance their mobility because these tools and features can keep both office staff members and drivers connected at all times. Through a clear and reliable communication system, drivers can reach out to the main office for help during emergencies, and either an office staff member or an administrator can easily communicate with remote workers to help solve issues on schedule changes, directions, and more.
  • Sending or receiving accurate information to help improve employees’ service. Through a centralized hub, on-site employees and geographically dispersed workers (i.e. drivers) can easily send and receive information in the form of text, audio, and video files, and then store them in a secure location for easy access. In this way, employees can conveniently retrieve this crucial data to help them better serve their customers.
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What are Some of the Most Powerful VoIP Features for Taxi and Transportation Companies?

A VoIP phone solution allows transportation companies and taxi operators to manage their businesses in a seamless manner through a variety of innovative features and integrated applications.

Transportation companies and taxi operators need more than a plain old telephone service (POTS) to stay connected. Both on-site (office staff) and geographically dispersed employees (drivers) must be able to contact the right people and access accurate information to help them make smart decisions to enhance customer experience.

By integrating mobile applications with VoIP, transportation companies and taxi operators can save employees’ valuable time, boost their productivity, and help build stronger customer relationships. One powerful VoIP feature that helps taxi operators and transportation companies improve their service is  the automatic dispatch system. By integrating VoIP with a dispatch system, taxi operators and transportation companies have the ability to answer all incoming calls and recall individual customer history. In this way, the system can make the connection to the customer and populate a booking form (that comes with account specific details, preset jobs, etc.). Also, dispatch operators can make outgoing calls to customers easier without the need to manually enter their phone number.

With a VoIP system, taxi and transportation companies can also integrate enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems to help them seamlessly manage their operations. By using a VoIP-enabled fleet management application, taxi operators can check drivers' licenses, their status, and locations. The system can also provide a functional view of what’s happening with the fleet, whether they are all parked and waiting for use, or if they are currently in transit on the road. By having detailed reports on the whereabouts of their drivers, taxi operators and transportation companies can have a greater level of control over their businesses.

Also, through VoIP’s unified messaging tools (which can help centralize and unify all forms of communication channels in one solution) both taxi and transportation companies can provide adequate support to their mobile workers by helping them manage their schedules and resolve fleet issues in real-time, all through one easy to use system dashboard.

Additionally, using a VoIP-enabled online payment system can also help transportation companies easily manage invoices and accounts by allowing customers to make payment based on the distance traveled. In this way, dispatchers can merge revenue details and receipts to help them get the job done in a timely manner.

Plus, transportation companies and taxi operators can make use of a Caller ID to search for passenger details and previous jobs. Because a Caller ID displays the name and number of the incoming call, the function can make the booking process more convenient for employees.

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How Can Taxi Operators and Transportation Companies Cut Costs with a VoIP Phone System?

A robust VoIP phone system allows taxi operators and transportation companies to easily communicate across different locations to help boost business productivity and efficiency while simultaneously cutting costs.

A VoIP phone system provides cost-saving benefits by eliminating the need to make use of a traditional phone line that runs on copper wiring. Unlike a plain old telephone service (POTS), VoIP operates over the Internet and makes use of a single network by converging voice and data services. Because of this, VoIP can lessen monthly phone bills and eliminate the need for a dedicated phone line.

By consolidating communications into a single network, VoIP can also reduce costs by alleviating the need for extra hardware and software applications. Integrating a tracking system into a VoIP phone solution can also reduce phone bills as it no longer requires employees to make calls  (through a landline or mobile network) in order to know their exact locations. In this way, taxi operators and transportation company administrators can still keep track of their remote employees and seamlessly manage all operations in the headquarters without incurring costs. Plus, calls to other users on the same network are free, thus helping to reduce calling costs across the board.

Additionally, softphones allow geographically dispersed employees to receive and make calls from their smartphones or laptops, saving them the hassle and expense of using a public switched telephone network (PSTN). Softphones also do not need expensive hardware or system upgrade, so transportation companies can save money by minimizing infrastructure and equipment costs.

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