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Spectrum Business is a top choice among service providers and is well-known in the telecommunications industry for offering those vital services many businesses need to stay afloat. Founded in 1993, Spectrum Business has evolved drastically over the years and has become a leading entity in the communications business. When selecting a television, internet, and phone provider, Spectrum Business is one of the best.

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Spectrum Business

Greenwood Village , Colorado
United States
1993Year Founded
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    What Types of Services Does Spectrum Business Offer?

    To get a complete grasp on the ability of Spectrum Business, one must first understand what exactly the company has to offer. Being fully informed and aware of the different types of services provided by the company is also essential to making an an appropriate decision for your business and its needs. Spectrum Business services can be broken down into four main categories including Internet, Phone, Television and Music Programming, and Networking.

    Spectrum Business Internet

    Spectrum Business provides two options for businesses when it comes to internet service. These choices include high speed internet and fiber optic internet connections. The high speed internet is targeted towards smaller companies with a restricted budget, yet still require a faster option than DSL. Internet Plus and Internet Pro are the two high speed internet packages that customers can choose from through Spectrum Business which comes with the following features:

    • Internet Plus – Provides internet download speeds of 60Mbps and upload speeds of 4Mbps. Additionally, customers are given access to web hosting, domain names, and email accounts.
    • Internet Pro – Provides internet download speeds of 100Mbps and upload speeds of 7Mbps. Customers are provided with free security software, a cloud backup, and internet modem.

    For companies that source large amounts of data, fiber optic internet from Spectrum Business provides customers access to bandwidth speeds up to 10Gbp, as well as scalable Ethernet ports. This provide a distinct advantage over the competition. This internet choice allows customers access to a reliable network that offers both enhanced security as well as the ability to work faster and more efficiently.

    Spectrum Business Phone

    In addition to internet services, phone service are imperative in maintaining efficient business practices. Spectrum Business Voice provides over thirty calling features for every phone line. Traditional phone company services only offer twenty basic features, making Spectrum Business a steal. Customers also have access to unlimited long distance and local calling at no additional charge. This feature comes in handle for global businesses as it allows for ease of communication without the worry of a service continuum.

    Alternatively, businesses with operating call centers could also opt for PRI service, which is preferred for higher call volumes. This specific service is setup via a connection through your existing telephone system. It provides a high level of call paths in order to accommodate large call volumes. PRI includes numerous long distance options that will allow you find a selection that best fits your business needs.

    Spectrum Business Television and Music Programming

    Many offices incorporate television service to allow workplace employees to stay informed of current affairs. Additionally, television and music programming offers employees and customers much-needed entertainment throughout the day. Spectrum Business features various TV packages that allow access to top channels offering news and entertainment. Interested customers can choose from the following two packages:

    • Business Class – Over forty channels, including local stations, news, and a selection of entertainment channels
    • Business Select – Over seventy-five channels, including those networks most commonly viewed. Based on local availability, high definition options are also available depending on which package you choose. You can also incorporate a number of music channels into your packaging, as well as international programming that may appeal to those businesses with offices and clients all over the world.

    Spectrum Business Networking

    Proper networking service is crucial to staying in sync with the entire team if your business is comprised of several local branches or throughout varying locations across the globe. Spectrum Business provides three networking options to accommodate the needs of a greater number of clients. Ethernet gives customers access to a low-cost yet reliable option that allows you to remain connected to a number of offices.

    For businesses with higher demands, the Layer 3 VPN service offers speeds that range from 10Mbps to 10Gps and is a great option for dealing with increasing volumes of traffic. Additionally, the Wavelength option is tailored towards businesses with a need for exceedingly high bandwidths via the private laser wavelength.

    How Reliable Is the Technical Support?

    A great feature of Spectrum Business is its interactive technical support, which offers phone availability 24/7 as well as searchable topics on the site. Even the best service provider will encounter difficulties from time to time, and dealing with such difficulties in an efficient manner is essential to keeping the processes flowing at your business. Often, the quality of technical support offered by a telecommunications company can be the deciding factor when seeking a prospective service.

    Fortunately, Spectrum Business provides customers a few different methods of receiving technical support. For emergency scenarios support is available via telephone where customers can speak directly to a team of knowledgeable service representatives. When it comes to less urgent matters, customers can use of Spectrum Business support page, which features a variety of searchable help topics to meet client needs.

    Available help topics range from questions regarding billing and payment to technical issues and trouble shooting. There are also topics related to cable and television service, as well as desktop security measures. To learn more about the level of tech support available, visit the Spectrum Business site.

