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  • Ion MaeJan 07, 2020
    VoLTE VoIP

    Communication has undergone some major changes within the past century and even more so within the past few decades. The definition of the word "communication" seems to be more of a fluid term than one that's fixed. In the past, you would simply pick up the house phone to get in contact with someone. In 2007, Steve Jobs changed everything when he introduced the ground-breaking and revolutionary iPhone.

  • Ion MaeJan 03, 2020
    employee using mobile phone for international call

    Have you ever cut a long distance or international phone conversation short with either a client or a remote employee because you were worried about racking up a hefty phone bill? If you frequently make overseas calls via a traditional landline, you know how easy it is to run up your phone bills due to the high call charges. Fortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone solutions have helped businesses stay connected to clients, partners, suppliers, and employees overseas without breaking the bank.

  • Zenica JoyJan 03, 2020
    opened lock on digital data background

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology continues to gain greater acceptance as a reliable communication solution that small and mid-sized enterprises (and even large corporations) rely upon. With VoIP’s array of benefits like mobility, scalability, cost-savings, and overall efficiency, it truly enables businesses to connect and collaborate with their employees, associates, and customers in an easier, more convenient, and less expensive way when compared to traditional phone services.

  • Zenica JoyJan 01, 2020
    businessman holding a mobile phone

    Google Voice comes with a variety of interesting features that can benefit businesses that are looking for a convenient and affordable VoIP service to replace their plain old telephone systems. This Internet-based phone solution works well with other digital platforms and different devices including desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets. You can also get free calling services within the US and Canada, set up number porting easily, and have one phone number to ring all your devices with Google Voice.

  • Zenica JoyMar 29, 2019
    Voipreview site logo

    Ghost calls are a common occurrence that many phone users have experienced. Some of the frustration that accompanies receiving a ghost call is connected to the lack of control the recipient has in the situation. The calls may occur in the middle of the night or at other times that are inconvenient. The source of the call is usually unknown since ghost calls are typically the result of successful port scanning that is conducted by automated device discovery software. 

  • Zenica JoyMar 26, 2019
    Voipreview site logo

    How to Login to Ooma Telo

    As with any VoIP provider, seamless function with a residential VoIP device from Ooma is contingent upon ensuring the device is setup and functioning correctly. This includes the initial step of figuring out how to navigate the Ooma login console, which will offer both quick and easy account and profile access and enable the user to make any necessary changes.

  • Zenica JoyMar 26, 2019
    Voipreview site logo

    How to Login to magicJack

    There is no doubt that it is exciting to use a magicJack device for the first time. Saving money on phone bills generated by a landline phone is an important issue for many consumers. However, an equally important issue is that consumers understand how to log in to their magicJack accounts. Consumers will not have options to make and receive phone calls without first logging into their magicJack accounts. People who sign up for their magicJack accounts need to understand the login page because the included features enable users to navigate the system.

  • Zenica JoyMar 24, 2019
    Voipreview site logo

    magicJack is a VoIP home phone device that has been allowing people to call and connect to their loved ones from all over the world for many years. The latest version of magicJack, released by VocalTec, LTD. is the magicJack GO. It has been fully redesigned, and it has an all new look that makes it an upgrade from the past. The magicJack GO not only comes with an updated physical design, but it also has a faster processor, which allows for clearer calls than ever before. It can be purchased for $59.95, and this price includes the device.

  • Jackson WeberJan 08, 2019
    VoIP scammer

    The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article this week in which they excoriated a spam operation that has been taking advantage of the local community in Milwaukee. According to the article, the illegal operation has been calling Milwaukee residents claiming to represent a local law firm by the name of “Anderson and Thompson.”

  • Zenica JoySep 18, 2018
    businessman holding a voip phone

    Gone are the days when businesses simply rely on a plain old telephone system (POTS) to communicate with their workers and customer base. With the advent of digital transformation, updates and improvements in the communications space have paved the way for the emergence of newer and much better solutions that make it possible for businesses to streamline their operations and easily connect with their works and enable them to get work done fluidly and seamlessly.

  • Zenica JoyAug 08, 2018
    businessman using a voip phone

    Your business phone number is one of the easiest ways your workers, partners, and customers can contact and reach you. Once you have already established your business identity using your current phone number, it can be frustrating on your part to change to a new number when you plan to transition to a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system or to switch to a different phone carrier to cut telephone costs.

  • Ion MaeJun 05, 2018
    business voip phone system

    This Month in Telecom is a monthly news round-up on that aims to give our readers a fast and easy way to catch up on the latest news and top stories that are trending in the voice and telecommunications space. Check in every month to find out more about stories you may have missed in regards to new companies, mergers, trends, and other telecom advancements.

    Let’s take a look at some of the biggest stories in telecom for the month of May:


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