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In hospitals, where efficient communication is crucial in helping to save lives, you need to have a versatile phone solution that will improve medical practice workflow and thus promote optimal patient care. By tapping the power of a VoIP phone system for a hospital, you can better serve patients through proper communication and effective collaboration with your staff, colleagues, and other healthcare service providers.

If you are new to VoIP and are looking to compare the best VoIP plans and providers in the market, VoipReview can help you find the most suitable VoIP phone solution for the healthcare industry! As the market leader in VoIP phone services, we offer a host of features and tools to help users like you choose the best VoIP plan that will meet your needs.

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Why is a VoIP phone solution more beneficial than a traditional phone system?

VoIP is equipped with easy to use features that improve medical practice workflow, reduce operational cost, and promote efficient communication in a hospital.

Compared to a traditional phone system, a VoIP phone solution helps provide optimal healthcare to patients through proper and efficient collaboration among the staff in addition to communication between patients and doctors. VoIP allows practitioners to collaborate with each other in real time and gives the medical staff the tools they need to converse remotely, thus making communication within the hospital easier and more fluid.

Additionally, using a  reliable VoIP phone solution can cut up to 70% off your monthly phone service bill by reducing infrastructure, expansion, and multi-site communication costs. A VoIP phone solution allows hospitals to use the Internet to send and receive calls, thereby eliminating the need to maintain a dedicated line. Instead of using your plain old telephone service (POTS), you can cut fees and maintenance costs because all calls made via the Internet are free of charge.

Hospital administrators can also minimize infrastructure costs by using the existing local or wide area network instead of investing in separate networks for the data and phone system. If the hospital decides to expand by opening a new facility in a different area, they don’t need to install and maintain additional cabling. This is because the phone system can link the new facility to your existing one without any delay or hassle.

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What are Some Important Features of VoIP that Support Proper and Efficient Communication in a Hospital?

A versatile VoIP system offers a variety of productivity features that help support efficient medical workflows and promote top quality patient care in a hospital.

Unlike a landline that comes with limited phone features, a VoIP system has a plethora of functionalities such as voicemail, call forwarding, three-way calling, caller ID, and call waiting. These productivity features allow the doctors and the medical staff to facilitate proper and efficient communication in various parts of the medical care facility (or even outside of the hospital) as long as there is a high-speed Internet connection.

Aside from these functionalities, advanced messaging capabilities of VoIP such as group paging, conference bridge, hunt groups, and find me/follow me features, will enable you to communicate with a hospital staff or other healthcare providers who alternate their time between the office and the hospital. This way, you can talk to your staff remotely and keep track of your patient's health conditions, treatments, and more, ensuring that they receive the proper care they need at all times.

Whether you’re waiting for an important call from another medical practitioner, or you want to have a virtual meeting with your medical staff, a VoIP phone system can connect you with anyone through these messaging features, thereby enriching your calling experience.

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How will I be able to choose the best VoIP plan for a hospital?

Aside from the price or monthly cost of the service plan, choosing a reliable VoIP phone system for a hospital depends primarily on your needs and preferences.

Every industry has different needs, so make sure to select the right plan that suits your preferences and rises to the needs of the hospital. Although the cost is an important consideration, it should not be your priority when it comes to choosing the right VoIP phone service.

To help you choose a plan that will match the requirements of your healthcare facility, take a closer look at the features of the VoIP system and the quality of the services a VoIP provider can deliver.  Do they offer BYOD? Can you customize the auto attendant? How many individuals can be on a conference bridge? These are all questions you should ask your provider. You should also ensure that you have a reliable Internet connection and enough bandwidth allocation to accommodate a VoIP installation as well.

Aside from the above considerations, your best option is to read authentic, user-submitted VoIP reviews here at VoipReview on providers that offer service in your area. Reading our genuine, user-submitted reviews will help you compare and choose the VoIP plan that will fit your business requirement.

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How do I compare VoIP phone service plans for hospitals?

VoipReview has a plethora of plans you can choose from to ensure you get the right VoIP system that supports proper communication and provides top notch service in a hospital.

Through our comprehensive list of authentic, user-submitted reviews, you can evaluate how VoIP providers across the country are rated on customer service, features, sound quality, reliability, and monthly pricing. You can even search our site to help you compare and contrast the best VoIP phone service providers in the healthcare industry.

On VoipReview, we have compiled all the most important VoIP-related information and tools, from comparison tables, definitions, features breakdown, user reviews, and more to help you find the best provider and plan that is right for you.

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