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In schools, communication is paramount in nurturing the minds of students to help them achieve success. Plus, with the number of clubs, social activities, events, and other pertinent announcements, it’s important for school administrators to have a reliable communication system. This is why schools need a VoIP phone system that will help administrators, teachers, students, and other personnel to communicate and collaborate both efficiently and effectively.

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How Does VoIP Help Schools?

VoIP phone service can provide benefits such as enhanced safety and security, reduced costs, and a dynamic communication tool that will help meet the versatility of a school.

Educational institutions are no different from enterprises when it comes to their need for a reliable and versatile phone system with handy features. Through the productivity features of VoIP, schools can make communication more fluid and accessible for students, teachers, staff members, and parents.

VoIP features like voicemail and call forwarding can help teachers and administrators to use their mobile devices to check messages when they are outside of their office or off campus. They can also access the messages through a virtual mailbox and easily forward them by email to a staff member. VoIP system can also route or transfer incoming calls to various phone extensions to ensure that the messages will be delivered to the right person or department, ensuring that students can always get in contact with the correct faculty member. Call recording is also useful for training purposes with its ability to record and save calls.

Additionally, the video conferencing feature of VoIP can help students and teachers communicate and collaborate with one another remotely and in real-time. Through a video conference, students can meet together to collaborate and share ideas about a certain project. Also, teachers can conduct a virtual field trip, review, study group, or training so that students can widen their knowledge.

Using a VoIP phone system will also improve teacher-parent relationships. Through features such as hunt groups, find me / follow me, and call routing, teachers and administrators can communicate with parents even when they are outside of the school premises. This way, they can easily answer student’s performance reports and respond to other important inquiries.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, a VoIP system can also be a flexible and affordable alternative to a traditional intercom system. Through IP paging, messages can be relayed from one classroom to another or broadcasted throughout the entire campus. Therefore, allowing a faster response or action from the staff, students, or teachers.

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How Does VoIP Enhance Safety and Security in Schools?

Installing a versatile, feature-rich VoIP system gives schools the ability to integrate an alarm system that will help enhance safety and security of students, teachers, and other school personnel.

With the use of a VoIP service, schools can enhance their emergency notification system. Advanced VoIP phone systems also have the capacity to notify the assigned administrators or staff through their desk phones or emails when an emergency call is made, and include details about where that emergency call was initiated. This way, they can respond to the emergency situation immediately.

Another distinguishing feature of VoIP that can help enhance the safety of students and staff members in schools is the group paging. This advanced feature allows school administrators to pre-program a set of extension numbers and then dial one extension to reach all of them simultaneously. Through group paging, schools can heighten their security because a single call can alert all classrooms and offices of an incident.

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How Does VoIP Help Schools Reduce Costs?

A VoIP phone system is affordable, easy to install and maintain, and offers a solid return on investment.

VoIP can lead to tremendous cost savings in the long run because it allows schools to make and receive calls over the Internet, so they will not be charged using the plain old telephone service (POTS). Regardless of geographic location, school administrators, staff members, and teachers can send or receive calls from one VoIP extension to another as long as there is an Internet connection. Using a VoIP phone system will also help schools avoid any recurring charges that are associated with a traditional phone system. They also do not have to pay for expensive multiple phone lines.

A VoIP phone system can eliminate the need to upgrade an existing network or install new cabling, thereby reducing operational and capital costs. This way, schools do not have to replace their current phone system. Instead, they can make use of their current wireless technology to extend voice services to different locations where it is unavailable.

Compared to a traditional phone system, VoIP is easy to install, configure, and maintain. This phone system can also minimize the need for equipment updates, so schools can reduce their maintenance costs significantly. And because VoIP is easy-to-use, it should not require the school administrators to hire a technical expert to help them manage the system.

Additionally, some productivity features of VoIP like auto-attendant can also be used to reduce administrative or secretarial staffing. This is because an auto-attendant can act as a virtual receptionist who can answer incoming calls or direct the callers to the right personnel or a specific department.

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