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GoTalk vs Verizon

Compare GoTalk vs Verizon. Find out whether GoTalk or Verizon is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of GoTalk and Verizon and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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goTalk is the first Australian business and residential VoIP provider to offer local calling, national calling, international calling, and even calls to mobile phones at no extra charge! goTalk designed a wide range of great valued VoIP plans to...

Verizon, America’s largest wireless provider, is moving over to ‘landlines’ and VoIP technology. Verizon offers a variety of plans, for business phone systems and home phone users. There’s usually a discount if you add Verizon home phone service...

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I switched recently from a Century Link landline to Verizon Home Phone and am terribly disappointed. Right now I am trying to call American Express customer service, an 800 number, and get a busy signal before I even dial. This happens often, and it makes no difference whether I use 1 at the beginning or not. (That is when it works at all; obviously when it gives a busy signal I can't dial anything.) Moreover, someone added their own Verizon Home Phone to my account, and Verizon Live Chat promised twice to take the fraudulent phone off my bill and did not do it. I an currently\being charged $128 a month for the home phone and a limited internet line I've had for years which costs about $40 a month. Hopefully the Better Business Bureau will make it possible to remove this stolen line (I filed a complaint last night), but Verizon would not do it on their own. Most serious, however, is the fact that it so often fails to work. Sometimes we need to call in an emergency, and if I couldn't get at my cell phone (which is not Verizon) there would be no help. A phone call once saved my life after a very serious accident, and Verizon Home Phone would not have saved it. Heart attack? Beep beep beep. Gunshot wound? Beep beep beep. House on fire? Beep beep beep. If you have a landline, keep it as long as you can even i it costs more with a long-distance carrier. (I recommend Pioneer long distance for people who don't make a lot of long distance calls or very long ones; basic charge is only $12 a month.) Switching to Verizon Home Phone will give you endless frustration and could cost your or a loved one's life.

sstarke February 19th, 2022

I had One Talk for 2 1/2 years. I didn't use a lot of the features because we are a small business with very few employees. My calls were dropping off mid convo way too often so Verizon convinced me to add the desk phones in addition to the app with cell phones to "stabilize" it. During installation, the Verizon Specialist told me to remove the app from my cell phone and we would re-install it. BAM! All my data from 3 years, customer and supplier contacts, all my texts, etc, everything gone, unfortunately for good!! You see, what Verizon doesn't share with you is that they don't have this data on their servers, so NOTHING IS BACKED UP!! They are marketing a product to businesses that they can't back up and can't get the information back if they lose it. It was a nightmare for me. I am still so infuriated with Verizon after being a customer for over 20 years. Somehow they feel that giving me 2 free phones of my choice made up for losing all my data of 3 years. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT! It's inferior and it can't be supported by Verizon and nobody there is smart enough to know how to use it anyway.

Reddoor August 30th, 2021
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