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Windstream Reviews

Windstream is one of the industry leaders: a full-service communications service provider for the Midwest, South, and East Coast in the United States. Windstream provides not only VoIP phone service, but also offers Internet and cable television. They also offer a variety of bundled packages for residential and business customers.

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One Big Thief: NOT getting Again at all

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They are the Biggest Liar. 1. Website said, Free Modem and $39.95. Got Bill for $69.95. They Charged me $9.95 for Modem (which was included) Also charged me phone line which was never Mentioned in website. Completely scam and I will Never go Back to them

Network is Good No Issue
Biggest Liar | SCAM people with Fake price on website

Horrible company

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I would provide 0 for all the 1s above if I could.

I googled Windstream today. I call the number on the screen that says I can
call for internet and phone additions/service. I want to add a phone line to
my existing business account.
I call the number. A man from another country answers. He says he cannot
help me, and gives me the "service" number. I hang up and call the number -
855-575-7607. I need option 3 to add phone service. I press option 3
multiple times, only to have it continue to loop and offer me the same 4
options (this has happened to me on other occasions before today). I call
the first number back from the website, to ask to be connected to someone who
can help me spend more money with a worthless company. This time, I get a
lady from a foreign country. She cannot help me. She says over and again,
that she is not with Windstream....wait, isn't this the number I called from
the Windstream site? She cannot have someone call me back, she cannot
connect me, and she cannot help me. Beyond frustrated at this point. I then
call the local St. Louis number, whereupon I do get an American who provided
the help that was needed in the first place.

Unfortunately, this is not the first massive communication I have had with
Windstream. If I can switch all of our business accounts, I will do that as
soon as possible. If you have a choice, do NOT choose Windstream. Run far
and fast.

See above. Don't use them if possible.


Little Rock , AR
United States
1997Year Founded
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The Skinny

Windstream's Flex Phone service offers unlimited local calling for $35 a month; you also get 100 nationwide calling minutes, with additional minutes in automatic 100 minute increments (of $5 each). With the Unlimited Phone plan, you can pay $50 for unlimited nationwide calling.

Business customers can bundle their internet and phone service together for $100 a month for high speed internet and unlimited local and long distance calling. With this Windstream package (poetically named the Unlimited Local and Long Distance Calling & High Speed Internet package), you also get some value added features, like fax-to-email.

Windstream has an incredible amount of services (really - a lot!) and the prices may vary based on your location. However, Windstream does make one great promise to its residential customers: a Lifetime Price Guarantee. If you bundle digital TV, internet, and phone service, you'll never pay more. We just hope the promise means you won't have your price increase.

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