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Nonprofit organizations need strong communication methods in order to ensure that they can actively pursue their mission or social cause. A reliable phone system is one of the most pertinent systems to have in order to ensure a successful operation. By switching to a robust VoIP system, nonprofits can tap the power of VoIP to raise awareness, engage volunteers, access donors and, most importantly, connect with beneficiaries from around the world in a cost-efficient manner.

Whether you're searching for a reputable VoIP provider or simply looking to compare VoIP rates and plans, VoipReview can help you find the right VoIP service for nonprofits. You can read our authentic user-submitted reviews and how-to articles, browse our comprehensive feature breakdown, and shop for the best VoIP plans for nonprofits through our comparison tables and cutting-edge search tool.

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*Rates shown do not include E-911 charges, taxes, and surcharges. Most providers offering unlimited calling have restrictions and some rates shown are promotional rates based on term contracts or promotional periods. Be sure to read individual providers terms and conditions before you buy. Rates and features displayed for each provider have been sourced from provider's site and other online sources. While we strive to display current information, be sure to check directly with each provider as their plans, pricing, and features are subject to change.
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How Can Nonprofits Benefit from Using VoIP?

VoIP system can help nonprofits to successfully deliver information to their volunteers, donors, co-workers, and employees in different locations through the use of a smooth and efficient communication platform.

Whether you're reaching out to recurring or prospective donors, are attracting volunteers, or are simply relaying important messages or instructions to co-workers, nonprofits can benefit from using a VoIP system because the tools and features can enhance communication and make it more efficient and effective across all platforms and locations.

VoIP's extensive features can help nonprofits reach out to regional offices or communicate with co-workers, donors, and volunteers by streamlining their operations and processes in the following ways:

  • Greater flexibility organization even though workers may be geographically dispersed. A cloud-based VoIP system can help nonprofits easily send and receive messages from any location as long as there is an internet connection. Through voicemail to email, instant messaging, and video conferencing features, you can easily deliver important information about your cause to volunteers or address and discuss issues with co-workers even when they are doing their outreach in a different state, country, or continent.
  • Helping nonprofits handle important business even when they are out in the field. For example, using the call routing feature of VoIP can help you transfer or direct important messages to specific co-workers even if they are outside of the office. Because of this, you can increase your organization's potential to gain new donors or recruit more volunteers for missions because your co-workers can respond to inquiries remotely, or even when they are outside of the country.
  • Handling large volumes of incoming calls during special events in a cost-effective manner. Services like private branch exchanges (commonly referred to as PBX) can help a nonprofit become more organized during fund-raising events. By using a virtual PBX system, current and potential donors can be directed automatically to the extension they need. In this way, the virtual PBX allows a nonprofit to determine how many calls are coming in and to which person they are directed to ensure that every call is properly addressed.
  • Integrating mobile phones and desktops with the organization's database to help retrieve or access important information that can be helpful to raise public awareness and reach out to donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and employees.
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How Can VoIP Enhance Mobility and Productivity for Nonprofits?

VoIP systems are equipped with easy to use features that can empower nonprofits and help to enhance their productivity and mobility.

Using a feature-rich VoIP system can help nonprofit employees who are working long hours in various locations to adapt to the versatility of their job. One of the most popular VoIP features that can help nonprofits connect with co-workers, volunteers, donors, or employees (even when they are out on the field) is mobile twinning. This feature allows nonprofit workers to use a mobile device as a “twin” of their office phones so that the two phones will ring simultaneously during a call. Because of this, nonprofit workers will not miss a call. This, in turn, promotes effective collaboration between the employees, donors, volunteers, and the community.Aside from mobile twinning, VoIP can also help nonprofits build lasting relationships with volunteers and donors by bridging the communication gap. Through an auto attendant or virtual receptionist, a nonprofit can answer every call with care, or direct the call to a specific person or department. In this way, VoIP can help make a good impression on a potential donor, or retain volunteers and donors by keeping them up to date with the organization's activities or events.

Nonprofits can also connect geographically dispersed volunteers and allow organization members to communicate over long distance via instant message, conference calling (including video conference and conference bridges), emails, and voicemails. Additionally, VoIP can also record and monitor incoming and outgoing calls to help nonprofits establish their goals. By having access to important call data, a nonprofit can see how their organization is functioning, and then be able to make adjustments to make their operations more fluid and efficient.

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How Can VoIP Help Nonprofits Cut Costs?

VoIP phone solution can help nonprofits save on monthly expenses because it can create a unified messaging packet that can receive or send information to donors, volunteers, beneficiaries, and employees while reducing expenditure.

Nonprofit organizations often work within the confines of a limited budget, so it's crucial to make use of a VoIP phone solution that can help them communicate in an effective manner while reducing monthly bills.

With a VoIP system, a nonprofit can focus on delivering their goals without having to worry about the maintenance costs of their phone system. This is because VoIP is easy to use, so nonprofits can drastically improve their communication processes without hiring an expert who will be tasked to configure or maintain the system. VoIP also does not require new hardware or a system upgrade to get the service up and running, so nonprofits can reduce capital expenditure.

Along with cheaper installation and maintenance costs, VoIP also offers low usage rates and free calls between office locations (often referred to as on-network calling). This is because the phone service is delivered through an Internet connection instead of the copper wires of a plain old telephone service (POTS). By using Internet protocols as the basis of communication, nonprofits can send or receive text, images, audios, and videos as part of their service because the data is delivered via the IP network. Because of this, nonprofits can reduce monthly phone bills since they will no longer be charged on a call-to-call basis.

VoIP can also help streamline the donation process, thereby making it easy for donors to contribute to a good cause in a simple and secure way possible. VoIP can be set up to allow a nonprofit organization to automatically accept donations over the phone with the use of an electronic merchant gateway. Additionally, a nonprofit organization can also benefit from no per user pricing fees. This means that during donation drives, you can add phones to your system without incurring a charge per phone.


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