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Dialpad was formerly known as The service was designed and put together with the objective of providing unified voice and text communications to business enterprise users using a broad variety of devices. It has made it possible for employees in an organization to have a single contact number that will be ringing on their mobile phones, desk phones, and even their desktops.

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Works well for small business

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

We've been using Dialpad since it was, and it has been reliable,
and with good quality audio. We have experienced no problems, and the price
was great for the features it included. We also use the included
Uberconference, and it also works well.

Good user management interface, reliable calling and quality.

Virtual Phone Service - Dialpad

Average: 2 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
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Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)

No customer service on weekends or after hours. No way to call them for
support only email or chat, and even then, nobody reads or responds on the
weekend. The price is good if the service worked, but I don't receive my
calls. I opened a ticket about it but they stopped working on it. My business
is dead in the water without calls. I tried to port my number away from them
but nobody is answering the phone to even figure out the details. My bill has
no details that the winning provider would need to get my number. I am really

Integrated with google and a fair price.
Unreliable and they know it. Tech support with their company told me some of their features such as Wifi calling should probably be turned off because they don't work.


San Francisco , California
United States
2015Year Founded
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The Skinny

In November of last year, was selected as one of eight companies to become part of the Google for Work Partner Program. It came in as what is known in the field as “Google Apps for Work Recommended” service. Currently, Switch Communications is a Microsoft, Google and Sprint preferred partner.

What is Switch Communications?

Basically, Switch is a cloud-based office phone system designed for the modern worker and for today’s businesses that are hugely technology based. The service has been designed on the WebRTC framework operating on a redundant globally based network of 7 data centers in 4 continents. It has also incorporated the conventional features of the PBX into a modern VoIP phone system.

In addition, it is offering a channel for sending messages, sharing of calendar items and documents such that users based within one organization will be having higher levels of transparency whether or not one is available or just online. Switch Communications has of now in excess of 1,000 clients, who include several Fortune 1000 companies like eBay, Sony and Google.

Main Switch Communications Features/Services

Among the broad range of services offered by Switch Communications include:

  • Ringing all devices and switch calls between all your devices
  • Integrating with Office 365 and Google Apps
  • Unlimited texting and calling
  • 3-way calling, call transferring, chat and video
  • Virtual receptionist and free company main line

Low Priced Services

Although the provision of better employee communication tools is a key benefit, Switch Communications hopes to sell the service on the lower price range. Per employee, it will just cost $15 per month and the offer comes with unlimited texts and calls. Organizations will have the benefit of porting over the existing numbers of their employees to the new system. For those who require having desk phones, has entered into partnership with Obihai, VOIP phone maker towards making them accessible and easy in terms of installation.

Easy Implementation

When it comes to implementation, Switch is making the entire process painless through integrating your employee’s phone with Google Apps and then linking each number to a specific account on Google for the employee. Administrators are granted the ability of easily revoking or enabling access. The whole process of setting up can be accomplished via drop down menus available on the dashboard of the system.

Why Trust a Start-up?

The hype that currently surrounds cloud services could not have been greater. As a business operator, odds are high that you’ve heard of some of the most popular buzzwords such as flexible, lightweight, easy-to-use, cost effective and scalable, just to mention a few. These are what modern businesses need to adopt into their systems.

However, similar to any new technology, adoption takes time. You’re perhaps right in being cautious. The last thing any wise business person will want is to hop blindly onto any bandwagon to the cloud technology. Lots of aspects are not negotiable such as consistency, reliability, and most importantly data security. For any cloud service to be worthy, it needs to meet most of your expectations and assist your team towards working smarter.

So why would you trust a startup like Switch Communications with one of your most important assets in business — your phone system?

Strong Legacy

The brains behind Switch Communications come with a strong legacy in the designing and building of many quality cloud-based telephony services and products. A larger part of them were previously working with Grand Central, acquired by Google to become the Google Voice backbone. The team is also responsible for assembling UberConference, a business dealing with cloud-based conference calling, which to date is operating as a standalone product.

Strategically Better Placed

Switch is banking on being able to convert several large customers of UberConference into becoming Switch customers. Currently, several key UberConference customers are rolling out Switch’s telephony system on a trial basis to replace their own old analogue office phone systems.That also entails adopting Google Apps for business documents, email, as well as calendaring functions. This certainly speaks volumes about the quality and kind of service being offered by Switch Communications.


Now with Switch having moved beyond the introductory beta stage and being ready for deployment across board, pretty soon the founders may be achieving their wish of not having even one piece of equipment that still saying cisco. For you, perhaps it is time to get rid of your aging office hardware. You’ll be saving on your business capital expenses, reducing the IT burden, and most significantly, giving your teams the needed freedom to work from any location.

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