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The key to a good client or customer relationship is effective communication, and insurance companies can achieve good rapport by harnessing the power of an affordable VoIP system. With a powerful, feature-rich VoIP system, insurance companies can create lasting relationships with clients by enhancing customer service experience through fast and effective communication.

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How Does VoIP Help Insurance Companies Deliver Exceptional Service to Their Clients?

Using a VoIP phone system can help deliver exceptional customer service experience by improving client engagement and enhancing operational processes while keeping costs under control.

VoIP can help insurance companies stay connected to and communicate with their agents and personnel anywhere, at any time, as long as there is a stable Internet connection. Thanks to the mobility features in a versatile VoIP phone service, insurance companies can empower agents to work remotely. So instead of building a satellite office and paying for the facilities and extra rent, companies can o reduce costs by having their employees use mobile devices and computers to communicate with each other and their clients (even when they are on the go). Most VoIP providers also offer a mobile app (oftentimes for free) so employees can take their VoIP system and features on the go.

Insurance companies also have an abundance of data from clients ( e.g. assets, financial status, business and family relationships, customer demographics, addresses, client calls, and more) to keep track of. And it’s important that these large volumes of data be kept safe and secure at all costs. Through a hosted VoIP provider, insurance companies can ensure that all relevant client information and conversations will be recorded and stored safely in the cloud. All VoIP providers deploy encryption and security measures to ensure important data is safe. Plus, choosing a cloud communications solution also gives companies accessibility to their documents, files, etc. from all locations.

Additionally, choosing to use a CRM integrated VoIP system can help insurance agents respond to calls from clients and address their questions or concerns on time. As soon as the client calls and asks some questions, insurance agents can automatically pull up the client’s information to learn more about the caller, their specific claim, and more.

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What are Some Important VoIP Features for Insurance Companies?

A VoIP solution is equipped with powerful features that can help facilitate effective communication and improve operational workflow in insurance companies.

Important VoIP features such as call forwarding, call monitoring, file sharing, conferencing (including video conferencing), and call routing can provide insurance agents effective ways to enhance customer experience and to deliver top quality service.

One great feature of a hosted VoIP system is the day/night mode (also referenced as call rules or advanced call routing). Through this feature, insurance agencies can designate calling rules to suit their schedules. On normal business hours (day), the staff can choose to ring the office phones in a certain pattern, and during after hours (night), they can streamline calls to be redirected to an after-hours auto attendant.  

By using an auto attendant, insurance companies have the capability to transfer or route calls to a specific insurance agent who is most suited to handle service inquiries. With the auto-attendant as the first point of contact for incoming calls, callers can simply choose the service that best suits their needs through a menu of options (“press 1 for sales, press 2 for billing,” etc.). Callers can also dial by name or by extension to reach the right department or a specific person. An auto attendant can also be customized to deliver announcements and greeting to clients, thus improving customer experience.

The find me/follow me feature will allow companies to route incoming calls to multiple extensions. In this way, insurance agents can respond to client inquiries and address important issues even when they are outside of the office, or during after hours.  For instance, when a client calls your office and the call goes unanswered within 10 seconds (or whatever time rules you customize via your web portal), it can be routed to your extensions such as a mobile phone or home line. However, if the call cannot be connected to your extensions, the caller will be directed to your voicemail box.

With the use of a voicemail to email feature, VoIP has the power to turn a voicemail into a written message and then forward it directly to the inbox of a specific personnel. In this way, insurance agents can read the email and be notified of a customer's need anywhere, at anytime.  

Additionally, with the help of other powerful VoIP features such as call forwarding and hunt groups, insurance agents who are often on the go, can stay connected with one another. An insurance personnel can also forward incoming calls to a home or personal phone, or store voicemails to help insurance agents respond to the calls during business hours.

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How Does VoIP Help Insurance Companies Cut Costs?

VoIP systems are easy to use and more affordable than traditional phone systems, so insurance companies can reduce their operational and maintenance costs significantly.

Switching to a VoIP phone solution will help insurance companies eliminate system updates or maintenance issues since on-network calls are free of charge. VoIP can also support unlimited long-distance calling. As long as there is an Internet connection, VoIP will enable you to make calls (both domestic and international) at a lower rate than a traditional landline by using a virtual number (also referenced as VoIP phone number). Using a VoIP system can also help eliminate the need for on-premise server equipment and all of the costly maintenance and upgrades that go with it

And if insurance companies choose a hosted VoIP solution, they can move their communication tools to the cloud in a convenient way as possible. Instead of storing important client files in the office, insurance companies can retrieve important information remotely through the cloud. In this way, a hosted VoIP phone system can eliminate the need to make use of big office space to store and keep physical documents.

Plus, a  VoIP service will enable you to set up and manage users and phone numbers online using virtual tools. And because it is easy to use, you don’t need to hire an expert or IT support to help you maintain the system. In this way, you can significantly reduce your infrastructure and operation costs.

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