• Ion MaeApr 28, 2017
    business phone system

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  • Ion MaeApr 26, 2017
    using laptop and headset for business communications

    Every business needs effective communication methods and channels to help them reach their employees, partners, and customers. But sometimes, a select voice solution or tool is unable to meet the individual needs of the business right out of the box due to industry-specific needs or business desires. And unfortunately, not all businesses have access to the right tools or manpower to help tailor a system or tool to meet their unique communication needs.

  • Ion MaeApr 25, 2017
    mobile communications on smartphone and laptop

    Mobile technology has dramatically changed how businesses today operate, communicate, and collaborate. The proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices, in addition to the availability of faster and more affordable internet connectivity options, means that it has never been easier for organizations and their employees to get online and work from anywhere. While businesses can see the immediate benefits of mobile enterprise communications, the managing and monitoring of mobile communications for compliance and quality purposes can be difficult.

  • Ion MaeApr 24, 2017
    voss solutions and voss assurance UC

    Business communications are rapidly becoming more mobile and more integrated to include all channels and devices, allowing works to stay connected and collaborative from any location and at any time. This is all thanks to the growth and popularity of Unified Communications (UC). But businesses sometimes think that managing UC can be a complex and costly process, especially because most UC environments typically involve multi-vendor technologies.

  • Ion MaeApr 21, 2017
    employee dialing on a business phone system

    Good communication lies at the heart of every successful business. Strong communication builds trust and strong relationships, increases productivity, and ensures the best business outcomes. Conversely, poor communications can have negative consequences on employees, managers, and the business as a whole. Not only does it contribute to tension and lower employee morale, it can also lead to overall financial failure.

  • Ion MaeApr 20, 2017
    audiocodes huddle room set up

    New advances in technology have significantly changed every aspect of how businesses operate—including how teams meet and collaborate. In years prior, teams had to set up a meeting, reserve a room, and gather in a traditional conference room packed with the latest conferencing technology. But these days are a thing of the past. Today, many organizations are adopting new workflows and collaboration tools after realizing that great ideas and teamwork do not solely occur in traditional conference room settings.

  • Ion MaeApr 19, 2017
    bria x lite softphone on laptop computer

    Companies are always searching for new ways to enhance their business or enterprise communications in order to take their company performance and customer service to the next level. In recent years, Unified Communications (UC) and collaboration tools have rapidly grown and become more popular options because they offer companies a successful means of cutting costs and centralizing communication channels.

  • Ion MaeApr 18, 2017
    Contact center solution

    Consistent and excellent customer service is the lifeblood of any business. It helps to draw in new customers and generates return and referral business. That is why it is critical for businesses and their primary brand ambassadors — the agents in their contact center — to deliver an exceptional customer service experience each and every time.

  • Ion MaeApr 17, 2017
    telzio user dashboard on laptop computer

    Telecommuting and flexible work arrangements have become increasingly common for many of today's companies. In fact, a 2015 report from research firm Gallup revealed that telecommuting has climbed up to 37% when compared to the last decade. Part of the reason that telecommuting has significantly grown in recent years is due to the wide availability of advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud communication technologies.

  • Ion MaeApr 14, 2017
    911 emergency number

    There are a number of factors that play into a company's decision to choose a business communication system. From price to flexibility to mobile options, a number of things must be considered. And one of these crucial components that businesses often overlook is failsafe or business continuity options. Although rare, emergency situations are a serious consideration and can be detrimental to your office communications. The fact of the matter is, emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere and anytime.

  • Ion MaeApr 13, 2017
    cloud communications technology

    Effective, feature-rich, and high-performance communications systems are now more crucial than ever before for every size and type of business. Organizations need a system that does more than just help them make and receive calls; they also need a system that offers all the tools they need to maximize productivity and improve overall operations.

  • Ion MaeApr 12, 2017
    using mobile phone to communicate

    A leading innovator in cloud communications solutions for businesses, Voxox has enhanced its Cloud Phone virtual business phone service to include free outbound and inbound calls to Mexico, which will now be part of their standard bundled calling plans.

    Voxox's Cloud Phone bundled subscription plans (which range from 1,000-5,000 monthly minutes to unlimited calling) previously included calling to the United States and Canada only. But now, outbound and inbound calls to Mexico have been added to the minutes pool of all Cloud Phone bundled plans -- all at no additional cost.