    What Level of Network Security Is Afforded?

    All businesses require a secure network to be maintained in order to ensure both employee and client information is handled confidentially. Maintenance of a business network is often a full time job requiring both trained staff members and the skills to ensure that all processes are carried out accurately and efficiently. While network security upkeep is an essential concern, it can be very difficult for a business to manage on its own, especially when your focus is on other important daily tasks. Not having enough manpower for maintenance can be a grave issue. Furthermore, many individuals do not posses the knowledge of how network security measures work.

    Spectrum Business offers Managed Security Services to remove some of the burden related to maintaining optimum network security. Spectrum Business employees act as the de facto manager of your network, tending to problems as they arise while also ensuring that all relevant security updates are made in a timely manner. This includes continuous access to a service team that can assist in dealing with any issues as they occur. For additional information on network management and security, call 855-551-2212 or visit

    What Sort of Pricing Can Customers Expect?

    Pricing is always a main concern when businesses decide on a telecommunications service provider for their business. The size of your company also plays a huge role as it impacts the level of services required, and larger companies tend to spend more on these services. A company does not want to sacrifice quality of service only for the purpose of saving money. Furthermore, expensive bills for unnecessary services can cause a wealth of stress.

    Spectrum Business recognizes these concerns based on their diverse pricing structure, which allows customers to create packages designed to meet their own specific needs. Such packages include a variety services to ensure your business is getting the most value for its money:

    • Spectrum Business Double Play – This package includes a combination of high speed internet and voice services. When these services are bundled, internet is available at $39.99 per month and includes upload and download speeds far faster than what is offered by DSL, in addition to the ability to access cloud applications and conduct video conferencing. This bundle also offers phone service for $29.99 per month, complete with 30 plus features aimed at optimizing business phone communications.
    • Spectrum Business Triple Play – This package provides customers the same services and pricing structures as above, but also includes business TV service for $19.99 per month. With the Triple Play package you have access to 40 plus popular channels along with free HD. The relatively low price for TV service makes the Triple Play package a popular option among many businesses.

    What Other Offers Does Spectrum Business Provide?

    Because every business is bound to have divergent needs, a one-size-fits-all package does not always satisfy a customer's needs. In order to meet the unique needs of various businesses, Spectrum Business offers other services in addition to their bundles. Spectrum Business has multiple selections, which may be more suited for different companies.

    • 60Mbps Internet Plus TV ($39.99 per month + $19.99 per month)
    • Voice Plus TV ($29.99 per month + $19.99 per month)
    • 100Mbps Internet ($99.99 per month)
    • Voice ($29.99 per month)

    These are great options for smaller businesses that do not require all of the bells and whistles that the bundled packages provide. In addition, making use of the other available offers provided by Spectrum Business allows a business to access quality service at a far more reasonable price than what other telecommunication companies provide.

    What Are The Pros and Cons of Spectrum Business?

    Depending on the Spectrum Business review in question, customers can have often different opinions about the overall quality of this telecommunications service provider. Based on the information contained here, one of the most positive features that Spectrum Business has to offer involves the ability for customers to customize their service based on sizing and needs.

    Furthermore, many service providers fail to offer customers a variety of options, which can not only result in paying higher monthly bills, but can also get in the way of performing vital daily work tasks. Another benefit offered through Spectrum Business is a reasonable pricing structure. This means that businesses of every size can take advantage of premium service without worrying about unaffordable telecommunications expenditures.

    Perhaps the most significant criticism of Spectrum Business is the lack of internet packages available. Customers must choose between high speed or fiber optic, which some find very limiting despite the benefits offered by each. Customers also mention the concern about impending price increases, as all prices quoted on the Spectrum Business site are only applicable for twelve months. This trend is common among most service providers though and reflects an overall increase in the cost of living.

    Many existing customers point to price hikes once their initial agreement expired, which can have a negative impact on some businesses. Some of the premium services entail a higher activation fee than present with other companies, which means each business must weigh this pricey initial cost against the overall quality of the services offered by Spectrum Business.

    The Bottom Line

    The above illustrates a wealth of positive attributes that Spectrum Business has much to offer for businesses seeking reliability when performing their daily work processes. Customization of a telecommunications package is a key benefit offered by this company, as is the reasonable pricing structure that allows businesses of every size to take advantage of essential services. The consensus seems to be that this service provider offers quality performance and maintenance that many businesses seek out.

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