• Ion MaeApr 28, 2017
    business phone system

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  • Ion MaeApr 21, 2017
    employee dialing on a business phone system

    Good communication lies at the heart of every successful business. Strong communication builds trust and strong relationships, increases productivity, and ensures the best business outcomes. Conversely, poor communications can have negative consequences on employees, managers, and the business as a whole. Not only does it contribute to tension and lower employee morale, it can also lead to overall financial failure.

  • Ion MaeApr 14, 2017
    911 emergency number

    There are a number of factors that play into a company's decision to choose a business communication system. From price to flexibility to mobile options, a number of things must be considered. And one of these crucial components that businesses often overlook is failsafe or business continuity options. Although rare, emergency situations are a serious consideration and can be detrimental to your office communications. The fact of the matter is, emergencies and disasters can strike anywhere and anytime.

  • Ion MaeApr 13, 2017
    cloud communications technology

    Effective, feature-rich, and high-performance communications systems are now more crucial than ever before for every size and type of business. Organizations need a system that does more than just help them make and receive calls; they also need a system that offers all the tools they need to maximize productivity and improve overall operations.

  • Ion MaeApr 12, 2017
    using mobile phone to communicate

    A leading innovator in cloud communications solutions for businesses, Voxox has enhanced its Cloud Phone virtual business phone service to include free outbound and inbound calls to Mexico, which will now be part of their standard bundled calling plans.

    Voxox's Cloud Phone bundled subscription plans (which range from 1,000-5,000 monthly minutes to unlimited calling) previously included calling to the United States and Canada only. But now, outbound and inbound calls to Mexico have been added to the minutes pool of all Cloud Phone bundled plans -- all at no additional cost.

  • Ion MaeApr 08, 2017
    businessman with cloud network

    In line with its mission to bring superior communications and experiences to businesses worldwide, Avaya, an industry-leading provider of business communications and customer engagement solutions, recently announced a partnership with ScanSource, an international distributor of specialty technology products and solutions.

    Under the agreement, ScanSource will now become the first wholesale distributor for Avaya’s cloud solutions in the European Union, providing its reseller partners with cloud solutions based on Avaya’s Powered by IP Office.

  • Ion MaeApr 01, 2017
    Yealink phones

    In order to enjoy efficient businesses communications, one of the first things companies must do is ensure access to a reliable, feature-rich phone system. Most of the older, proprietary telephone systems are, understandably, ill-equipped to handle today’s modern enterprises. Because of this, many businesses are choosing to switch from their traditional phones to more advanced and feature-rich Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

  • Ion MaeMar 30, 2017
    Mitel Cloud Communications

    Cloud communications providers continue to devise strategies to fuel expansion and long-term growth. For some, generating growth by tapping into some of the world’s emerging markets is a key component of their expansion strategy. This is the path that Mitel (NASDAQ: MITL: $6.89) is currently taking. As a global market leader in enterprise communications, Mitel knows that the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) market, a regional grouping of ten Southeast Asian countries, offers plenty of untapped opportunities when it comes to cloud communications.

  • Ion MaeMar 30, 2017
    voice over internet protocol phone

    Growing revenue through channel partner programs is one of the most efficient business strategies used by many communication service providers today. Effective channel partnerships enable companies to share both tangible and intangible resources (such as expertise, consultancy, and capital), leverage brand influence, and access technologies and tools that may have otherwise been out of reach. Hence, it is important for companies to develop good channel programs and foster strong ties with their partners in order to reap the most benefits.

  • Ion MaeMar 29, 2017
    voice network

    Having a reliable, resilient and high-performance voice network infrastructure has never been more critical in today’s increasingly competitive business landscape. Many enterprises, however, have not kept pace with this and continue to rely on outdated communications infrastructure that limits their flexibility, reduces efficiency, and increases costs.

  • Ion MaeMar 28, 2017
    ringcentral new real-time analytics functionalities

    Cloud communications solutions have made it possible for businesses of all sizes to grow beyond traditional phone calls and static communication systems in order to stay connected with clients, customers, and fellow employees. By weaving together innovative features (such as real-time communication services) and offering integration with other business tools and applications, organizations can now do more with their communications systems than simply make and receive phone calls.

  • Ion MaeMar 24, 2017
    broadview networks mobile desktop and IP phone

    Businesses of all sizes and sectors depend on a variety of business applications and tools to manage operations, drive growth, and boost company performance. From communicating with clients and colleagues and storing critical customer information, to tracking employee performance and marketing campaign analytics, there are a plethora of systems and apps for today's businesses that can help them achieve success. The downside to these tools, however, is that they often work in isolation, causing productivity issues and process bottlenecks in organizations.