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S.G. Informatics vs Verizon

Compare S.G. Informatics vs Verizon. Find out whether S.G. Informatics or Verizon is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of S.G. Informatics and Verizon and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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S.G. Informatics was an ICT services and solutions business committed to providing local services and creative solutions to a wide customer base. S.G. Informantics caters to small, medium, and large companies in both the public...

Verizon, America’s largest wireless provider, is moving over to ‘landlines’ and VoIP technology. Verizon offers a variety of plans, for business phone systems and home phone users. There’s usually a discount if you add Verizon home phone service...

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This is the first company I have used for voip phone serviec and so far I have gotten what I paid for.  The service is cheaper than my last company and it was easy for me to set up and start using.  I have an echo on some calls but mostly the quality is good. I was a little skeptical to make the switch and I have no real complants with SG.  They seem to be as good as any other company I have read reviews for.  Would recommend giving them a try.

dinesh June 15th, 2008

I own a mobile small engine repair service and rely on both service at my office and on my mobile phone. The office VOIP service is supposed to work over WIFI but the phone continuously drops service and will not reconnect to wifi even though it sees the network. I rely on this phone to connect with customers and it continuously has been a burden to deal with, sometimes the phone will not connect for a few minutes to a few days and is completely unreliable. Whenever I call customer service, they are unable to correct the problem. Basically they've told me that I should connect the phone directly to our internet router even though I'd have to move my desk to the room that the router is located in; something they said I wouldn't have to do when I signed up for the service. I went with Verizon because they specifically guaranteed me that the desk phone would work over wifi. Regarding the OneTalk app, it is also highly unreliable. Again as a mobile business I expect to get calls on my mobile phone through the app; again something that Verizon stated was the benefit of their business service. Unfortunately only about 50% of calls ever get through to my mobile phone. I'll get back to my office and have a voicemail on the desk phone but nothing on the OneTalk app. Verizon bills this a the best service out there but has been very disappointing.

Mower Repair March 19th, 2020

Tried to make online purchase after entering everything the contract would not load so chatted with several agent decided to delete everything and redo. After several attempt it went through. I was frustrated and forgot to choose color. At store realized and was told they cannot do anything it is an online purchase, came home called everyone had no one could look at my order since I was never asked to create username and password more than ten people did not know what to do they were sending me authorization code but could not use it, some said try to register your phone and I found it is locked now. Now they were all saying you have to go to the store to unlock so far all information was wrong. Next day decided to call on the way to the store 30 min away god lucky he know how to unlock the account. talked to several agent all saying you need to go to the store to change the phone. Since the store was not helpful at all I needed know exactly what to do before going there. Finally there was very nice lady she said who cared and said any authorized store should do the exchange when I pointed they they will not have the color for both phones she helped me find a store with several units of both and called them. I was so happy. The 4th day I drove 70 to this they told me they cannot do it the system is showing I need 1500 down payment and I need to drive 90 min the the other store that would not even talk to me to fix the issue. I thought ok I will call they will probably fix the issue first call told me an online purchase needs to be taken to other store to be recorded and wait til they are shipped to that store. When I asked to talk to customer loyalty he said I will transfer you and hang up here goes 30 min wait. By this time I gave up seeing everyone is saying the solution is that you leave us and figure it out on your own. So I said OK I will return these phones here and ask the online people to help me. The store said we will try, and after few minutes told me no it cannot be done my only option is to close the account. At the same time I wa on hold with customer loyalty or worry free returns for 40 min. After the return was done finally someone picked up the phone. When I explained my situation he said sorry it didn't work out. So this is the number one wireless company. There is no customer service no one will help you or care, is there a complaint department he said no I am the complaint department. I said at least make a note to the management that if your agent do not make percentage of customer they do not care to even talk to you. I mean how hard is it for the store to call the online to resolve the their mistake. They just say if I don't make few hundred off of this guy just send him to the next guy, or how hard is it to put managers that know how to resolve issues and ask the employees if you don't know how to help direct them to the right source and ask your supervisor who probably don't know because I asked and they did the same if it was online they would say go to the store if it was store they would say go to the online or other store. I hope this will at least help someone, because I do not think it will help Verizon.

farzadfall January 8th, 2020
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