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Call Screening: Everything You Need to Know
Call Screening: Everything You Need to Know

Call screening has been a boon in the world of telecommunication, significantly impacting how businesses and individuals manage their incoming calls. But what exactly is call screening, and why is it...

Sep 22, 2023
What is a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

A Service Level Agreement (SLA) stands as a testament to a provider's commitment to maintain a certain standard of service for its customers. But what exactly does it entail? And why are SLAs so...

Aug 25, 2023

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business VoIP phone call
What Can VoIP Do for You? Top 3 Practical Business Uses...

Every once in awhile, a new technology comes along to change the way we do business. One such technology that has changed the world of business communication(and continues to do so) is Voice over...

Apr 26, 2016
VoIP phone system
BroadSoft Strengthens its Cloud Communications Portfoli...

BroadSoft, a market leader in the cloud unified communications software as a service (UCaaS) space, recently announced its acquisition of VoIP Logic, a provider of managed Voice over Internet...

Dec 12, 2016