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VoIP Supply is a distributor of VoIP hardware and equipment. VoIP Supply equipment is organized by type of product, and product manufacturer so that the customer can easily search for what they want. I found it quite easy to use.

VoIP Supply Target Demographic

VoIP Supply is targeted towards business owners, retailers, or manufacturers.

  • If you are a business owner, VoIP Supply can help you plan and select a good VoIP system for your office.
  • If you are in VoIP retail, you can find good deals on VoIP equipment at VoIP Supply.
  • If you a VoIP manufacturer, VoIP Supply will work with you to help you optimize your sales and representation on the web.

The VoIP Supply selection is comprehensive, and there is a lot of variety to choose from. There is a range of prices for most items, with phones starting with basic models at $45 up through sophisticated conference phones at $1099.

And if you aren’t sure what kind of hardware you need, VoIP Supply offers articles and tips for customers to help you make an educated decision.

VoIP Supply Products

VoIP Supply sells all of the following types of hardware and equipment for VoIP systems.

  • VoIP systems
  • IP paging
  • networking equipment
  • PBX hardware
  • VoIP adapters
  • VoIP gateways
  • Phones and headsets
  • IP video cameras
  • VoIP accessories
  • video conferencing tools
  • HD voice calling

VoIP Systems

VoIP Supply has both hosted VoIP systems, and on-premise VoIP systems. This means that you can choose a system that is hosted by a VoIP provider, or you can choose to manage your own system with all of the hardware and equipment in your home or business.

Hosted VoIP systems require software which you can also buy at VoIP Supply.

VoIP Supply is unique in that they sell VoIP systems to pretty much everyone, from residential and small business consumers to wholesalers, governments, and educational institutions. A complete VoIP system like the 3CX Complete PBX Solution costs anywhere from $495 to $44,000.

IP Paging

Internet Protocol, or IP paging is a system that allows you to page or broadcast in your workplace with VoIP-based technologies. In short, IP paging is a digital system for making announcements. This category includes loudspeakers, horns, clocks, and pagers, all operated with IP technology.

IP paging technology is less common for VoIP hardware sellers, so this category marks VoIP Supply as one of the more detail-conscious VoIP hardware providers. They have a variety of prices for IP paging options with VoIP speakers starting at $48.

Networking Equipment

Networking equipment is used for establishing networks of devices in VoIP systems. This might include such items as switches for your network that allow you to control traffic on your phone lines, Ethernet connections, security systems like anti-virus software, or edge devices that protect from hackers.

If you are not so tech savvy, VoIP Supply is a good place to shop for networking hardware. VoIP Supply’s website conveniently divides hardware up by type and provides succinct descriptions of each device.

PBX Hardware

VoIP Supply sells hardware for building your own open source PBX. PBX hardware refers to the internal components of the PBX, the PCI cards, servers, and appliances.

VoIP Adapters

VoIP adapters allow you to keep your old analog devices and adapt them to work with your VoIP program. Analog phone and fax machines are different from VoIP phones in that they cannot connect to the Internet; they need a telephone line to work. With a VoIP adapter, you can enable these old phone and fax machines to have Internet access, meaning you can use them with your new VoIP, so you don’t have to spend a lot of money replacing phones and fax machines.

VoIP Gateways

There are gateways for many different functions in VoIP systems. You can get gateways that connect your VoIP System with the PSTN, the public switched telephone network, and you can get gateways that translate from one codec to another. At VoIP Supply, you can browse these gateways by use. There’s also a help line if you aren’t sure what kind of gateway you need.

Phones and headsets

There are many different kinds of VoIP phones and headsets since virtually every business hardware company makes one. At VoIP Supply, you can browse through many of the different available phones and headsets on the market. You can shop by price, by manufacturer, or by capabilities.

IP Video Cameras

IP video cameras give you a video component to your VoIP calls made on the computer. If your computer doesn’t have a built-in camera, you can use an IP video camera to plug into your computer so that you can still take advantage of the video chat features from your VoIP service provider.

VoIP Accessories

VoIP accessories are the odds and ends that you will need to organize and maintain your VoIP system. These could be wall brackets and mounts for phones and computers, monitors, cables, and many other such items. At VoIP Supply, you can browse through these items based on price, name, or manufacturer, which should allow you to narrow down your results to a final selection pretty quickly.

Video Conferencing Tools

Video conferencing tools include all of the equipment you will need for video conferencing. This is hardware like video cameras, webcams, IP phones with speakers, microphones, and conferencing software. You can choose different plans and tools based on the size of your office or meeting sizes.

HD Voice Calling

High Definition voice calling refers to high definition VoIP phones. These are phones made to feature especially high quality sound. Many different equipment manufacturers have their own take on the HD phone, but VoIP Supply is unique in categorizing HD phones on their own, as in many other places you would have to really search to find them.

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