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Communication is important for travel agencies to deliver the ultimate travel experience to their customers. That’s why it's important that all travel agencies possess a reliable, quality phone system. And by choosing a VoIP phone system, travel agencies can provide top quality service to clients, improve staff productivity, and reduce costs.

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How Can VoIP Benefit a Travel Industry?

VoIP phone systems provide travel agents with a flexible and convenient tool to communicate effortlessly with clients while improving staff productivity and tracking marketing campaign results.

A VoIP phone system can handle and effectively route the volume of incoming and outgoing calls in your travel agency. But that’s not all. Here are some additional reasons why travel agencies should make the switch to a VoIP phone service:

Help clients discover the best travel opportunities. Travelers are information seekers, so they expect their travel agencies to be full of information that will make their trip a truly rewarding experience. Clients often inquire about attractions, accommodations, and amenities on different local and international destinations. They seek answers about travel costs, airfare, tour packages, and more before they can decide to book a reservation. Through a VoIP phone solution paired with a CRM integration, travel agents can keep notes on each client and keep a full profile. Plus, doing so will help travel agents provide answers to inquiries and even give recommendations to help clients find the best travel destinations or tour packages that will suit their lifestyle and needs. They can even conference in other agents who might have more insight on a particular destination or travel request.

Simplifying operations and processes. Travel agents spend most of their time on the phone, calling hotels, spas, cruise lines, airlines, and restaurants to make reservations for their traveling clients. By using a VoIP system, travel agents and clients can communicate in a more flexible and fluid manner without incurring long distance charges. And since VoIP helps bring a certain ease to booking or reservation processes,  you can deliver quality service and quick issue resolutions to help your clients have the best travel experience.  

Aiding in tracking marketing campaigns. VoIP systems can be supplied with geographic and non-geographic numbers to help track campaign results for travel agencies. Marketing staff can designate a specific number to a campaign, and use the call analytics feature to keep track of call times, phone leads, and more to assess your company’s sales and revenue.​
Keeping clients engaged and informed, even on hold. A hosted VoIP system has the ability to queue calls in the cloud until one of your travel agents will be available to take the call. While in the queue, you can keep these clients interested by playing relevant music or informing them of your latest deals and promos with the help of the Music on Hold feature. In this way, you can enhance your client’s calling experience and promote your travel agency at the same time.

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What are Some of the Key Features of VoIP that Can be Used in Travel Agencies?

VoIP is equipped with powerful productivity features that can help travel agencies deliver outstanding service to clients while reducing costs and promoting efficient operational workflow.

Compared to a plain old telephone service (POTS), a VoIP phone solution can make communication between the travel agents and clients more fluid by using powerful productivity features such as voicemail to email, hunt groups, find me/follow me, video conferencing, auto attendant, call forwarding, and more.

Using both the find me/follow me and hunt groups features will ensure that clients can always reach their travel agents. With call forwarding, messages can be intelligently routed so that the specific travel agents can answer client inquiries and address the concern anywhere, at any time. Video conferencing can also improve customer engagement because it will enable you to have a more personal, face-to-face interaction with your clients.

By choosing a VoIP phone service, travel agents can also provide real-time updates to clients and receive immediate changes on schedules or reservations to ensure a hassle-free vacation. Setting up a call forwarding feature will also give travel agents the freedom to access emails, voicemails, contacts, and more from desktops or mobile devices. It keeps agents connected in case a client runs into unexpected issues or delays while traveling.  

Additionally, integrating VoIP with customer relationship management (CRM) system will enable travel agencies to keep track of all important client information in one concise and organized system. When a client makes a call, all the necessary information is immediately displayed through the CRM integration, and is accessible right at the fingertips of your travel agents. With just a few clicks on your computer or mobile phone, you will have access to clients' conversations, personal information, specific travel interests, travel details, and more.

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How Does VoIP Help Travel Agents Reduce Costs?

VoIP systems are easy to use, configure, and maintain, thereby providing opportunities for travel agencies to reduce infrastructure and maintenance costs.

Travel agencies have the capacity to reduce their maintenance costs by using a VoIP phone system because the system eliminates the need to install new devices or replace the current equipment. Using the local and wide area network, VoIP can eliminate the need to get a separate network for the data and phones. As long as there is an Internet connection, travel agents can send and receive calls from various locations free of charge. In this way, you do not need to make use of your plain old telephone system (POTS) to maintain a dedicated line, and as a result, you can cut maintenance and operation costs. Plus, choosing a hosted VoIP solution can even help you save on maintenance costs and upgrades, too.  

Using a VoIP telephone system will also allow your staff to work proficiently even when they are outside of the office. Through a VoIP phone system, your staff can work remotely, thereby helping cut operation costs because you will have no need of an office space and office equipment. It is also an effective way to keep in contact with remote or overseas employees.

And through VoIP, you can make international calls at affordable per-minute rates, so you don't need to worry about long distance charges. Some providers even include a select number of international minutes with their service! When travel agents make international calls to book hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, and more, VoIP can connect to the country being called and initiate the call from within that country, thus helping you to cut costs by paying their local rate.


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