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Fuze looks at its mission in straightforward terms, which is to leverage the capacity of virtualized cloud systems in guiding people towards meeting their business objectives regardless of whom they need to communicate with or where they are. The company maintains a keen focus on supporting pliable remote working and assisting multi-site enterprises to have a better connection. Fuze has recently been recognized in Gartner’s UCaaS Magic Quadrant Report (2016 Edition), recognizing its role reshaping how people work and spreading the cloud gospel. The company’s recent report, Breaking Barriers 2020, gives deep insight into its philosophy on the future of virtual spaces and how the working trends are changing.

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Fuze claims to have the capacity to offer the most up to date and innovative UCaaS platform on the market. This is a pretty bold statement, and there a just a handful of providers out there who are bold enough to make such a statement with full confidence. Nevertheless, Fuze has a good number of reasons that allows it to display such a high level of confidence in what it does. There is one outstanding thing that the cloud has done where the evolution of the telecommunication industry is concerned. 

This thing involves denoting how physical system barriers, such as cost, capacity, interoperability, and most importantly the constraints of space and time, can be subdued and substituted by the pliability and freedom that comes with virtual working environments. Fuze incorporates all of these in a product offering designed for the enterprise market. The presentation of a single worldwide network for all forms of communication conforms to enterprise-scale thinking as demands for collaboration and communication to be more inherent, efficient, and responsive are met. Fuze is tailored for both internal communications as well as contact centers, providing a solution, which can be described as forward thinking, ultra-modern, and comprehensive.

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The Skinny

When it comes to business, time and space can be considered as the major constraints that lead to inconveniences. They disrupt workflow and the execution of tasks. This can be looked at in instances such as those of having to travel long distances to attend meetings or having to wait for feedback from someone as they complete whatever task they are undertaking. As the world strives to get rid of the negative impact time and space have on business, Albert Einstein’s theories on the two aspects would have been of great importance, and business leaders would be picking his mind with the aim of pushing their business forward.

Now that the brilliant Einstein is not around anymore, the task of dealing with the constraints associated with the two aspects has fallen on the telecommunication sector. Companies, such as Fuze, have risen to the occasion and the outcomes look promising. Fuze was founded in 2006 in the United States of America, and it has since established itself as a leading force in the global Unified as a Communication Service (UCaaS) market.

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The Rub

In terms of products, Fuze boldly declares its set of hosted unified communications (UC) tools on the market and claims its integrated, consolidated user experience design (UX) has quelled the times when UC translated to scrambling around several different applications. Before delving deeper into these claims, it is important to note that this article does not endorse, market or have any part to play in the sale of any product. 

Fuze has a global platform consisting of cloud-based applications that integrate contact center, messaging, video, and voice functions within a consolidated mobile and desktop platform. Fuze is available as a hosted subscription service and offers the usual cloud benefits of being highly pliable, cost-effective, and scalable, allowing users to gain access to only the necessary platforms for them. While Fuze offers a wide array of collaboration and communication tools, it is built around the voice function. It puts the service out there as an enterprise-class Private Branch Exchange (PBX) alternative, noting that even in these multi-modal days the basis of most business communications remains to be the telephone, and it is bound to remain so for a lengthy period.

The company has even set aside a distinct brand for the voice function, Global Voice, which slightly deviates from its all-in-one incorporated approach. Despite this fact, it is all a similar platform and links up just as freely with everything else. As a Private Branch Exchange substitute, Fuze Global Voice comes with all the business phone service and call management features that are associated with an on-premises phones system. The main advantages that Fuze holds over other standard phone technologies are cost and scale.

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Bottom Line

Fuze is designed to bring on board functionality that is enterprise level, incorporating all the conveniences associated with a typical UCaaS service model. The service is also optimized for large-scale enterprises that operate from more than one site around the world, providing a sole, integrated carrier network that caters for every communication function with easy installation, limitless scalability, and high agility.

Fuze applications come out ready-made and customized for plugging into quite a considerable number of some of the most popular productivity platforms. Some of these popular platforms include Microsoft Outlook, ZenDesk, Google G Suite, Box, and Salesforce among many others. Its application-programming interface (API) allows users to do things like configuring notifications, determining the usage of data sets, and customizing call flows.


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Fuze has received the following awards:

  • Visionary in the 2017 Magic Quadrant for Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Worldwide 2017
  • Innovation and Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan 2017
  • Finalist in the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Awards 2017
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Our Two Cents

Fuze describes itself as a global carrier network. Despite this fact, it does not lose focus on the fact that serving the local market is of paramount importance as far as the success of a business is concerned. For instance, Fuze offers local dialing tones for the region that callers call from even in the case where the service is being routed through an overseas data center. This feature is key in maintaining a geographical identity, which is of utmost importance to customers in most cases even when the business is benefiting from the worldwide network.

The company also provides a consultancy service. This service looks to assist the customers in designing and implementing optimum communication services to meet their needs. The service is not only about finding the right Fuze tools but also entails integrating these tools with other systems.

Being a cloud-based VoIP service system, Fuze Voice does not require extra networking hardware and plugs into most SIP-ready (Session Initiation Protocol) endpoints through a local area network or a wide area network (LAN/WAN). It works as a quick solution without involving carriers or communication companies by offering unlimited worldwide calling at a standard subscription rate and provides high definition audio on all devices. Fuze claims to cater for the biggest number of countries within one unmetered package of any provider. 

Upon stepping outside the sphere of established telephone carriers and standard telephone networks, quality of service and security become major concerns. Fuze has gone to great lengths to ensure that such worries are eliminated or minimized to a great extent. Voice and all the services that are offered by Fuze run from a worldwide network of data centers that are fully redundant. Fuze also offers an almost perfect uptime on all the services it offers unlike most of the other available telephone services. Its network facilities are fully managed, eliminating maintenance costs.

The voice function is simply a part of a larger system. The Voice-over-IP (VoIP) functionality comprises out of the box integration with a complete set of other collaboration and communication tools such as web conferencing, instant messaging (IM), high definition video calling, email, text messaging, as well as other desktop sharing tools. Versioning and markup tools support application and high definition screen sharing, allowing different individuals to collude and work together on similar document copies in real time even when they are in separate rooms or even different countries. In addition to facilitating internal communications, Fuze applications also come in handy in the contact center, exhibiting seamless switching between applications from a given control dashboard in real time. Therefore, when the need to send an offer or a document to a client arises, a user can simply send an email or text message with one click, or if help is needed from a client, the user can send an instant message without messing up the conversation's flow.

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