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  • Ion MaeJun 08, 2018
    contact center technology solutions

    Speech analytics is a relatively new frontier in the contact center technology market--but one that is quickly growing and gaining popularity. With speech analytics, contact centers get the ability to extract analytical data from customer conversations and turn them into practical information. This is crucial for organizations looking to take agent performance as well as the customer experience to the next level.

  • Ion MaeDec 20, 2017
    omnichannel contact center concept

    There was a time when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was merely a fantasy in the realm of science fiction. But through decades of rigorous academic research and innovation, AI is finally (and steadily) permeating our daily lives. From Siri and Alexa to Watson and Google Now, endless applications are utilizing the best in AI technology. But it’s not just limited to residential uses: businesses are finding many ways to take advantage of the functionalities of AI.

  • Ion MaeDec 14, 2017
    contact center headset on top of laptop computer

    Call centers collect and generate a massive amount of data on a daily basis. Yet in most of these operations (and especially in legacy call centers), the data being tracked and analyzed has always been quantitative in nature: the number of calls received, call length, hold times, and resolution rates. But due to the increase in the focus on the customer experience, modern contact centers have come to a realization: while such details and numbers are helpful, they are no longer enough to measure (and ensure) the success of a contact center.

  • Ion MaeDec 05, 2017
    headset on keyboard in a modern contact center

    Today's businesses are realizing that the overall customer experience is more important than ever and that a complete customer profile can make all the difference when agents are interacting with customers. Because of this increased attention to the customer experience, more and more businesses are viewing the contact center as a crucial customer relationship hub as opposed to just a standard business channel.

  • Ion MaeSep 26, 2017
    contact center headset on laptop computer keyboard

    Understanding and engaging customers these days require more than just resolving a one-time problem or responding to their feedback. To truly connect with customers and stay competitive, contact centers need to provide real-time, personalized customer interactions. And one of the keys to achieving this is by integrating a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution with a contact center platform.

  • Zenica JoySep 25, 2017
    small and medium sized business cloud contact center option

    Excellent service quality makes for happy, loyal customers, who in turn can help spread the word about your company and product or service. But with today’s customers demanding different types of customer service through various channels (phone, chat, email, etc.), meeting customers’ expectations can be difficult.

  • Ion MaeSep 15, 2017
    VoIP phone

    This Week in Telecom is a bi-weekly news round-up on that aims to give our readers a fast and easy way to catch up on the latest news and top stories that are trending in the voice and telecommunications space. Check in each and every Friday to find out more about stories you may have missed in regards to new companies, mergers, trends, and other telecom advancements.

    Here are the top news stories you might have missed this week:

  • Ion MaeSep 14, 2017
    genesys purecloud product desktop laptop mobile tablet views

    Customer expectations are rapidly changing due to the easy access to real-time information from any device, anywhere. In today’s fast-paced and increasingly shifting marketplace, competing in the market based on product or price alone is not enough to entice customers. What matters most--and what builds or breaks a brand’s appeal--is the customer experience. Even though the focus on the customer has been the forefront of every business, it is a continuously shifting environment that is stimulated by new technologies and new marketing ploys.   

  • Ion MaeJul 25, 2017
    8x8 contact center user interface on multiple devices

    The old adage that says “a business is only as good as its people” is important to remember, especially for organizations running contact centers. Highly skilled, knowledgeable, and motivated contact center agents will definitely help a company succeed, especially given that the customer experience has become a key differentiator in today's competitive market.

  • Ion MaeJul 18, 2017
    agents on contact center computers

    With the customer experience quickly overtaking price and products as a key brand differentiator, companies are paying closer attention to their customer service programs, and in particular both the level and quality of service delivered by their contact centers. To maintain a high standard of service, many companies use a number of performance metrics such as calls offered, calls handled, duration, and average queue length. And although these details are helpful, they often offer limited customer insight.

  • Ion MaeJun 27, 2017
    voicemail display on smartphone in user's hands

    Like other communication technologies, voicemail has vastly evolved over the past decade. Gone are the days when leaving a voicemail meant connecting over a traditional landline recording. With the various updates and improvements to voicemail technology, it’s now possible to send and access a list of voicemail messages from one’s email, play them back as needed, or read text-based transcripts of audio messages.

  • Ion MaeJun 15, 2017
    contact center

    In the past, offering the highest quality product or service at the best price could be enough to attract more customers and improve your customer base. And while product and price are still important in today’s digital world, the way in which an organization delivers service to its customers has become as important--or perhaps even more so--as the product or service they offer.


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