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MightyCall is a virtual phone system with advanced features. It has the capability to group social media comments, emails and customer calls together in one place. This feature is beneficial because it streamlines issue tracking.

This year has been a good year for MightyCall. It won both the Supreme Software Award for 2017 and the Expert’s Choice Award.

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Editorial Review

MightyCall increases a client’s contact visibility by offering a VoIP connection. This feature allows a website visitor to instantly connect with a client by simply touching the call button. This feature is particularly beneficial to those individuals who use their mobile devices to shop. And, it increases the client’s chances of garnering a new customer.

Although MightyCall is extremely user-friendly, customer support will always be available to those who need it. As such, customer support may be contacted via phone, live chat or email. Team members are waiting and ready to answer all questions and respond to all tickets. Also, customer support is not dependent upon the client’s plan.

MightyCall’s virtual receptionist feature is very popular. This features heightens customer satisfaction by communicating with them in a professional and efficient manner. This feature places customers’ needs at the forefront. Careful attention is given to them from the welcome message to the time they reach the appropriate person or department. It provides the customers with a gratifying experience. Also, transcriptions may be requested. They are available in either voicemail or voice-to-text form, with a professional number or not.

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The Skinny

MightyCall operates likes a receptionist. It channels all calls that the clients receive to the appropriate departments and people. Whether the call originates from a toll-free, local or vanity phone number is irrelevant. The process will not be affected. The clients will not feel overwhelmed because MightyCall can handle large volumes of calls efficiently. In fact, its growth is proportionate to the business’ growth.

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The Rub

A feature that makes MightyCall even more user-friendly is ClickConnect. This nifty feature is found on blogs, business websites, online stores and such. Its function is to grab the attention of visitors and transform them into customers. MightyCall still connects to traditional telephone devices, such as landline and mobile telephones. Customers’ preferences must be taken into consideration.

Customers have found MightyCall’s intuitive interface to be quite user-friendly. They also find its mobile apps to be pleasing because the apps are so compatible with their software. This has been made possible because MightyCall has incorporated itself with a large number of third party applications.

MightyCall offers its clients a local, vanity, and toll-free or international phone number. With this number, clients can contact their customers, and vice-versa, regardless of their location. A vanity phone number is especially useful. It brings credibility to a client’s brand. A dedicated port is also useful in that it provides a consistent connection for their existing customers. MightyCall can establish a connection to any of the following: an office phone, a conference or landline phone or a mobile phone. It just depends upon their preferences.

Customers tend to gravitate toward anything that saves them time and money. Since MightyCall is cloud-based, customers will not be required to endure difficult trainings or costly installations. With all service operations being cloud-based, MightyCall also helps customers save on office space.

Both iOS and Android apps are provided to all MightyCall subscribers. These apps are easy to install on any smart phone or device. These apps allow clients and their agents to remain connected, regardless of their location. They also prevent the clients from incurring additional fees. Their functionality is not degraded simply because they are mobile apps. Clients will still be able to access all of their customers’ information, including their phone numbers, email addresses, social media accounts and call logs.

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Bottom Line

A business’ image and productivity are integral to its success. It needs to appear polished and professional. It needs to convey to its existing and potential customers that it is both powerful and knowledgeable. The MightyCall virtual phone system gives businesses what they are seeking. MightyCall enhances customer and client relationships, provides feedback and responds to all questions and complications in a timely fashion.

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MightyCall has received the following awards:

  • Supreme Software Award from 2017
  • Expert's Choice Award from 2017
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Our Two Cents

MightyCall is so prevalent in business markets because of its ability to enhance client communication. With features related to social media and email tracking, MightyCall allows clients to gather a better understanding of their customers by analyzing their data. With such data, clients will be able to address issues before they become problematic. MightyCall is an ideal virtual phone system for small to mid-sized firms whose success is dependent upon giving the marketplace superior phone services and making the collection of client data less tedious. 

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