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VoIP Phone Service for Contractors

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Strong communication and effective collaboration are necessary to handle project changes and issues for contractors. Whether it's answering sales calls and customers’ issues or dealing with project designs and logistics, contractors need to make use of a robust phone solution like VoIP to better improve communication and enhance collaboration with their clients, partners, and workers. Through the use of a feature-rich VoIP system, contractors can boost their productivity, deliver excellent customer service, and increase their bottom line.

If you're searching for a reputable VoIP phone service provider or simply looking to compare VoIP plans, VoipReview can help you find the right phone solution for contractors. Use our innovative search tool, read genuine user-submitted reviews and how-to articles, and compare rates through our features breakdown and comparison tables to help you choose the VoIP plan that fits your needs.

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Provider Plan Features Rate/min. Trial Period Setup Fees Monthly Fees Details
Award-winning Business VoIP Phone System
  • Unlimited Calling, Video Conferencing, & Faxing
  • 24/7 Customer Support Based in the U.S.
  • Extremely Reliable and Simple to Use
Pricing includes multi-line discount and applies to new customers only.


No trial period available


$ 19.99 /mo. *


65 reviews

Cloud Phone Service. Built for Business.
  • 50+ business class features
  • Professional installation and simple set-up
  • Get CRM integration


30 day money back guarantee


$ 19.95 /mo.

The Smarter Business Phone Solution
  • Powerful Unified Communication Features
  • Fast, Easy, Free Setup & Install
  • Trusted by 50,000+ Companies in 100 Countries


Demo account available.


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Cloud Communications For Remote Teams
  • Superior HD audio and video quality
  • 100% uptime & Patented design.
  • Easy Setup - Award-winning Support
OnSIP requires 5 users minimum.


30 days


$ 15.00 /mo. *

Upgrade your phone service with Jive Voice
  • Very simple to use for admins and users
  • Get your first month free
  • No fees for upgrades, features or add-ons
Price is per month per device.


30 days


$ 19.95 /mo. *

Business Connect™ Managed Phone System & Service
  • Free on-prem PBX/phones with expert 24/7 support
  • Voice QoS, firewall integration, & fraud solved
  • Huge upgrade over hosted VOIP offerings
Pricing discounted based on volume




$ 17.95-39.95 /mo. *

Business VoIP Made Clear and Simple
  • Unlimited Calling & Flat Rate Billing
  • Over 40 Enterprise Class Calling Features
  • No Contract, Quick & Easy Setup
Price based on multi-user hosted PBX solution


30 days free trial


$ 14.99 /mo. *

Hosted PBX
  • Telephone lines/numbers available in 50 countries
  • All features included in user subscription fees
  • Web Control Panel for all users
Price per user per month


30 days


$ 19.99 /mo. *

Alliance Phones
  • Simple set-up in less than 30 minutes
  • Efficient daily call report
  • Easy-to-use control panel
12% discount for subscribing and paying for a year upfront.


30 days


$ 19.97 /mo. *

*Rates shown do not include E-911 charges, taxes, and surcharges. Most providers offering unlimited calling have restrictions and some rates shown are promotional rates based on term contracts or promotional periods. Be sure to read individual providers terms and conditions before you buy. Rates and features displayed for each provider have been sourced from provider's site and other online sources. While we strive to display current information, be sure to check directly with each provider as their plans, pricing, and features are subject to change.
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How Can Contractors Benefit from Using a VoIP Phone Service?

VoIP can help contractors better improve their services and increase their bottom line by providing them with an enhanced communication channel that can deliver clear and concise information to their clients, partners, and workers.

As project values increase and schedules become tighter, the costs of delays on projects can damage the reputation of a contractor. This is why many contractors are making the switch to a VoIP phone system to help them provide reliable communication to help propel their business to success.

