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In a medical practice office, a reliable business phone system is a crucial tool to help doctors stay connected with their staff and patients. With the use of a robust VoIP phone system in a doctor’s office or practice, you can increase staff productivity, improve the quality of patient care, and save money due to the low overhead costs.

Here at VoipReview, we offer a comprehensive overview of the best VoIP providers for doctors to help you choose the right service plan and provider, thus making your transition to VoIP smooth and efficient.

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What are the Benefits of Installing VoIP in a Medical Office?

VoIP can help a doctor’s office or medical practice stay connected to patients through advanced call routing features and also help reduce overall communication costs.

VoIP is changing the way the medical world stays connected, regardless of the size of the office or practice. It provides a plethora of benefits that promote efficient communication and effective collaboration in a doctor’s office. To ensure that your phone solution delivers the best in terms of call management, innovation, and connectivity, doctor’s offices and businesses should make the switch to a VoIP phone system.

Compared to a traditional phone system, a VoIP system has the capacity to provide excellent service and quality patient care by improving communication among your staff and between you and your clients. Choosing a VoIP phone solution for your office makes communication more efficient and easier by:

  • Allowing medical practitioners to collaborate with each other in real-time.
  • Giving patients and doctors the ability to converse, remotely.
  • Connecting medical practitioners and their staff anytime and anywhere as long as there is an Internet access.
  • Enabling secure phone calls and chats between the medical staff.

Aside from these benefits, a VoIP phone service for a doctor’s office can reduce operational costs tremendously because it eliminates the need to maintain a dedicated line. From long distance communications to in-house calls, using VoIP to make and receive messages is more affordable compared with a traditional phone system, where per-minute and long distance rates apply.

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What are Some Important VoIP Features for Doctors Offices?

VoIP systems are equipped with advanced and easy to use features that boost productivity and smooth out the medical practice workflow.

The number and type of included features depends on the provider. These productivity features and tools can seamlessly route calls, emails, messages, and documents over a wireless network to ensure immediate, real-time connection.

Below are some of the more popular and important features of a VoIP system:

  • Auto Attendant -This feature acts as a virtual receptionist. Your Auto Attendant can answer your phone call and transfer this to the right department or specific staff member through a menu option.
  • Inbound Fax to Email - An inbound fax to email feature will help you handle all communications electronically, getting all inbound faxes delivered straight to your email inbox. This feature will help ensure that all critical data are kept safe and secure in the digital space as well.
  • Voicemail to Email - This feature allows the VoIP system to send a voicemail (as a WV audio file) directly to your email. A Voicemail to Email can help medical practitioners and their staff respond to the patient’s message quickly and efficiently.
  • Find Me/Follow Me - This technical feature enables calls to different devices. Through the Find Me/Follow Me functionality, doctors who are working remotely or constantly on the go can receive calls from their staff or patients at various locations and through different telephones.
  • Call Routing - This feature enables you to transfer all the incoming calls to multiple extensions or numbers. This way, you can have your smartphone and desktop phone ring simultaneously. With a call routing feature, you can get calls rerouted during breaks, and set up call groups to redirect calls to the right personnel. It’s a very useful tool if you want to take calls even when you are out of the doctor’s office.
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How Do I Compare and Choose a VoIP Service Provider for a Doctors Office?

VoIP technology offers a wide variety of feature packages, services, and prices that can fit the needs of your doctor’s office, regardless of size.

Choosing the best service option and VoIP provider will depend on various factors, from the type and size of your medical office to the features needed for your business as well as the projected volume of usage.

So before choosing your VoIP provider, it is necessary to determine your business’ telecommunications needs. By consulting a reputable VoIP website like VoipReview, you can be prepared to take these aforementioned steps to facilitate a smooth and productive transition:

  1. Evaluate Your Internet Connection and Bandwidth. To ensure that your system can accommodate a VoIP installation, determine the capacity and strength of your bandwidth and Internet connection.
  2. Assess Your Current Budget. When choosing a dependable VoIP plan, it is crucial to know your business’ current budget and requirements first. By doing this, you can easily select the right VoIP service provider and feature options that suit your business needs.
  3. Consider Your Equipment Needs. To help you choose a suitable VoIP system that meets your needs, make sure to assess which features are immediate requirements for the transition from those that can be added later when needed.
  4. Compare VoIP Providers. Find the ideal VoIP service provider for a doctor’s office by comparing their service options, advanced features, and equipment. Also, make sure to read user and industry reviews, so you can make a smart decision when selecting the ideal VoIP phone system for a doctor’s office.

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