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Hiring a limo service can add a touch of glamor and class to an event. Whether it's a wedding, birthday, or corporate function, limo companies need to ensure that they can provide top class service to their clientele. One great way to improve the customer service experience and to build solid relationships with clientele is to make use of VoIP to help further enhance communication and keep the fleet running as smoothly as possible. 

If you’re searching for a reputable VoIP provider in your area or are simply comparing VoIP service plans and providers, VoipReview can help you find the right VoIP service for your limo company. We provide innovative tools like comparison tables and features breakdown and comprehensive VoIP-related information such as how-to articles and genuine user-submitted reviews to help make your transition to VoIP more efficient. 

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How Can Limo Companies Benefit from Using a VoIP Phone Solution?

VoIP phone systems provide limousine companies with an efficient and secure way to communicate with clients, prospective customers, and employees.

A VoIP phone system can help limo services establish a professional and warm environment to further enhance the customer service experience. Through an Auto Attendant, limo services can make a good lasting impression to their clients by sending them warm and pleasant greeting scripts when they call the business. Aside from this, an Auto Attendant can also provide call management support by serving as a “virtual receptionist”, filtering inbound calls and routing them based on customer input, business hours, or a date range. With the help of this tool, limo companies can positively and professionally represent their business at all times.

Limo companies deal with a high volume of calls every day, so it’s essential to make use of a robust phone system that converges data and voice in one terminal to help reduce monthly phone bills. Through VoIP, limousine companies do not need to use a dedicated phone line when sending and receiving calls or messages. Instead, all forms of communication can be funneled over the existing broadband connection.

Plus, the scalable nature of VoIP also allows limo companies to add as many extensions or phone lines to their existing system without incurring extra charges. And with VoIP, limo companies can cut infrastructure costs because a VoIP system does not need a dedicated IT department or staff to update or installation new equipment.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, VoIP can further enhance mobility for limo companies through mobile apps and advanced call routing tools.. For instance, this phone solution can also help limo companies keep chauffeurs updated about existing road conditions (inclement weather, traffic due to accidents, construction sites, and other hazardous conditions) in real time. Through a clear communication channel, VoIP can keep chauffeurs and passengers safe and  save money that would otherwise be spent on assets that are lost due to hazardous road conditions.

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How Can VoIP Enhance Customer Service for Limo Companies?

VoIP provides limo companies the flexibility to manage calls across multiple platforms and from different locations, and the scalability to increase or decrease with customer demands.

By using a robust VoIP phone system, limo companies can facilitate the delivery of messages in an efficient way in order to enhance customer service and to build repeat clientele. With the use of powerful VoIP features such as call conferencing, call forwarding, and more, limo operators can allow chauffeurs to stay connected with their teams using different communication devices such as smartphones, laptops, or other mobile devices. In this way, geographically dispersed employees (including chauffeurs or limo drivers) can reach out to other employees (both in the main office and those who are geographically dispersed) during emergencies. They can also help address issues and inquiries from customers and prospective clients.

Plus, a VoIP phone system can also create an appearance of a large company with multiple departments by simply creating extensions that route to a single location. By making use of virtual extensions (also called virtual numbers) limo companies can keep all employees within the same phone system regardless of their location. Because of this, calls can be transferred from one extension to another, giving an easier way to reach employees without the hassle of calling or transferring to another phone number.

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What are Some Popular VoIP Applications that Can Help Limo Companies?

Integrating CRM software and mobile applications (especially those offered by leading VoIP providers) can help limo companies manage their business workflow and improve employee productivity.

A VoIP system can be integrated with mobile applications to enable on-the-go employees to stay connected to their main offices and geographically dispersed teams. Using mobile apps can also help limo companies make and receive calls and/or messages in real-time, as well as access the same robust calling features even when they are outside of the office.

There are a few examples of mobile applications that can help businesses manage their communication in as smooth of a way as possible. Two notable apps are 8x8’s Virtual Office Mobile and Vonage MobileConnect for Essentials. Through 8x8’s innovative Virtual Office Mobile application, employees can make calls (using different devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets) through a company directory or personal contact list. Businesses can also control how calls are routed throughout the company so that the whole workforce is unified and reachable anywhere at anytime. The Vonage MobileConnect app for Essentials can help employees communicate with coworkers across multiple locations. The app is ideal for companies with BYOD (bring your own device) programs, allowing employees to keep their personal and business accounts separate on the same device.

Additionally, integrating third-party customer relationship management (CRM) applications with a VoIP system can provide employees with access to features such as order history, call recording, and other customers information right from a single system. By linking CRM with VOIP, limo companies can eliminate data entry works, make follow up calls easier for employees, and even help generate high-value reports for marketing analysis. Some VoIP providers also offer CRM integration with their VoIP services. For instance, RingCentral allows for integration with popular applications like Box, Desk, Dropbox, Google, and more.

Plus, hosted VoIP providers like BroadView Networks offers the OfficeSuite platform for reporting and analytics. This unified communication solution provides a variety of features such as video conferences, chats, presence, mobile apps, and more to improve employee mobility and productivity.

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