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  • Ion MaeJun 15, 2017
    contact center

    In the past, offering the highest quality product or service at the best price could be enough to attract more customers and improve your customer base. And while product and price are still important in today’s digital world, the way in which an organization delivers service to its customers has become as important--or perhaps even more so--as the product or service they offer.

  • Ion MaeJun 09, 2017
    businessman dialing on ip desk phone

    This Week in Telecom is a weekly news round-up on that aims to give our readers a fast and easy way to catch up on the latest news and top stories that are trending in the voice and telecommunications space. Check in each and every Friday to find out more about companies, mergers, trends, and more.

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  • Ion MaeJun 07, 2017
    VOSS Solutions

    Switching from a traditional PBX system to a more advanced and modern unified communications (UC) solution can be a daunting task for some businesses. Organizations need to consider various factors in order to enjoy a successful transition. These include how to choose the right solution that matches a company’s needs, how to make the move as quick and painless as possible for the team, and how to improve the onboarding experience

  • Ion MaeMay 16, 2017
    ringcentral global office cloud worldwide availability

    Connecting and supporting workforces across multiple countries was once a complex, arduous, and expensive process. However, all of this has changed thanks to the advent of the cloud, which now helps businesses of all sizes drive their operations. Cloud-based communications and collaboration solutions enable businesses of all sizes with multiple locations to quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively bring their teams together regardless of where they are working from.

  • Austin MallickMay 11, 2017
    hosted cloud service connecting agents and employees

    Today's contact center solutions are much different than the solutions they evolved from. Contact centers have steadily grown in features, size, and availability thanks to the number of advancements in voice and cloud technology that allow for better customer service and a better end-user experience. Now users are able to use the power of the cloud to put callers in a smart queue, use skilled-based routing for the most applicable agent, and integrate third-party Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications to view customer details, and more.

  • Austin MallickMay 10, 2017
    employees accessing services located in the cloud

    Today's businesses communicate much differently now that companies are taking advantage of VoIP technologies, cloud communications, third-party integrations, and other tools that are aimed at helping to foster productivity and efficiency in the workplace. In 2017 alone there has been a steady increase in the availability of Unified Communications (UC) in addition to team messaging and other collaboration tools that help businesses work in a much more effective manner. 

  • Austin MallickMay 09, 2017
    businessman using cloud network and cloud communications

    Cloud communications and "the cloud" as an entity are not considered trends anymore in the voice space. Cloud communications and the cloud are staples for business communications, helping companies to effectively manage their internal and external communications in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Since the introduction of the cloud, businesses have been taking advantage of its flexibility, scalability, and easy-access to make for fluid communication across a multitude of channels.

  • Ion MaeMay 04, 2017
    dialpad on laptop computer on desk

    San Francisco-based cloud communications provider Dialpad has made it very apparent that their ultimate mission is to rid the world of desk phones. In the era of the “anywhere worker,” Dialpad believes that desk phones are irrelevant because they chain workers to one location, limiting their abilities and flexibility to work elsewhere. That is why Dialpad is working towards disrupting business communications with their next generation phone system and solutions that empower the mobile, new-age worker.

  • Ion MaeMay 03, 2017
    business phone system

    Since its acquisition of Texas-based Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) provider Fonality earlier this year, NetFortris, a leader in secure cloud-based communication solutions, has wasted no time in putting the puzzle pieces together.

  • Ion MaeMay 01, 2017
    Intermedia business communication suite

    The recent announcement by Toshiba that it will be closing down its Telecommunications System Division (TSD) in North America took many of its customers and competitors by surprise. Toshiba has been a long time innovator and a stronghold in the telecommunications industry, offering document solutions, digital signage, printing systems, software solutions, and more. But recently, in a letter from Toshiba to its dealers and partners, the company said that the wind-down of its TSD business is part of its overall global restructuring, effective immediately.

  • Ion MaeApr 17, 2017
    telzio user dashboard on laptop computer

    Telecommuting and flexible work arrangements have become increasingly common for many of today's companies. In fact, a 2015 report from research firm Gallup revealed that telecommuting has climbed up to 37% when compared to the last decade. Part of the reason that telecommuting has significantly grown in recent years is due to the wide availability of advanced Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud communication technologies.

  • Ion MaeMar 23, 2017
    Cloud communication concept

    As the global demand for robust cloud communications solutions heats up, leading VoIP, UC, and contact center providers continue to map out their own strategies in order to grab a larger piece of the cloud communications market. Aside from launching new solutions and acquiring or merging with competitors in the market, many service providers are also aggressively expanding globally.


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