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OneSuite provides a unique selection of VoIP products both for you residential and business VoIP needs. Their payment and usage plans, while very different from those of their competitors, may prove to be the best and most intuitive plans for you.

With OneSuite, you choose one of three different means of access: a toll-free number, a local number, or Broadband access (Internet access). This means that you can use OneSuite with any standard telephoning device.

Regardless of your access method, you begin your service with a payment of $10.00, with additional fees for certain service and add-ons.

Your payments are based on your use. Your calls and additional fees are deducted from your balance, the $10.00 that you initially deposit. As you accrue fees by making calls or choosing additional features, you simply add more to your balance.

Once you’ve paid your initial $10.00 fee, your plan begins instantly, and you can start to make phone calls right away.

If you already have a traditional phone plan, you can still benefit from OneSuite. Simply call OneSuite from your phone, and you can make long distance calls that bypass your usual long distance service provider.

Because of the problems in the traditional phone system, long distance calls can often be expensive. Using OneSuite for your long distance calls will allow you to minimize dependence on your traditional phone service, and it will save you money, too. A domestic call will cost you $0.025/minute with One Suite. With a traditional long distance provider like 10-10-321, that same call could cost you $0.20/minute.

If you are on the road and don’t have access to your usual phone or Internet connection, you can make a call with OneSuite by calling their toll-free number, which is provided to you on their website.

Or, if you don’t have a local number, use your Broadband access to make a VoIP call with OneSuite.

The prepaid long distance option includes many features such as included Smartphone Apps, and the option to recharge your account over the phone.

While this service is called prepaid, it is not prepaid in the usual sense. That is, you do not pay a monthly or yearly upfront fee. Rather, you pay be recharging your account, which means that each time you add money to your balance, you are paying upfront the money that will be available to you for calling until you recharge your account again. This means that you do not have to make any large monetary commitment upfront to OneSuite. Rather, you continue to pay so long as you are satisfied with service.

OneSuite offers many add-ons and features to help you make the most of your phone system in your office or business.

Fax Services

OneSuite Fax is a VoIP fax service provider. This feature, which starts at $1.00 for a month of use, allows you to send faxes over the Internet without the need of an actual fax machine. Rather, you can use your Internet service to send a fax anywhere in the world from your computer. It is also compatible with standard fax machines if you still want to use one.

You also have the option to upgrade to OneSuite Fax Plus. This feature gives you access to more features, like more email addresses connected with a fax account, and the ability to read a wider variety of document types.

Find Me Follow Me

For an additional fee, you can also access OneSuite Forwarding, a service that gives you greater mobility with your VoIP access. Starting at a rate of $2.95/month, you have the option to choose a phone number. OneSuite then takes any incoming call and forwards it to your selected number.

This feature is sometimes called Find Me or Find Me Follow Me. It means that a call to your office phone can be forwarded to your cell phone or home phone so that you never miss any of your important calls.

VoIP payment plan

SuiteAdvantage is OneSuite’s answer to the VoIP plan. With rates starting at $2.95/month, you can have unlimited calling to other OneSuite numbers, and unlimited incoming calls. The difference between SuiteAdvantage and OneSuite with broadband access, is in the included features and capabilities.

SuiteAdvantage gives you a phone number, allows you to add additional numbers as well, and has voicemail, among other extra features. Basically, SuiteAdvantage is designed to act more like a phone service provider, while OneSuite with broadband access is designed to behave more like an addition to a phone service provider.

OneSuite Business VoIP

OneSuite Business is OneSuite’s answer to business VoIP. With rates starting at $2.95/month, you can easily manage your office phone system, while saving money on long distance and international calling. With OneSuite Business, you split up your office phones into different accounts that you manage as the administrator. This gives you greater control over your business phones, and a better insight into your company’s calling spending habits.

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