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Trucking companies need a reliable communication system to streamline business operations, to actively communicate, to enhance employee performance, and to increase their bottom line. This is why many trucking companies are harnessing the power of VoIP to make operational workflow more fluid and to deliver a top-notch customer service experience while lessening costs.

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How Can Trucking Companies Benefit from Using VoIP?

Trucking companies can use a robust VoIP system to help on-site and geographically dispersed employees communicate in a cost-effective manner to enhance productivity and customer service.

In trucking companies (where employees spend a majority of their time on the road), making use of a powerful communication tool like VoIP can help facilitate a clear and accurate transmission of messages across different platforms and from multiple locations.

Through a feature-rich VoIP system, trucking companies can improve employee productivity and enhance their customer service experience in the following ways:

  • Managing schedules of deliveries and improving driver productivity. Real-time information and support can help employees of trucking companies get the job done right. By integrating VoIP with a time-tracking application,  trucking companies can prevent financial loss by effectively managing delivery schedules. Through web chat, video conferencing, and integrated time-logging, trucking companies can easily communicate with their drivers and other geographically dispersed team members and give them the necessary support to resolve scheduling and delivery issues in a timely manner.
  • Providing quick access to relevant information to enhance customer service support. A VoIP phone system has the capacity to store, manage, and retrieve large volumes of data in real-time. Because of this, employees who are always on the road can easily access relevant information at any time and quickly get in touch with key contacts to facilitate efficient delivery of goods or products. They can use the information to find the customer’s address or contact their supervisor or even an office staff member for guidance when there is an issue on delivery schedules.
  • Streamlining communication and operational workflow to support employees in various locations. Through VoIP’s unified messaging tool, trucking companies can provide an effective communication channel for the staff in the main office and the drivers who are out on the field. Aside from this, integrating smart trucking applications on VoIP can also provide relevant, real-time information necessary to keep drivers or employees who are in a geographically dispersed location safer and well-informed.

Increasing driver retention by providing them with a cutting-edge technology to optimize connections. VoIP phone systems are equipped with easy to use features that can help drivers become more productive even when they are on the go. Because VoIP can easily integrate with mobile applications, drivers can utilize these tools for electronic dispatch, Internet or email access, digital submission of documents, and more. Aside from improving employees' job performance, VoIP can also help drivers relax through a BYOD offering because the learning curve will be minimal.

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What are Some Important VoIP Features for Trucking Companies?

A feature-rich VoIP solution can help trucking companies easily manage calls and activities, deliver accurate information in a timely manner, and keep both office staff and drivers connected in real-time.

VoIP can help trucking companies connect with their employees in real-time even if they are geographically dispersed with the help of unified communication (UC) solutions, which help to unify all forms of communication into one simplistic solution.

One important VoIP feature that is commonly used to help keep employees connected and engaged is the find me/follow me feature. This VoIP feature enables employees who are constantly on the go to stay connected to their central office or other team members at all times by routed incoming calls to their mobile devices or other extensions. Also, through the voicemail to email feature, drivers can check voicemail messages straight from their inbox to ensure that they never miss a call. Plus, they can catalog the messages and respond to the inquiries or issues anywhere at any time.

Aside from the find me/follow me and voicemail to email features, VoIP also provides easy accessibility to real-time accounts on the VoIP system through a user dashboard and admin panel. These VoIP features allow the administration of the trucking companies to have a quick overview of all account users and see who's on the phone, who they're talking to, and for how long. In this way, all employees can make or receive calls to any extension and have a one-step access to relevant information via a CRM integration, which can be useful in providing top quality customer service support.

Additionally, VoIP can also help trucking companies manage calling features and extensions, view system activities in real-time, access custom reports and analytics through a password-protected Admin Portal. VoIP makes it easy to keep on track and stay organized through easy setup and a user-friendly dashboard, something a PSTN can’t provide. And long as there is a strong Internet connection with enough bandwidth allocation, employees can forward calls to any extension and get the same information and functionality they would get if they were in the office.

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How Can VoIP Help Trucking Companies Cut Costs?

A VoIP phone system allows trucking companies to easily communicate with their employees (both office staff and drivers), partners, and customers in real time for a fraction of the cost.

Because VoIP operates on the local area network (LAN) using the IP network, trucking companies can utilize their existing system infrastructure to send and receive calls. In this way, VoIP can eliminate the need to get  new equipment or update their phone system, thereby reducing infrastructure costs. By routing calls over the Internet, VoIP allows trucking companies to cut costs on their monthly phone bills. Plus, calls to other users on the same service are free, helping companies to increase their savings.

Easy to use features like call conferencing (including video conferencing) and 3-way calling can also help trucking companies handle more calls on one access line. Because of this, VoIP can lessen expenses by simply allowing the whole team (office staff and drivers) to communicate in a convenient and efficient way possible by making use of the IP network. Plus, VoIP allows trucking companies to lower their long distance and international calling rates and leverage the savings through a bring your own device (BYOD) approach.

Additionally, VOIP allows employees who are out on the field to reach a key personnel in the central office through extension dialing. By using four-digit dialing, employees can contact each other quickly and forward calls between sites easily without worrying about long-distance call charges. They can also easily transfer, put on hold, or conference in other employees through VoIP’s included call management features.

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