Using a VoIP solution comes with a rich set of features such as unified messaging, attendant tools, call conferencing, and mobile applications that can improve contractor’s operating performance, help reduce their costs, and increase their bottom line in the following ways:

  • Giving contractors the flexibility to serve their customers on their own terms. By using the call routing feature, contractors have the capacity to forward calls to any number they choose. In this way, contractors have the overall control to manage their calls and tailor this according to their preferences and availability. Contractors also don't have to worry about missing a single call because they can route the calls to any location or forward them on their mobile devices. Because of this, each call will be answered with confidence whether the contractors are on their main office, out on the field, or even at home.
  • Lessening software and hardware expenditures. VoIP can reduce operational and maintenance costs by simply using the current phone hardware to manage and deliver more fluid communication to their clients, employees, and partners. VoIP also enables contractors to save on infrastructure and maintenance costs because this phone system is easy to use, install, and configure so you will not be required to hire an expert who can maintain your phone system. And because the phone system does not need to be upgraded, you can minimize the costs of purchasing a new hardware or specialized equipment.
  • Keeping track of important calls using features such as call monitoring and voicemail to email. Using the call monitoring and recording features of VoIP can help you track, store, and retrieve important calls from regular clients or prospective clients. Because of this, contractors can  listen to the calls and filter the ones that need to be addressed immediately from those that are considered less priority. Contractors can also forward the voicemail (in an audio format) to another member of the team so that they can follow up on them or address the issues even when they are outside of the office.
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What are Some Key Features of VoIP that can Help Contractors Improve Their Performance and Service?

VoIP has a plethora of features that can help contractors improve their performance and provide accurate and timely information, analysis, and action to accomplish their projects and deliver quality service to clients.

One important VoIP feature that can help contractors accomplish their projects on time is time tracking. Integrating a time tracking software to a VoIP system can streamline project management and help contractors further their ability to perform tasks more accurately and in a timely manner. Most contractors experience the problem of not being able to finish the project right on time or ahead of the schedule because of their inability to effectively track the progress of the project and their failure to communicate the problems to their clients and workers. By using a time tracking feature, contractors can accurately manage the schedule and measure the progress of each of their projects. In this way, contractors can further their ability to perform their jobs better and build trust with their clients, leading to a prosperous relationship.     

Aside from time tracking, another useful VoIP feature that enables contractors to easily communicate with their team and clients is video conferencing. Through video conferencing, contractors can participate in all types of phone calls no matter where they are, from a one-on-one conversation with the client to a multi-site conference call with their team. Because of this, contractors can easily coordinate with their client about the project or participate in a seminar or operation's meeting remotely. In this way, contractors can improve customer service and build stronger relationships with their clients. Using video conferencing will also enable contractors to foster good rapport with their teams because they can easily reach out to them for help, thereby enhancing performance and accomplishing tasks right on time.

Other VoIP features such as call routing, hunt groups, instant messaging, and more can streamline operations, allowing contractors to send and receive calls at home or even on the road. Instead of using the plain old telephone service (POTS), contractors can make and receive calls or surf the web using any type of high-speed Internet connection.

Additionally, VoIP offers mobile apps that utilize data connection to make or receive calls in the office or at home.Also, the voicemail feature allows contractors to receive a voicemail, convert the message to an audio file, and email the file to the site supervisor or any member of the team. In this way, you can save time and money while documenting the process efficiently.

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How Can a VoIP Phone System Help Contractors Control Costs?

VoIP technology offers the savings contractors need to have an efficient communication system without a huge capital investment.

VoIP phone system can help contractors cut costs while improving their customer service by easily managing the flow of information. Unlike a traditional phone system that runs on a copper-wire, VoIP will let you send and receive calls without the hassle of updating your current phone system or installing new software or hardware.

With the help of VoIP, contractors can reduce infrastructure expenses because this phone solution can consolidate utilities by combining phone and Internet services. Contractors can also save on installation costs because the system is easy to configure and maintain. Voice calls are significantly less expensive because the voice messages can be transmitted in digital forms rather than the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

Additionally, VoIP phone system for contractors can lessen travel and training costs through web and video conferencing tools. In this way, contractors can communicate face-to-face with clients or conduct seminars with the entire team from multiple locations without being physically present. And because VoIP transmits the calls over the Internet using the IP network, you can send or receive voice messages without paying for more than your monthly Internet bill.

Aside from this, VoIP is easier to integrate with other systems. You can make use of Skype to allow you to make free calls over the Internet. Through Outlook and other email clients, you can also place outbound calls or send and receive emails and then forward them to a specific person or your entire team.

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