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T-Mobile VoIP

Those who want to extend their cell phone coverage and stay connected can use Wi-Fi with their T-Mobile phone number. Using this service, texting is also an option. Now, this is meant to work with making calls and texting, so using other services like Skype and Google Voice may also work, but one would need to contact the developer for help or billing inquiries. T-Mobile uses VoIP technology to allow calling over Wi-Fi that does not use your voice minutes.

T-Mobile Wi-Fi Calling Setup

With a few simple steps, it's easy to set up Wi-Fi calling on any T-Mobile device. The first step is to get an E911 address.


Setting up Wi-Fi calling is easy. To use this service all you need is an E911 address. The purpose of this address is so that you will be identified to the 911 dispatcher in case of an emergency. Users must have an active T-Mobile account as the service connects using the phone number. They must also have a phone that supports the ability to make Wi-Fi calls. You can set up this address at T-Mobile's website by logging into your account.

Active Account is Needed

Most T-Mobile devices will have this ability to use Wi-Fi, but one can look up the devices page and verify that your phone is compatible. While the manufacturer says that the phone works, T-Mobile doesn’t give any guarantee for the service unless the phone was purchased through them.

Must Have Wi-Fi Internet Access

To make calls over a Wi-Fi network, an individual will need at least 2 Mbps to support the downloading and uploading speeds. The use of satellite internet or a cellular phone hot spot will not work with this service.

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Excessive Charges While Traveling

Those who travel abroad need to be warned. The call may switch back and forth between the cellular network and the Wi-Fi service. The switches can be notated when a call is dropped. A user may get some unexpected charges while traveling in other countries.

Billing Charges

Those who have the T-Mobile ONE™ or Simple Choice™ plans will not be charged any fees for any incoming calls or messages, even international ones to the United States. Any plans that don’t have unlimited calls or messages will count against the minutes in the plan.

Making International Long Distance Calls

If the call is placed in the United States, the fees will be based on the plan’s charges for a long-distance call. The international rates vary greatly depending on the country. International roaming, or calls made while outside of the United States, are $0.25 a minute while enrolled in the T-Mobile ONE™ or Simple Choice™ plans.

Wirefly's T-Mobile review explains a lot more about internationall calling with T-Mobile, as well as othe

Sending Texts To International Numbers

If text messages are made within the U.S., then they will be the amount listed on the long-distance plan. The long-distance fees can be found in the stateside international rates page. Those who are outside the country, and roaming internationally, will not have any charges incurred. Users on a ferry or airline will be charged $0.50 for any roaming costs to a country that is not on the Simple Global list.

Internet Usage

When transmitting data using the Wi-Fi, T-Mobile network, there is no charge.

Using a VPN

A VPN allows users to connect to another network of computers. When using that network, any charges are going directly to the location where a person is connected rather than to the phone. To connect the phone to another country, first-time users will need to enable the data. To do this, simply type in #RON#. Users in the United States still might be charging the World Class Rates for these calls.

Avoiding Accidental Fees

To make sure no additional charges are incurred, make sure the Wi-Fi icon is in the status bar. If this icon is not there before making a call or sending a message, then other charges can be accrued. It’s best to set Wi-Fi to handle all calls. By making this the default, it will turn off the cellular connection to the phone. Most phones have an option for Wi-Fi only or to disable cellular network calling.

To get to Wi-Fi mode, set the phone to Airplane mode and then switch Wi-Fi on. Make sure to turn off any roaming data in the settings, services section. There may be some types of data that can get through based on the settings from the device manager. Keep in mind that the phone will lose service when it moves beyond the Wi-Fi range when the phone is in this mode. Additionally, these settings will not prevent any charges when connecting to VPN networks at home or abroad.

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*Rates shown do not include E-911 charges, taxes, and surcharges. Most providers offering unlimited calling have restrictions and some rates shown are promotional rates based on term contracts or promotional periods. Be sure to read individual providers terms and conditions before you buy. Rates and features displayed for each provider have been sourced from provider's site and other online sources. While we strive to display current information, be sure to check directly with each provider as their plans, pricing, and features are subject to change.