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Frequently Asked Questions


What is ( is the first and most complete comparison shopping and information source for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) or broadband phone service. The site helps consumers worldwide find, compare and purchase broadband phone service based on local availability, plan ratings, features and prices.

Who uses

The site helps 150,000 consumers each month gather information and purchase business and residential VoIP services. is an easy-to-use resource for consumers at any stage of the VoIP purchasing process; from those who are learning the basics of VoIP and how it works, to those who are ready to get started and choose a VoIP provider, as well as those who are existing VoIP users looking for a new service provider or plan.

What services does the site provide? enables consumers to find VoIP service providers in their area and compare plans by cost, various features, special promotions, and user ratings. Once users are ready to purchase VoIP phone service they can place an order through one of the many VoIP providers listed on the site. is the definitive authority on VoIP information and service, providing independent and straightforward content on VoIP phone service, providers, and industry news. Consumers can visit the site to research various VoIP providers, post a user review or participate in a variety of VoIP-related online forums.

How is different from other VoIP comparison sites?

Launched in 2003, was the first comparison shopping and information site for broadband phone service and has become the definitive authority as VoIP makes its way to the mainstream. By offering all VoIP providers an equal opportunity to be included on the site, remains the most comprehensive and objective VoIP resource available online.

What is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), sometimes known as broadband phone service, allows callers to place phone calls using a broadband Internet connection rather than the traditional, analog phone lines. VoIP calls are placed using ordinary telephones, computers, or special VoIP phones depending on the service provider.

How do I place a VoIP call?

Although dependent on the service provider, users can usually place VoIP calls in the same manner as they would with a traditional landline phone. An adapter connects the phone to the user’s high-speed Internet connection. The call travels over the Internet to the VoIP provider and then on to a local telephone company before arriving at the intended destination. VoIP phone calls can also be made by using a microphone and headset that have been plugged into a computer. The number is dialed using the keyboard and is routed through the computer to the connected cable modem before traveling on.

What equipment do I need to make VoIP calls?

To place a VoIP call, users need a broadband or high-speed Internet connection and an adapter, which should be available from any VoIP service provider. The adapter is plugged into the user’s Internet connection, and then the regular analog phone is connected to the adapter. Conversely, consumers may also choose to hook up a comparatively inexpensive microphone to their computer and send their voice signal through the computer’s high-speed Internet connection, which is known as a PC-to-Phone or PC-to-PC service.

How much does VoIP phone service cost?

Without the need for traditional telephone service or specialized equipment, VoIP users typically save a significant amount of money on their local and long-distance phone service. VoIP service providers offer low, flat monthly rates for both local and long-distance calling, with international calls costing just pennies per minute. For example, many providers offer calling to the United Kingdom for only 3 cents per minute, which is less than most traditional phone users call to dial long-distance within their own country. According to a recent survey by Consumer Reports, people who have adopted VoIP service are reportedly saving up to $50 each month on their phone service.

Who are the VoIP service providers in my area and what are their plans?

VoIP service providers and their featured plans vary from location to location. By conducting a simple search on the “Search For VoIP Service Providers” page, consumers can find out what providers are available in their calling area and the various plans offered.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of VoIP?

VoIP phone service has gained attention primarily for its affordability and unique features which are not offered by most traditional phone companies. VoIP users typically experience significant cost savings on their monthly phone bills and enjoy innovative features such as electronic voice mail, extra (virtual) numbers, online phone logs, multi-party calls and call forwarding to a second household phone or office phone.

Some common problems associated with VoIP include the inability to function during power outages without battery backup, quality problems due to poor broadband Internet connections, and the need to manually enter home addresses to be identified by a 911 dispatcher. All challenges vary according to the specific service provider. Consumers can use to gain peace of mind while searching for a service which meets their needs and wants.

Which service providers are listed on lists information for a vast array of VoIP service providers, from major companies such as Vonage and SunRocket to smaller, emerging companies like MyPhoneCompany and BBTelSys. The site offers equal opportunity for all VoIP service providers to be listed, which provides consumers with the most comprehensive and objective VoIP information available online.

How does serve listed VoIP providers and remain an unbiased source of information?

Any VoIP service provider has the opportunity to be listed on Though some providers pay for premium placement on the home page and other highly visited pages on the website, there is no cost to be part of the search function. When consumers search for service providers, companies are listed according to the consumers’ preference and needs, such as price, features, and availability.

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