Business VoIP

  • Ion MaeMar 23, 2017
    Cloud communication concept

    As the global demand for robust cloud communications solutions heats up, leading VoIP, UC, and contact center providers also continue to map out their own strategies in order to grab a larger piece of the cloud communications pie. Aside from launching new solutions and acquiring or merging with competitors in the market, many service providers are also aggressively expanding globally.

  • Ion MaeMar 23, 2017
    businessman using smartphone messaging

    8x8, a San Jose California-based provider of flexible cloud-based communications solutions, recently announced that it acquired LeChat, Inc., the parent company and creator of Sameroom, an interoperability platform that provides cross-team messaging and collaboration to enterprises.

  • Ion MaeMar 22, 2017
    Contact center solution

    Contact center agents are the foundation of every agency’s success. Whether a contact center specializes in technical support, telemarketing, or customer care, it is crucial for organizations to ensure their agents are working at their peak performance to increase the contact center’s success rate as a whole. But what sort of tools or technology do these organizations need to achieve their goals? CafeX Communications believes a real-time agent coaching technology with integrated omni channel analytics and reporting is one of the keys to success.

  • Ion MaeMar 21, 2017
    ooma office products

    As smartphones and tablets continue to dominate the workplace, businesses can forget pay close attention to the actual phone system and provider they choose, thinking that their mobile devices alone will suffice for business connectivity. However, today’s business phone systems remain crucial in helping businesses stay connected through enterprise-grade features, scalable options, and mobility solutions. That is why it’s vital for companies to focus choose the right phone system.

  • Ion MaeMar 20, 2017
    Cloud in a server room

    Software-defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) has been making headlines in the enterprise communications and networking markets. It has been dubbed as the “next big thing,” and promises to address businesses’ evolving needs. In fact, the market demand for SD-WAN is soaring, with the worldwide SD-WAN market for infrastructure and services expected to surpass $6 billion in 2020 according to analysts and industry leaders MetTel and VeloCloud.

  • Ion MaeMar 17, 2017
    tcn cloud contact center platform 3.0

    Contact centers are no longer merely call-taking centers. Due to the rising importance of the customer experience on top of the advent of cloud-based technologies, companies have discovered that a contact center is one of a business’ best brand ambassadors, helping them manage and cultivate customer relationships. But how exactly can contact centers create and strengthen connections with their customers? For Terrel Bird, CEO and co-founder of TCN, a leading cloud-based call center technology provider, it starts with choosing the right platform.

  • Ion MaeMar 15, 2017
    using pgi mobile collaboration exchange smartphone

    The way we work has changed dramatically over the past few decades. Nowadays, working no longer means staying tied to an office desk for hours, and collaborating with fellow employees no longer means just meeting in the conference room. The rise of mobile technology and various advances in cloud communications have allowed workers to work from anywhere at any time. And to ensure that today’s modern workforce consistently enjoy a seamless communication and collaboration experience, Premiere Global Services, Inc.

  • Ion MaeMar 14, 2017
    IP phone

    NetFortris, Inc., a trusted provider of secure, cloud-based communication solutions, announced that it has acquired Texas-based provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) software, Fonality.

  • Ion MaeMar 13, 2017
    mitel miteam collab

    Collaboration in the workplace is something that all businesses need to succeed and is not a new concept when it comes to effective communication. However, as businesses become more global and teams increasingly dispersed, facilitating team communication and collaboration can become more challenging. Fortunately, cloud communications and various advancements in technology have helped produce tools that enable employees to collaborate more effectively, enhancing productivity without boundaries.

  • Ion MaeMar 10, 2017
    google g suite applications

    The advent of new technology and web-based work applications has vastly changed the workplace. It has made it possible for workers to telecommute, work from virtual offices, and access a myriad of business tools designed to make work easier from any location or device. However, using too many business tools for communication, collaboration, and productivity can also be counterproductive to users due to the number of tools available and a lack of integration across platforms.

  • Ion MaeMar 09, 2017
    epygi on-premise ip pbx and gateways

    For companies that are looking to replace their traditional Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system with a more cost-efficient and feature-rich phone system, one of the critical decisions they need to make is deciding between a hosted system and an on-premise IP PBX solution.

  • Ion MaeMar 08, 2017
    real-time dashboard with analytics and key performance indicators

    Restaurants and dining establishments have unique communication needs. Aside from having to deal with a high volume of customers calls regarding orders, inquires, and even complaints, they also have to ensure efficient communications among staff members at the same time. Traditional telephone systems usually cannot handle such demands, leaving customers frustrated and seeking service from competitors. Fortunately, leading providers today now offer communication solutions specifically designed to help solve the communication challenges of restaurants. One such provider is Unified Office.