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Jackson Weber Dec 06, 2011
If you haven't been following trends in the cell phone world, there have been a few recent pushes for mobile VoIP. One is the release of Republic Wireless, which, on its own,... Read More
Julie Arnold Dec 02, 2011
Skype, the ever-popular VoIP service, has a flaw that allows malicious users to track other Skype users' location and p2p sharing activity. Apparently, you can obtain another user... Read More
Julie Arnold Nov 22, 2011
Facebook, Microsoft, and Skype are now closer than ever. Facebook has had video chat from Skype for a few months, but now Skype users can call Facebook users and vice versa.... Read More
Jackson Weber Nov 16, 2011
The tech world has done it again. This time the new iPhone app is a virtual PBX for your cell phone. Wait, what? Like other apps and products coming out, such as Republic Wireless... Read More
Jackson Weber Nov 02, 2011
On November 8th, a new product is coming out. is launching VoIP for mobile phones. “Great,” you say, “it happens all the time.” Well, this product release is special... Read More
Jackson Weber Oct 17, 2011
Great news for our cell phones! On Monday, October 17, wireless phone providers agreed to tell customers before they approach their monthly limit for voice, data, and text. When... Read More
Jackson Weber Oct 12, 2011
scam spelled out in red
Like most technology, VoIP can be used for evil. VoIP users aren't more likely to be scammed than any other consumer but there are specific scams that seem to plague the VoIP... Read More
Jackson Weber Sep 30, 2011
magicJack has released a free application for download from the Apple App Store. The magicJack app allows users to make calls to the US, Canada, and other magicJack users across... Read More
Jackson Weber Sep 09, 2011
As you may have well heard, the San Diego area was hit with a massive blackout yesterday. Since's offices are in San Diego, we were blacked out. In an emergency... Read More
Jackson Weber Aug 31, 2011
Earlier today, AT&T was sued by the US Department of Justice over a proposed merger with mobile carrier T-Mobile. You can read more about the AT&T T-Mobile lawsuit on... Read More


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