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Conexiant is a telecom company that provides services for VoIP wholesalers and small businesses that are interested in using wholesale VoIP products.

Wholesale VoIP Service with Conexiant

Conexiant telecom offers a comprehensive wholesale VoIP program that is easy to understand. Conexiant would be a great choice for someone who is new to wholesale VoIP, as well as for more experienced wholesale VoIP providers.

Conexiant Wholesale VoIP Features

Conexiant wholesale service includes the following features:

  • Local numbers (DIDs, or Direct Inward Dialing numbers),) toll free numbers, and outbound call termination
  • International DIDs and toll free numbers
  • E-911 service
  • i-Fax-it
  • Directory listings and number porting (CNAM, LNP, LIDB)
  • Several different styles of PBX (public branch exchange)
  • Dedicated VM (Virtual Machine)
  • Server colocation
  • Dedicated server hosting

DIDs gives you multiple different phone numbers on a business phone system PBX, and the ability to transfer calls to different phones through one phone line or system. So with Conexiant, you can provide your customers with access to local DID numbers and toll free numbers. Termination means that you can send VoIP calls to an analog phone location on the PSTN (public switched telephone network).

Conexiant doesn’t give quotes on wholesale prices for calling, but the prices for calling on the Conexiant Small Business (SMB) plan should give you some idea of how much to expect. Calls from local numbers cost about $0.014/minute. Calls from toll free numbers cost about $0.022/minute. Outbound call termination has a flat rate of $0.0139.

With international DIDs and toll free numbers, you get the same access to international locations as you do to locations within the US. This means that as a wholesale VoIP provider, you can offer your customers international calling service.

On average, an inbound call from an international DID costs $0.018/minute with the SMB Plan.

E-911 service is very important for any wholesale VoIP system. An E-911 service allows you to offer your customers easy access to 911 operators. All wholesale VoIP providers are required to have FCC compliant E-911 services. Conexiant actually hosts their E-911 service in conjunction with Dash911, the first 911 VoIP service.

The wholesale price for E-911 service is about $0.65 per phone number.

i-Fax-it is the Conexiant answer to fax-to-email service. Customers can send and receive faxes through email, and archive faxes in a datacenter.

With the i-Fax-it send and receive option with a local fax number, the activation fee is $0.95,and the monthly fee is $2.79. Additional minutes on the fax phone lines cost $0.03/minute.

You can provide customers with a complete directory listing and 411 directory assistance.

A 411 directory assistance service costs $0.65 for activation. Directory listing service costs $10 for activation and a $1 monthly fee.

Customers can also set up a CNAM service (Caller NAMe, or caller ID). They also have access to LNP (local number porting, which allows customers to transfer their current number to a new service provider). And as a wholesaler, you can use an LIDB service (line information database, the database for subscribers to a service used for billing). CNAM costs $5 for activation and $1 for monthly use.

As a wholesale VoIP service with Conexiant, you have access to your choice of several different kinds of PBX service. A PBX is the system that a business uses to route calls into and out of the office, and within the office.

The Qloud BX is Conexiant’s answer to the cloud PBX that has become popular with many VoIP service providers because a cloud PBX gives you a PBX service that is always on. As a wholesale VoIP provider, you can provide your customers with QloudPBX service, and you can also get a Private-Label QloudPBX which allows you to customize your QloudPBX to feature your company name and logo. Conexiant doesn’t offer a price quote on the QloudPBX or Private-Label QloudPBX, but they claim that it is a cheaper alternative to Broadsoft.

The Conexiant open source PBX allows you to provide your customers with a customizable software PBX. An open source PBX in a PBX program in which users can easily access and change coding. The Conexiant Open Source PBX costs between $49 and $99 monthly

The Conexiant open source PBX server on the cloud server is an open source PBX program hosted entirely on the Internet. It can be easily customized and changed through open source programming. This open source PBX server starts at $69.

A dedicated VM or dedicated virtual machine gives you access to lots of VoIP components in a virtual format through the cloud. For example, a cloud PBX is a dedicated virtual machine. Prices start for the dedicated VMs at $59.

