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The Telecom Spot sells VoIP hardware and equipment, from hardware to build your own VoIP system, to tools and accessories to compliment the system you already have. For your convenience, The Telecom Spot also provides you with price comparisons on most of their products.

If you have a VoIP provider for your home or office, The Telecom Spot is a good place to search for low prices on popular VoIP hardware equipment.

If you are a VoIP retailer or wholesaler, the Telecom Spot is conveniently organized to browse products by label and to compare prices.

The Telecom Spot Products

The Telecom Spot sells VoIP hardware and equipment in the following categories.

  • VoIP Systems and Components
  • IP paging equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Telephones
  • Conferencing tools and equipment
  • Headsets
  • Networking
  • Assorted VoIP accessories

The Telecom Spot has a user-friendly website, and you can browse through their VoIP hardware based on whatever qualities are important to you: manufacturer, number of lines supported, even color.

VoIP Systems and Components

On The Telecom Spot’s website, you can browse through kits that contain many, if not all, of the component parts of a VoIP system.

These comprehensive kits are very convenient if you need to buy an entire system. If you buy all of the component pieces in one of these kits, you also stand to save money when compared to the price of buying all of the pieces individually.

These kits generally include at least one phone, a system configurator, and a combo card. These kits are pretty basic, so unless you only need one or two phones, and you have a router and other equipment, you will still need to buy some other VoIP hardware to have a complete system.


The Telecom Spot offers a wide variety of VoIP surveillance technology, one of the few in the industry to support VoIP surveillance equipment.

Surveillance equipment can now be completely incorporated into a VoIP system. At the Telecom Spot, you can buy VoIP-compatible security cameras and alarm systems that can be easily installed and used.

IP Paging

IP paging hardware includes loudspeakers, pagers, horns, clocks, and other devices for making announcements in your workplace.

IP paging is paging technology that can be managed through a VoIP provider. Much like a VoIP phone system, devices are routed to an IP connection. This means that this system is much easier to install and maintain than a traditional announcement system. And in addition, you can very easily program automatic announcements and bells.

VoIP Telephones

At The Telecom Spot, you can browse through many different VoIP telephones based on manufacturer, cost, color, or any other qualities that are important to you. Phone prices at the Telecom Spot range from $10 to over $600.

VoIP Conferencing

The Telecom Spot sells tools both for audio and video conferencing.

Audio conferencing VoIP tools include conference telephones that have multiple speakers, or wireless microphones that connect to your VoIP phone or computer.

Video conferencing uses webcams, video cameras, camera attachments for your phone, or cameras that are built into your computer monitor.

The Telecom Spot’s browsing options suggest that video conferencing prices start below $20, but I was unable to find video conferencing tools for less than $94.


Networking refers to the various pieces of hardware that you might need to configure VoIP in your home or office. This might include switches for different lines, connections for Ethernet, switches to control heavy traffic, and key systems to connect devices through SIP trunking.

If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, The Telecom Spot’s website is a little hard to navigate for this category of hardware. Many kinds of networking hardware are lumped together, so that it is difficult to search for a particular type of hardware by a certain price range, for example.

VoIP Accessories

VoIP accessories can refer to many different kinds of VoIP tools and equipment that you will need to get your VoIP system operational. This could include cables and cords, wall mounts, and adapters, among other things.

The Telecom Spot also sells some unique VoIP accessories that other VoIP hardware sellers aren’t as likely to sell, like personalized music players for on-hold music, 2-way radio systems, and weather radios.

Repair Services

The Telecom Spot offers repair services for many VoIP hardware items. The Telecom Spot’s web page for repairs is organized by manufacturer and item. Once you have selected your item to be repaired you pay a repair fee and submit a description of the problem. The Telecom Spot then sends you return forms so that you can mail in your hardware to be fixed. Prices for repairs range from $40 to about $335.

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