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Strong communication skills can make all the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity at a car dealership. Whether it's answering inquiries or sending sales quotes and reminders, using a robust VoIP phone system can help to deliver exceptional customer service and boost your bottom line. So it makes perfect sense for car dealerships to invest in a VoIP phone system to help them efficiently manage the flow of information across multiple locations.

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How Can Car Dealerships Benefit from Using a VoIP System?

VoIP can help car dealers manage the flow of information and improve communication efficiently in order to enhance operational workflow, boost service, and increase their bottom line.

A VoIP phone solution can enhance internal communications and improve operational workflow in car dealerships in the following ways:

  • Training the staff to be more productive and efficient by integrating a time-saving software or tool to keep track of daily activities, projects, or tasks.
  • Converting calls to sales by tracking inquiry calls and then working with sales staff to follow up with prospects.
  • Managing high call volumes and enhancing the caller experience through features such as messaging on hold, call routing, music on hold, and more.
  • Controlling marketing expenses and enhancing advertising strategies with the use call analytics, call reports, and call recording.         
  • Communicating more fluidly with the staff in multiple locations through instant messaging, call conferencing, and hunt groups.
  • Increasing customer service support by addressing important calls and inquiries made over the phone and taking care of the customer's needs promptly.
  • Enhancing internal communications by providing car dealers with a way to connect their office phone lines with their personal mobile devices through call forwarding, call group, and more.         

Aside from these aforementioned benefits, VoIP can also help manage multiple car dealership locations without any hassle. As long as there is an Internet connection, you can easily send and receive messages and manage the flow of information because the data can be combined and stored onto a single IP network. Plus, if each location is tied together with the same service, on-network calling is free, helping car dealerships save big.

Additionally, investing in a hosted VoIP technology can help you make low-cost local, long-distance, and international calls. Because of this, you will not only reduce operational and equipment costs but also have the capacity to connect all your offices or branches through a single VoIP platform.

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How Does VoIP Help Car Dealerships Enhance Customer Service, Boost Employee Productivity, and Reduce Costs?

VoIP is equipped with a robust set of features that can help car dealerships in managing the flow of information to enhance service and boost productivity while lessening communication costs.

Whether it's sending service reminders and sales quotes or simply answering questions about car repairs, VoIP can help you deliver quality customer service to enhance engagement and improve services to win clients.

VoIP systems can be integrated with customer relations management (CRM) applications to make it easier for sales teams to access relevant data during customer service calls. Through these advanced features, you can get to know the clients more and personalize your service based on their needs and preferences. CRM integration also helps to build a more complete customer profile that can be accessed by anyone in the company.  

VoIP also provides car dealerships with a greater choice of communication applications for mobile workers, thereby enabling them to collaborate and respond to colleagues and customers in an efficient way possible. One of the most important VoIP features helpful for car dealerships is the find me/follow me. This feature enables calls to be routed to different devices and different numbers so car dealers can answer important client calls or inquiries from prospective customers even when they are out of the office or doing test drives.

By using VoIP, you can virtually work from any location with the use of a designated telephone extension that can be programmed to ring through all your mobile devices, including at the office, at home, and even a smartphone. Because of this, your clients can easily reach you by calling just one number. The virtual extension can also be used to manage outgoing calls, whether you're in the office, at home, or abroad.

Aside from the aforementioned features, you can also make use of video conferencing to discuss important deals with your client or conduct meetings and seminars with your team, no matter where you are. Even while you are abroad, you can still attend important meetings remotely without having to worry about being physically present.

Additionally, you can reduce your monthly phone bills and cut operation costs by using VoIP. Because all calls are routed via an Internet connection rather than a traditional phone line, you will no longer be charged for usage during peak hours. You will also no longer require separate cabling for traditional telephone systems, thereby cutting equipment costs.

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How Do I Choose a Reliable VoIP System for a Car Dealership?

Choosing a reliable VoIP phone solution for a car dealership depends primarily on your preferences, but you also need to take into account the monthly price and features of the VoIP plan you choose.

To help you choose the best VoIP system that meets the needs of your car dealership, make sure to compare the rates, services, features, and prices of each VoIP plan. You can also ask your providers these important questions to help you decide which VoIP service fits your car dealership needs:

  1. What VoIP features are included on the service plans?
  2. Do you offer a bring your own device (BYOD) service?
  3. What are the rates for long-distance calls with your VoIP service?
  4. How is the VoIP call quality of your service?
  5. One what type of connection is the service run, public or private?

Aside from these aforementioned considerations, you also need to have a reliable Internet connection and sufficient bandwidth to accommodate a VoIP phone system. Reading genuine, user-submitted reviews will also help you find the ideal VoIP provider and service plan that will fit the needs of your car dealership.

Here on VoipReview, we provide a comprehensive all VoIP-related information to help you determine how VoIP providers in the car dealership enterprise are evaluated based on features, customer service, sound quality, reliability, and monthly pricing.

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