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  • Ion MaeOct 13, 2017
    office worker dialing phone system

    This Week in Telecom is a bi-weekly news round-up on that aims to give our readers a fast and easy way to catch up on the latest news and top stories that are trending in the voice and telecommunications space. Check in each and every Friday to find out more about stories you may have missed in regards to new companies, mergers, trends, and other telecom advancements.

    Here are the top news stories you might have missed this week:

  • Zenica JoyOct 04, 2017
    global connection cloud communication concept

    To stay competitive in today’s crowded business communications landscape, service providers need to tap into some of the world’s emerging cloud markets and thriving technology startup scene to fuel their expansion, win over new clients, and achieve sustainable growth. Leading cloud communications service provider Dialpad understands this, that is why they have been aggressively expanding their cloud footprint across different regions.

  • Zenica JoySep 25, 2017
    small and medium sized business cloud contact center option

    Excellent service quality makes for happy, loyal customers, who in turn can help spread the word about your company and product or service. But with today’s customers demanding different types of customer service through various channels (phone, chat, email, etc.), meeting customers’ expectations can be difficult.

  • Ion MaeSep 15, 2017
    digital transformation

    Digital transformation has evolved from just another business buzzword to a top strategic priority of every enterprise that wants to succeed and to survive in the competitive digital age. In its simplest terms, digital transformation refers to the change that occurs within an organization that is closely associated with the use of and application of digital technologies such as the cloud communications, Internet of Things (IoT), mobile technologies, and artificial intelligence (AI), all of which are aimed to improve business value.

  • Ion MaeSep 14, 2017
    genesys purecloud product desktop laptop mobile tablet views

    Customer expectations are rapidly changing due to the easy access to real-time information from any device, anywhere. In today’s fast-paced and increasingly shifting marketplace, competing in the market based on product or price alone is not enough to entice customers. What matters most--and what builds or breaks a brand’s appeal--is the customer experience. Even though the focus on the customer has been the forefront of every business, it is a continuously shifting environment that is stimulated by new technologies and new marketing ploys.   

  • Ion MaeAug 22, 2017
    LoopUp meeting solution

    Conference calls have become an essential part of the digital workplace. When everyone can’t be in the same room to facilitate a discussion or participate in a collaborative effort, meeting through a virtual channel is a good alternative to help bring team members, clients, and customers together. Unfortunately, some employees consider conference calls as boring and less than productive, especially when participants have unclear agendas and repetitive questions.

  • Ion MaeAug 10, 2017
    connecting users over cloud network

    Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology has improved by leaps and bounds, so much so that most businesses--from small businesses to larger enterprises--are replacing and upgrading their legacy phone systems with new-age VoIP and cloud-based communication solutions. This is because, unlike traditional phone systems that include only basic calling features and little flexibility, VoIP systems feature greater capabilities and carry uptime and reliability that suits the need of modern businesses to be connected at all times.

  • Ion MaeAug 10, 2017
    PGi GlobalMeet for Skype

    Modern enterprises today are heavily investing in newer and more advanced communication technologies to bring their teams together and enhance collaboration and overall productivity. Unified Communications, in particular, is gaining widespread popularity as it integrates various enterprise communication services, including voice, audio, web, and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information, and mobility features in one platform.

  • Ion MaeAug 07, 2017
    Amazon Chime Delivered by Level3

    Digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword--it has become imperative for enterprises who desire to stay relevant and profitable in the market. Organizations are leveraging digital technologies (particularly cloud-based communications and collaboration services) to enhance customer experiences, boost business operations, and support the changing needs of a more mobile and more global workforce. Upgrading a company's communications infrastructure and achieving successful digital transformation, however, can be a complex task without the right tools and the right partners.

  • Ion MaeJul 27, 2017
    Arkadin Vision

    Agility has never been more important for organizations, especially given the changing landscape of business communications and available communication channels. Adapting to the ever-changing communications space and efficiently managing costs while monitoring customer behavior are all must-haves in order to stay competitive. But all too often, rigid and complex business processes and communication silos can reduce a company’s agility; and therefore, affect their competitiveness.

  • Ion MaeJul 19, 2017
    nureva span visual collaboration solution use case

    Sticky notes, index cards, markers, and flip chart papers: these are some of the most common traditional tools that teams use when getting ideas off the ground, solving a problem, or discussing projects. While these materials have helped countless teams achieve their goals, in today’s digital age most (if not all) organizations need access to better, faster tools and technologies that can enable them to effectively collaborate and work creatively together.

  • Ion MaeJul 10, 2017
    employee typing and coding on laptop computer

    Twilio, the leading cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) platform for developers, continues to reinvent business communications with its two new offerings: Twilio Proxy and Twilio Functions. Announced at Twilio’s biannual SIGNAL conference, a developer conference for communications, Twilio Proxy and Twilio Functions are two key components of the company’s broader suite of services designed to enable developers to make building multi-channel communications faster and much easier.


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