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Ooma Office brings a revolutionary way to cut down your expensive business VoIP phone service bills. Introducing Ooma Office, a system that delivers crystal-clear call quality on top of a handful of necessary features to keep your team connected. Plus, set up is a breeze.

With Ooma Office, business customers find that they get solid phone quality for a very reasonable price. You can even compare your yearly savings with Ooma Office by using their savings calculator. Customers save hundreds of dollars a year by using Ooma for their business phone service needs.

Ooma Office helps you save without requiring you to sacrifice quality or features. Try them today and rid yourself of costly business phone service bills.

For non-business customers, check out the Ooma Telo.

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Works for us

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Haven't had any issues with Ooma Office. I was using Ooma Telo at my home, and eventually got my small company using Ooma Office. It has enough features for a small business, and the price point is better than most other business VoIP systems we tried.

Price point is very competitive. Feature set is enough for our small business. Haven't had any outages yet
No cons so far

Great option for our small business

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Average: 5 (1 vote)

Ooma Office has been a godsend for our small company of 6 people. It was easy to set up, and is cheaper than most other business VOIP options out there without sacrificing any features or quality.

Price, ease of setup
None yet

Ooma Office

Sunnyvale , CA
United States
2004Year Founded
2User Reviews
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Service Locations

  • United States and Canada
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The Skinny

Ooma is a phone service provider that specializes in both residential and business offerings. They are driven by their passion to reform the telecommunications industry with affordable pricing, more features, and flexible options. Their Ooma Office plan came on the heels of their successful residential service, and offers the same quality and functionality that you would expect. Both plans succeed in helping customers get the most out of their phone system, with features like ring groups, music on hold, call transfer, and more. Plus, they make using Ooma very easy for the customer, with simple installation and 24/7 customer support. 

the rub

The Rub

Their services are available for both home and businesses alike, offering features like call ID, call waiting, fax mode, an online phonebook, one-touch voicemail access, and more. Ooma also allows you to select your own area code with free calling in the U.S., with the added bonus of being able to use your regular phones. Or you can check to see if your number is available for porting. By selecting Ooma Office, you get all of these features and phone services, plus a powerful system that grows with you (Ooma Office supports up to 20 users).

One of the biggest draws to Ooma Office is their impressive call quality. Their call quality on Ooma is second to none. Their Ooma PureVoice HD technology defeats internet congestion, making your calls high-quality and clear. They achieve this through advanced voice compression and adaptive redundancy to bring you superior voice service.

Furthermore, Ooma is very flexible when it comes to your business needs and growth. Setup is easy, and takes a matter of 20 minutes. Simply connect the base station to your modem, then plug in your phone, and that's it! Plus, add users anytime for only $9.99/user and connect them wirelessly.

bottom line image

Bottom Line

If you're looking for a small office phone system that gives you plug-and-play install alongside unlimited calling in the U.S. and Canada, Ooma Office has you covered. Beyond the initial investment in Ooma's base station, calling is priced at an entirely reasonable rate (only $19.98 a month). Even add extra user extensions and direct numbers anytime for a monthly fee of $9.99 each. Plus, with big business features and a mobile app for extra mobility, Ooma Office is an overall solid business phone solution.

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Ooma has received the following awards:

  • PC Mag Business Choice
  • 2012 Internet Telephony Product of the Year
  • 2011 Best in Biz Awards Winner
  • 2011 Electric House Products of the Year Award
  • 2010 CE Pro Best Products Finalist
  • 2010 Internet Telephony Product of the Year 

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