Server colocation means that Conexiant hosts and operates the machinery behind your wholesale VoIP system. This means that you can easily run your wholesale VoIP operation without having to worry about maintenance of VoIP machinery. The Conexiant colocation service guarantees a power supply, security, and a backup power supply in event of power outage. Server colocation starts at $125.

Dedicated server hosting means that you don’t have to share space on a server with other wholesale providers at the Conexiant colocation center. The server is the backbone to your VoIP system, the source of your individual wholesale program. In some datacenters, customers can share servers to save money, but a dedicated server means that your system is more private and secure. A dedicated server hosting service starts at $159.

Wholesale VoIP Pricing

Conexiant offers an approximate price on their Private-Label VoIP Platform. The Private-Label VoIP Platform allows the wholesaler to quickly install a fully customized VoIP system so that they can act as their own company. The full platform costs approximately $17,000 for installation and an additional $985/month fee for the hosting service provided by Conexiant.

Prices vary from one wholesaler to another because different wholesalers will have different amounts of customers. You can also pick and choose certain features for your wholesale VoIP system, which will change the cost of the whole system.

There is also a free trial period available for wholesale carriers. If at the end of this period you want to continue service, you have to pay a signup fee. The signup fee appears to be $249, though it isn’t entirely clear if this signup fee refers to the wholesale program, or to the small business program.

Small Business VoIP and Conexiant

Conexiant offers a small business version of their wholesale service. This is called the SMB Account.

Small Business VoIP Features

The SMB Account offers access to most of the same features as the wholesale program. However, the SMB Account doesn’t have the QloudPBX and the Private-Label QloudPBX. However, with access to the open source PBX and the open source cloud PBX, a business will not be missing out in any significant way.

Small Business VoIP Pricing

Conexiant claims to have no signup fee for the SMB Account. There is also a free 30-day trial period available to small business customers. When you sign up for the trial period, you also get $5 of free credit.

Conexiant does not offer a monthly price quote on the SMB Account. As with the wholesale VoIP program, cost is largely determined by which features you want to use, and how many people you will be serving.

You also have the option to upgrade to the wholesale program from the SMB Account if you later want access to all of the wholesale program features.

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Retail maybe, not for reseller/wholesale - Conexiant

Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 2.2 (1 vote)

As with many other VoIP providers, support is very poor. The issues "can't be replicated".... Eventually one just gives up.
We used them for some origination services because of their easy to use GUI but reliability of the service is very questionable. We experienced a number of outages and the company's management did not do anything to rectify the situation other than admitting "an error on their part". CDR was not working fo rthe better pasrt of a year. We ordered several DIDs that turned out not to be availible (previously assigned). This is certainly not a company that can handle the needs of a wholesale client.

The web gui got much butter over the last year
Reliability, CDR, support

Outstanding support!

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Best Features to name a few:
Easy to use portal - lot of providers portals are clunky
Geo-Redundant Pops/Proxies: Denver, L.A., Frankfurt, and Hong Kong - was told more coming soon
Excellent Customer Support - always freindly and helpful, and can be reached 24/7 - I can finally relax
Flexible pricing for Wholesalers - they were able to get me first class rates for my customers that want cheap rates, and have premium routes for my demanding customers that want quality
The only carrier to offer a real billing Solution - DTH billing
Dialer Friendly carrier - high or low ASR, they will take the traffic
International Carrier - premium and non-cli
FreeSwitch Friendly - their support knows FreeSwitch!!
Hosted Servers and PBXs - they will do custom solutions for High Availability, remote backup, remote voice recording, etc....
Secured VMs - the VMs I bought were FreePBX Asterisk based, and were properly patched and up to date with iptables
Multi-Alert 911 solution - this feature is cool, it will notify you by SMS if a customer dial 911 - no more crazy bills
IP Authentication - no user based authentication yet, but was told it is being added within a few weeks
Keep up the great work guys

Outstanding support and quality of service. I can't find any provider that offers 24/7 real support that goes to a NOC. They also offer Geo-Redundancy with 4 SIP proxies, which I have not seen with any other provider. Pretty cool! Keep up the great work
none so far - would like to see registration support also


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