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In a law office or practice, proper communication is imperative in presenting a polished and professional impression to clients. This is why using of a robust and flexible VoIP phone system is essential to deliver clear connection and efficient communication, thus providing top quality service and improving engagement with your clients.

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What are the Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System in a Law Office?

A VoIP phone solution in a law office can provide employees with a plethora of benefits such as reduced costs, effective call routing, and collaboration tools for staff and clients.

Incoming and outgoing calls made using a VoIP phone system are more affordable compared to a traditional landline or mobile device because they are routed via an Internet connection. Therefore, you are not charged for using the old and outdated copper wiring of the plain old telephone system (POTS). You can also lessen your multi-site communication costs with VoIP because internal calls and on-network calls are free of charge.

Whether you’re having a meeting with a client remotely, or having an important conversation with your staff or law office partner over the phone, a feature-rich VoIP system can improve engagement and interaction through a crystal clear connection. In fact, most VoIP users say they experience no call quality difference between using VoIP over a traditional phone system. By using productivity features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, and call recording, you can further enhance the client experience. You can even customize your system to deliver announcements and send professional greetings to enhance client engagement.

Two other distinguishing features of a VoIP system that promote effective communication between law clerks and their clients (or among the law office staff) are the shared call and line appearance features. Using these features makes it possible for a law office assistant to screen and answer calls for you. This way, you can filter out important calls from the ones that are menial, thus reducing your workload. You can also make use of other important features such as hunt groups, call forwarding, and call notifications to receive messages from clients and answer important queries conveniently even when you are outside of the office.

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What are Some of VoIP's Productivity Featuresthat are Useful in a Law Office?

VoIP has a wealth of powerful enterprise-grade features that will help create a smooth and efficient operation workflow in a law office.

By switching to a VoIP phone system, you can give your law office the productivity tool needed to enrich communication with your staff and clients. Some of the more prominent features included in a VoIP service include auto-attendant, voicemail to email, call tracking, and call recording.

One powerful VoIP feature that is essentially useful for law offices is time logging. By integrating a VoIP phone solution with a  time tracking software, lawyers can keep track of their time (on an hourly basis) and sort information by project, client, task, or invoice status. Through this advance feature, law offices can see how much time was devoted to each client and bill them according to the tasks or services performed.  Another way to keep track of the time with VoIP is to use some productivity features such as call analytics, call logs/reports, call monitoring, call routing, and more.

An auto-attendant feature is essential to help a small or medium-sized law office create a good impression to both the new or existing client by providing a professional front while also directing the caller to the right personnel in an efficient way possible. Through an auto-attendant, a law office personnel can answer incoming calls and provide a menu of options to help clients talk to you directly, or redirect them to a specific department in your law office.

Voicemail to Email allows you or a law office personnel to receive voicemail notifications in emails, smartphones, or even in telephones with a message waiting indicator. Using the voicemail to email feature will enable you to receive voicemails as attachments in your inbox. This will make it more convenient for you to listen to the messages from important clients anywhere and at any time.

Call tracking and call recording will also help you keep track of the details about the incoming or outgoing calls, and record all conversations with your clients securely. Call tracking gives you easy access to call logs with details on the duration of the call, the caller, or which numbers have been called and from which extensions. This way, you can keep track of the dates and times of important client calls. Call recording, on the other hand, will enable you to archive phone calls and keep all details of every call. Using both the call tracking and call recording features of VoIP will enable you to use crucial conversations when building a case.

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What Types of Tools Can a VoIP System Integrate With?

Most business VoIP systems can integrate with third party CRM solutions.

Aside from these attractive features, a VoIP phone system can be integrated with a number of hardware solutions that will help you improve communication with your clients and staff. You can utilize hands-free calling with the use of a VoIP headset when you need to multi-task and keep notes during client calls.

Integrating VoIP with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system will also help you keep track of vital client information that will be useful to provide top quality service. From appointment scheduling to billing, you and your staff can easily access or retrieve important details whenever it is needed, thus delivering better service to your clients.

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