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  • Ion MaeJun 23, 2017
    sonic foundry mediasite video platform

    Effective and digestible communication is incredibly important to every company, regardless of size or industry. It is crucial for planning, company operations, building competencies, and creating a highly-skilled, motivated and committed workforce. When it comes to strengthening communications, most companies often turn to traditional voice and email channels. While these methods are helpful, in today’s increasingly competitive business environment, relying on these tools alone is no longer enough.

  • Ion MaeJun 16, 2017
    business phone with pbx network

    In a constantly changing business environment, the ability to stay ahead of market trends and rising technologies is important. One particular area of business that is constantly evolving is business communications and how employees stay connected to each other and their customer base. For decades, enterprises relied on traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems for their business communication needs. But today, a majority of companies have moved away from complicated, traditional PBX systems in favor of faster and more advanced IP PBX solutions.

  • Ion MaeJun 15, 2017
    contact center

    In the past, offering the highest quality product or service at the best price could be enough to attract more customers and improve your customer base. And while product and price are still important in today’s digital world, the way in which an organization delivers service to its customers has become as important--or perhaps even more so--as the product or service they offer.

  • Ion MaeJun 07, 2017
    VOSS Solutions

    Switching from a traditional PBX system to a more advanced and modern unified communications (UC) solution can be a daunting task for some businesses. Organizations need to consider various factors in order to enjoy a successful transition. These include how to choose the right solution that matches a company’s needs, how to make the move as quick and painless as possible for the team, and how to improve the onboarding experience

  • Ion MaeJun 05, 2017
    appneta performance manager interface on desktop

    There’s an old adage that says, “slow but steady wins the race.” While this may apply to some fields, in business communications, slow but steady doesn’t always lead to success. An available but slow cloud-based communications service, for instance, won’t cut it, especially for businesses with remote teams. Poor voice, video, or chat quality could not only lead to ineffective communications, but could also mean a loss of productivity and, in turn, a loss of revenue. That’s why it’s crucial for businesses to maintain business connectivity and network reliability each and every time.

  • Ion MaeJun 02, 2017
    businessman at desk on smartphone sending sms message

    Short Message Service (SMS), often referenced as simply "text messaging", is quickly becoming a critical component of business communications strategies worldwide. Because of its simplicity, ease of use, and reach, SMS for business purposes has gained widespread acceptance.

  • Ion MaeJun 01, 2017
    office employee or receptionist headset on desk

    First impressions are crucial for businesses. In fact, it’s one of the keys to winning over customers as well as for creating profitable, sustainable, long-term partnerships with clients. This is why it’s important for businesses to put their best foot forward in all of their encounters with customers. And for many companies, these initial encounters often happen over the phone, so ensuring that customer calls are handled professionally and efficiently is of the utmost importance.

  • Ion MaeMay 31, 2017
    sip trunking

    As more enterprises cut ties with their traditional telephone systems like the public-switched telephone network (PSTN), Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is fast becoming the preferred method for facilitating voice communications over the internet. SIP trunking isn’t exactly a new technology, but only recently has it evolved to become a popular option for companies looking to drive innovation in business communications. And for many, the primary motivation for the adoption of SIP trunking is the immediate and substantial cost savings it brings.

  • Ion MaeMay 30, 2017
    shoretel teamwork user interface on laptop computer

    Effective collaboration across all devices and all locations is key to the success of each and every organization. With increasing competition in today's business world, possessing creative, collaborative teams can help give a business the edge it needs over its competitors. Fortunately, inter-company collaboration (even for companies with geographically dispersed teams) is now much easier with the vast range of team collaboration apps and tools available in the VoIP and UC markets.

  • Ion MaeMay 15, 2017
    SD-WAN for reliable communication network

    Businesses are rapidly turning to cloud-based solutions for their communication and collaboration needs. This has become increasingly common for companies with multiple branches because cloud-based apps and systems offer greater convenience, flexibility, and a richer set of features to address the needs of modern, mobile workers.

  • Austin MallickMay 11, 2017
    hosted cloud service connecting agents and employees

    Today's contact center solutions are much different than the solutions they evolved from. Contact centers have steadily grown in features, size, and availability thanks to the number of advancements in voice and cloud technology that allow for better customer service and a better end-user experience. Now users are able to use the power of the cloud to put callers in a smart queue, use skilled-based routing for the most applicable agent, and integrate third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications to view customer details, and more.

  • Ion MaeMay 04, 2017
    dialpad on laptop computer on desk

    San Francisco-based cloud communications provider Dialpad has made it very apparent that their ultimate mission is to rid the world of desk phones. In the era of the “anywhere worker,” Dialpad believes that desk phones are irrelevant because they chain workers to one location, limiting their abilities and flexibility to work elsewhere. That is why Dialpad is working towards disrupting business communications with their next generation phone system and solutions that empower the mobile, new-age worker.


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