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Deltathree offers consumers two ways to enjoy low cost VoIP calling, a broadband phone, PC or cell phone. Deltathree sells two brands of VoIP:

  • JOIP: international calling from your mobile phone
  • iConnectHere: PC, mobile and IP phone dialing


JOIP gives consumers the ability to make international calls directly from their smartphone through a WiFi connection or a 3G network. When you subscribe to JOIP’s service, you download the mobile application and can start calling. The JOIP app can be used on Apple iPhones, Android phones, and Symbian phones.

JOIP cannot be used for 911 emergency calling services.

JOIP offers consumers three plan options for their international calling service

  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited US and Canada
  • International

JOIP Pay as you go

JOIP’s pay as you go plan charges you a per minute rate, determined by which country you are calling. In addition, there is a monthly $2.95 fee. It’s the least economical of the services JOIP offers, but great if you only need to make an occasional international call.

JOIP Unlimited US and Canada

JOIP’s second option gives you unlimited calling to the US and Canada while also offering discounted international rates for $14.95 a month. Unlimited actually means 3000 minutes, though, and calling to countries other than the US and Canada is charged at a per minute rate. If international calling is what you need, I’d go with...

JOIP International

JOIP International allows you to call more than 50 countries for less than a cent per minute. On this plan, you get 3000 minutes to use for international calling. This plan, aside from the per minute cost, has a per month cost of $19.95. Calling to Canada and the US are exempt from the per minute cost on this plan.


iConnectHere has three ways you can use their service. Each option has 3 separate plans associated with it.

  • PC to phone and mobile dialers
  • Local phone numbers
  • Broadband phone

iConnectHere does not promise operational 911 emergency support with their products.

iConnectHere PC to Phone and Mobile Dialers

This iConnectHere feature allows you to make calls from a mobile phone dialer through an app downloaded to your smartphone or through a softphone on your PC. iConnectHere’s mobile app is supported by the iOS, Android OS and Symbian OS and can be used on any phone with an Internet connection. For PC to phone dialing, download iConnectHere software onto your computer and start dialing. It’s basically Internet calling from your PC or mobile phone.

iConnectHere offers three plans for this:

  • Pay as you go
  • North America
  • International

iConnectHere Pay as you go

iConnectHere offers two pay-as-you-go plans: one costs $.65 per month (yes, 65 cents) and the other costs $1.95 per month. These monthly fees are in addition to the per minute rate of the countries you’re calling. The $65-cent pla -- known as the Pay As You Go Savings plan - is great for low volume calls. It also generally gives you better per minute rates to other countries.

The $1.95 per month plan, known as the Pay As You Go Super Saver, is great for high volume calls. How this plan saves you money is unclear as the per month rate and the per minute calling rates on this plan are markedly more expensive than they Pay As You Go Savings plan.

iConnectHere North America

iConnectHere offers three North American plans: North America 400, North America 1000 and North America Small Business 3000.

North America 400 is a $5.95 per month plan and gives you 400 minutes of free calling to the US and Canada, including mobile phones. For each minute after 400, you are charged $.039 per minute. All out of plan calls (i.e. international) is charged at the Pay As You Go Savings plan rate. iConnectHere also gives you a $2 bonus for calls if you select this plan.

North America 1000 is a $10.95 per month plan. This plan is identical to the North America 400 plan, except that you get 1000 minutes and a $3 bonus at sign up.

North America Small Business 3000 costs $39.95 per month. YWhen you sign up, you also receive a $6 bonus.

iConnectHere International

iConnectHere’s International 1250 plan costs $14.95 a month and includes 1250 minutes. 250 of these minutes can be used to call 21 countries. All out of plan countries will be charged at the Pay As You Go Savings rate and additional calls to the in plan 21 countries will be charged $.10 per minute.

The additional 1000 minutes can only be used to call the US and Canada. As with the previous plan, if you go over the 1000 minutes set aside for Canada and the US, you will be charged a $.039 per minute rate.


This plan comes with a $4 bonus upon sign up.


iConnectHere local telephone numbers

iConnectHere’s local telephone number plans allow you to receive unlimited incoming calls at a local phone number. It’s a great solution for frequent travelers or for relocation. To get a local phone number, you must first sign up with one of iConnectHere’s calling plans (listed above). Once you’ve signed up, you can choose a local area code. For example if you were moving from Los Angeles to Los San Diego, you could keep a local Los Angeles number and forward calls from that number to your new San Diego phone.

For a local US phone number, iConnectHere charges $3.95 a month. for an international phone number, $4.95 a month, and for a US toll free number, $10.95 a month.

iConnectHere broadband phone

iConnectHere has plan options if you want to turn your home phone into a VoIP phone as well. Simply choose one of their three calling plans and they’ll send you an adapter for free and a router for $9.99 if you need one. They’ll also include a $30 bonus on any plan you choose and you get a free local number. iConnectHere does charge a $29.99 activation fee for their broadband phone services and shipping costs $4.99. There is a 30 day money back guarantee and no contract requirements.

The three calling plans are:

  • Pay as you go world
  • World plan + 800
  • World Plan unlimited

iConnectHere Pay As You Go World

With this iConnectHere plan, you pay only for the calls you make at a low per minute rate,though iConnectHere does not have a published rates list for this plan. There is also a $6.99 per month fee for the service.

iConnectHere World Plan 800

With the iConnectHere World Plan + 800, you get 800 minutes to use for calling the US and Canada. World calling is on a per minute basis. This plan is $15.99 per month.

iConnectHere World Plan Unlimited

The iConnectHere World Plan Unlimited allows you to call a selection of countries for a low per month rate of $24.99

iConnectHere comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and no contract requirements.

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