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CrazyCall Reviews

Give your sales and support efforts a boost with CrazyCall! This app allows you to manage your leads, make calls directly from your browser, connect internationally and so much more. Crazy Call is your partner in campaign management because it allows you to organize scripts and calling schedules for your sales team, and the browser extension gives you the freedom to surf and the web and build your contacts at the same time. 

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Editorial Review

CrazyCall is a web-based telephone that operates as a free call center platform. It provides a business's customer support and sales team with the support they need. What makes this software interesting is that it uses the local phone numbers for over 60 countries. Having the ability to use local phone numbers is beneficial because people are more likely to answer phone calls from numbers in their area. 

CrazyCall can support inbound calling and outbound sales calls, allowing teams to make calls from anywhere. This tool comes with an application and browser extension, giving businesses the sale's campaign management it needs. There is an easy-to-use control panel. The panel is so intuitive that even a beginner will easily be able to use the product. Also, CrazyCall is useful for the creation of campaigns and projects. It lets its users create call schedules. 

With the platform, businesses are guaranteed to see an increase in productivity and sales through a web-based, user-friendly application. The application is cloud-based and secure service. CrazyCall's advanced artificial intelligence and modern technology is able to support call center agents and management, making it possible to increase revenue while gaining control over costs. 

It's easy to create telesales campaigns that reach new customers with CrazyCall. The platform makes calling effective, allowing millions of businesses around the world to exceed their revenue targets. CrazyCall also helps businesses improve the way they interact with their customers. 

The Benefits of Using CrazyCall 

CrazyCall is a free call center platform whose purpose is to support a business's customer service and sales. What makes is standout from other services is the fact that it uses local numbers from more than 60 countries. This feature is ideal for sales teams because people are more inclined to answer phones from unknown numbers if they come from the same area. 

CrazyCall supports both inbound and outbound sales calls. Sales teams can also make calls from anywhere. Users will also benefit from using the platform's native app and browser extension. The control panel is not difficult to use, even people who are new to using CrazyCall can use the program without extensive training. The program also assists with the creation of campaigns and allows users to create their own call schedules. 

The browser extension is impressive. It lets users click and call phone numbers from the web without the need to copy and paste. It is also possible to use the extension even if the entire app is not opened in another tab. Each call made using the platform gest recorded. This way, users can download and replay them at a later time. The recordings are stored in the cloud. This feature lets businesses make the most of the quality control process and increase the performance of the sales team. 

CrazyCall's live dashboards provide analytics for outbound and inbound calls, so users can get real-time performance analytics and optimization. CrazyCall has a conference call functionality, this lets people speak with several people at once. Users can speak with another caller privately, but after this conversation reconnect with the first caller. 
Setting up the platform does not require an IT team. It's easy to set up the platform and start making sales calls, performing market research, and questionnaires. The software's records importer allows people to important their phone contacts and other information without needing telco integration. The list optimization feature that lets users set up calls more conveniently. 

With CrazyCall, users have the ability to establish call queue management rules while managing several outbound projects at once. There is also an automatic dialer that makes call placement easier while allowing for single calls. Users can create customized call scenarios using the platform's script builder feature, allowing for the preparation for calls. 

CrazyCall integrates with third-party apps that use Zapier and Pipedrive, which includes ticketing systems and CRM, without a problem. The integration lets the software send data to other apps, automatically, when the calls end. 

Overview of CrazyCall Features 

  • Call panel 
  • Fast setup 
  • Intuitive workflow 
  • Cloud-based software 
  • Sales analytics 
  • Call dialer and matching 
  • App integration 

What Problems Does CrazyCall Solve? 

Never Lose a Conversation Again 

CrazyCall lets support representatives provide services to their clients even when the customers are speaking with other agents. This can occur because the tool has the ability to save call histories. The call histories are accessible to every agent. The agents can also leave notes that describe the nature of the customer's concerns. The history log shows all inbound, outbound, and missed calls. This feature is useful to managers because they can check the status of a customer without interrupting an agent. 

Client Database Management 

Unlike with a basic phone system, CrazyCall lets sales teams come up with various projects for different customer groups. Specific projects can be sent to many individuals, helping to organize this type of undertaking. CrazyCall increases a team's efficiency and helps to save time. 

Make Local Calls 

CrazyCall allows the user to assign local phone numbers, from 60 countries to their agents. This lets the representatives boost their client calls. It also eliminates the issue with customers not accepting calls. People are known to answer calls when the number is a local one. Having the ability to use local numbers is great for sales teams as it increases the number of prospects and conversions. 

What Do Users Think? 

When making the decision to purchase call center software, it's important to know what the experts think. However, it's just as important to find out what actual users of the software think. When reading reviews, make sure to read the reviews of actual users. This will give a better indication of how people believe the software works and whether they had a positive or negative experience.

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The Skinny

The CrazyCall platform is easy to manage and brings a ton of improved efficiency to the table for a lower cost. There is no technical or installation setup. You can use the application anywhere in the world without interruption, so staying on top of your business campaigns is effortless. 

the rub

The Rub

Leads and Clients 

One of the benefits of CrazyCall is that it helps you manage your leads and clients. All the plans offer call history, call recording storage, a FREE phone number, 1,000 FREE monthly minutes per user and FREE inbound calls. Take a more indepth approach to your customer support with CrazyCall's inbrowser calling feature. Take incoming calls in your browser from anywhere in the world! You can even record your calls or foward them to your mobile/landline. 

CrazyCall can strengthen your company through a pop up enabled on your website that asks potential clients to leave their contact information, which is then recorded in your CrazyCall account. You can build your database effortlessly and never miss the chance to make a sale. 

Beyond Borders 

It doesn't matter where you are located, CrazyCall will always be available to support your team. Choose a local phone number to be identified with and get 1,000 FREE minutes of international calls every month. With excellent sound quality and competitive connection rates, CrazyCall is ready to break down borders with you! 

bottom line image

Bottom Line

CrazyCall is delivering high quality service at a low affordable price. They know what matters to their customers and understand that privacy and security is top priority. CrazyCall ensures that your data is always easily accessible and secure in their cloud infrastructure. Rest assured that sensitive information is encrypted and you can add user access restriction to strengthen your data privacy. 

What Does CrazyCall Cost? 

CrazyCall has three pricing plans to meet the needs of their users. 

Plan A- $10 a month per user. This plan includes: 

  • A free phone number 
  • 1000 free minutes per user to 20 countries 
  • Free inbound calls 
  • A three-project limit 
  • 45-day call recording storage 
  • 45-day call history and reporting 
  • No access restrictions 

Plan B- The plan is $20 a month per user. This plan includes:

  • Free inbound calls 
  • An unlimited number of projects 
  • 1000 free monthly minutes per user to up to 40 countries 
  • A free phone number 
  • 1 year call recording storage 
  • 1 year call history and reporting 
  • Each additional number is $4 
  • Access restriction 

Plan C- $40 a month per user. This plan includes: 

  • Free inbound calls 
  • Unlimited number of projects 
  • Free phone number 
  • 1000 free monthly minutes per user to 60 countries. There is also unlimited calls to Canada and the US. 
  • An additional number is $4 
  • Unlimited storage for recorded calls 
  • Unlimited reporting and call history 
  • Access restriction 
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Our Two Cents

Get a 14 day trial of CrazyCall and see how much more your team can accomplish!

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