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VoipWise Reviews

VoipWise is another clone by Dellmont/Betamax. Betamax is a European company that runs many international PC-to-phone VoIP service websites.

VoipWise advertises free and low-rate international calls. You can download the softphone for free, and as a trial user you get 60 minutes free. However, you can only call destinations marked as "FREE" on their list.

The VoipWise software is available for PC, smartphone, and tablet (iPad or Android). Mac and Linux users can subscribe to VoipWise and then use a 3rd party softphone with the correct settings. You can also use your own SIP device, including other softphones, with the correct settings.


After a free 60 minutes, you must register an account with VoipWise. Registration requires you to buy credit for free destinations (no per minute charge).

Once you have bought credit, you are given "Freedays" to call free destinations. When you run out of 90 "Freedays," the same free destinations default to "normal rates," shown in the table below.

VoipWise allots 300 minutes per week for calls to free destinations. If that limit is exceeded, normal rates apply.

Normal Rates as of September 2011:

(VAT = value added tax)

  EUR/min Incl.VAT USD/min Incl.VAT
Australia  (Landline)  0.01 0.012 0.014 0.016
Austria  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Belgium  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Canada  (Landline & Mobile)  0.01 0.012 0.014 0.016
Czech Republic  (Landline)  0.025 0.029 0.034 0.04
Denmark  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Estonia  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Finland  (Landline)  0.03 0.035 0.041 0.048
France  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Germany  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Greece  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Hungary  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Iceland  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Ireland  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Italy  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Japan  (Landline)  0.025 0.029 0.034 0.04
Latvia  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Luxembourg  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Netherlands  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Norway  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Portugal  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Russian Federation [Moscow]    0.005 0.006 0.007 0.008
Slovenia  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
South Korea  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Spain  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Sweden  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Switzerland  (Landline)  0.02 0.023 0.027 0.031
Turkey  (Landline)  0.025 0.029 0.034 0.04

VoipWise Terms of Use

The Terms of Use describe how VoipWise applies "Freedays" and account credit, but there is no information about how much a new account must pay for credit. Sister sites of VoipWise such as VoipBuster and Voip Stunt charge €5 to €10 for first-time credit.

Note: some consumers have reported problems with VoipWise when it comes to account credit issues. Some consumers have been unable to make calls when they still have credit on their account. Accounts are also closed, apparently, at random.

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