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Restaurants that are looking to increase their bottom line and establish their reputation in the market need to implement a cutting-edge communication system like Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to deliver the ultimate dining and customer service experience. Whether it's monitoring managers and managing daily operations, or simply taking orders and answering customer inquiries, a feature-rich VoIP system can help enhance a restaurant’s operational workflow. So it’s no wonder why more and more restaurants are making the switch to a VoIP phone solution.

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What are the Benefits of Using VoIP for Restaurants?

VoIP phone systems can help restaurants manage high volumes of calls, foster good rapport with customers and employees, and provide a better dining experience.

By tapping the power of a VoIP system, restaurants can improve their staff’s productivity and provide a top quality dining experience for guests in the following ways:

  • Creating an efficient and detailed communication procedure for placing to-go orders in the kitchen to avoid incomplete meals or incorrect orders.    
  • Helping managers monitor their staff schedules to ensure that operations remain smooth and efficient at all times.
  • Setting up an effective communication method between the kitchen and dining room management to better improve operational workflow and enhance customer service.
  • Increasing the accuracy of order taking and customer handling.
  • Helping restaurants manage huge volumes of calls by directing them to the right     department or specific personnel via an auto attendant
  • Custom messages and/or specific extensions that can notify customers of hours, directions, specials, marketing promotions, and more.

Aside from the aforementioned benefits, VoIP can also record, monitor, and store incoming and outgoing calls for marketing purposes. Most VoIP systems also have call analytics to help users determine the specifics of each call. By keeping track of the calls received or made throughout the day, including important details such as the nature of the call (whether it’s an inquiry, a call for reservation or take-out) and the duration and time of the call, you can cater your marketing promotions to target the wants and needs of your customers.

Also, a VoIP system can provide better customer service through a centralized call handling system. When your customers call in to make reservations or place an order, the central location can send the relevant information to the right branch or a specific department. Also, customers calling for the restaurant’s location, business hours, and other logistical information can be separated from those who are looking to make a reservation or put in a quick order.

Additionally, restaurants that deal with a high volume of calls can utilize a VoIP system to eliminate busy signals and reduce customer wait time. Because VoIP is equipped with Call Hold and Music on Hold features, you can put the caller on hold automatically until the next available agent can take the call. In this way, you can enhance customer service while ensuring that no one is turned away because of poor communication.

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How Does VoIP Improve Communication in Chain Restaurants?

VoIP systems allow restaurant owners to connect to their offices and branches conveniently, contact employees in real-time, and send or receive important information from multiple locations efficiently.

A VoIP system can provide restaurant owners the total flexibility they need to operate their business in a more fluid manner by streamlining operations and processes in multiple locations. Chain restaurants can benefit from using a VoIP system because VoIP has the ability to connect employees, managers, and staff who are working in various locations through a single directory. You can also conduct a meeting or seminar with all your employees regardless of location through VoIP’s video conferencing feature. In this way, you can communicate more fluidly with your employees, managers, and staff while reducing costs (since you don’t have to assemble all your staff in one location). As long as you have an Internet connection, you meet your staff virtually through conferencing.

Additionally, VoIP system can help easily connect the various moving parts of your restaurant chain. For instance, restaurant corporate offices that house lawyers, clerks, and marketing strategists can communicate with on-site employees more efficiently through VoIP features such as hunt groups and find me/follow me. When your marketing strategist wants to collaborate with the team for promotional campaigns, or your corporate lawyer needs to talk to your head chef to address a particular incident, they can call the specific extension right from their desk or mobile phones. In this way, everyone on your team can communicate conveniently even when they are from different locations.

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How Can VoIP Help Control and Manage Costs in Restaurants?

A VoIP phone system allows restaurants to manage multiple business functions through a robust communication channel while further reducing maintenance, operation, and infrastructure costs.

For restaurants with operations in multiple locations, using a reliable VoIP phone system can help reduce infrastructure costs because all branches and offices can be connected through a single VoIP platform. Compared to the functionality of a plain old telephone service (POTS), a VoIP system can convert standard telephone audio into a digital format and easily transmit it over the Internet. Because of this, you can eliminate the use of a dedicated phone line to cut down expenses while improving your communication method. Plus, all VoIP calls made to customers with the same service (often referenced as on-network calling) are free of charge.

With VoIP, you also have the capability to receive or send messages from one restaurant to another without worrying about huge phone bills because calls can be made using an IP network. Through a high-speed data line, restaurants can save costs on extra equipment and long-distances calls.

Aside from cost saving benefits of VoIP, this phone solution can reduce restaurant’s environmental footprint. Instead of sending messages on paper, you can easily deliver the messages across multiple locations through instant messaging, voicemail, conferencing, and more.

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