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Broadview Networks is a leader in the IP communications field, offering enterprise-grade business VoIP services, consulting and network optimization, and IP and traditional phone hardware to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Broadview specializes in business-centered cloud computing solutions, offering several hosted collaborative communication and data-sharing applications, including its award-winning OfficeSuite. Broadview also offers Internet connectivity with integrated services as well as wholesale origination and termination and colocation.

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They were aggressive in pricing my bundled solution to make it attractive to switch from Verizon to their service. Reliability has been horrible though.
One of my two circuits is down at least once a month, and this month I've had downtime 3 times already! Sure they provide credits for downtime but that doesn't offset the loss of business when I can't make or receive phone calls. Even if I have to pay a penalty to switch I can't afford not to at this point.

Very attractive price based upon bundle I purchased of two T1 circuits with Voice and Data, plus an MPLS connection between my two buildings.
Reliability has been HORRIBLE! One of my two circuits is down at least once a month, and this month I've had downtime 3 times already!

Broadview Networks

2004Year Founded
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Service Locations

VoIP app

The Skinny

Established in 2003 and based in Rye Brook, New York, Broadview Networks offers both on-premise and cloud-based phone system solutions to its business VoIP customers, with local and long-distance IP phone service, centralized fax, unified messaging, and interactive voice response (IVR). Broadview can install, provide training, and support systems for up to 120 phone stations.

Broadview's Network

Broadview Networks maintains a facilities-based network, enabling the business VoIP provider to offer a fully managed, redundant IP network for voice and data. With its support for DSL, T1, and T3 technologies, Broadview Networks offers end-to-end IP connectivity through multiple technologies, efficient routing of calls and information, and a secure, stable IP network for converged services.

Service Overview

Broadview Networks features a range of business-focused solutions that are economical, convenient, and efficient, such as:

  • Phone systems
  • SIP trunking
  • High-speed Internet
  • Hosted servers
  • Data backups
  • Hosted applications
  • Hosted email
  • Virtual desktops
  • Managed security
  • VoIP consultation

With hosting and maintenance provided by Broadview Networks in its closely monitored Network Operations Center, business VoIP phone system customers using Broadview Networks IP phone services can eliminate costly investments in equipment and maintenance.

the rub

The Rub

IP Phone Service

Broadview Networks offers T1 and PRI voice solutions with multiple trunk and call types and the option to converge voice and data with its Integrated Access Solutions. Broadview's voice solutions offer three different calling plans:

  • Measured
  • Flat
  • Allowance

Broadview's Allowance plan has multiple package options, but essentially it bundles local, regional (in your state but outside your calling area), and long distance calls into one monthly fee. The Measured and Flat rate plans offer one uniform rate for all domestic long distance calls within the continental US.

Broadview also supports 1010xxx and originating 8xx calling, and offers no-fee or low-fee international calling options. Broadview Networks offers savings with 6-second rounding on all long distance calls (including international).

Broadview's IP phone service features up to 24 channels for outbound, inbound, and 2-way calls, and uses a 1.544 mbps transmission link. Broadview also offers a variety of trunk types, such as:

  • DOD
  • DDCO
  • DID

International Cents

Broadview offers a low-cost international plan for $5 per month. Enrollees in International Cents benefit from even lower calling rates to the most popular calling destinations.

SIP Trunking

Broadview offers SIP trunking services that support end-to-end IP connectivity, from the local router to Broadview's facilities-based, secure MPLS IP network. Broadview offers variable bandwidth options ranging from 1.5 to 6.0 mbps, and can support up to 70 concurrent conversations.

Along with SIP trunking with IP/TDM switching and certified interoperability with leading PBX systems (including open source platforms Asterisk and Freeswitch), Broadview can provide needs assessments and ensure network optimization and readiness by analyzing the local area network (LAN).


OfficeSuite is one of Broadview Network's highly-acclaimed hosted business applications. OfficeSuite is a cloud based phone system designed for the SMB, offering unlimited local and regional calling, easy web management, and 40 calling features such as Mobile Twinning, all backed by a 30-day guarantee.

Broadview Networks estimates that OfficeSuite not only eliminates the equipment expenditure of a hybrid or IP PBX, but will also reduce costs by 20-30% through benefits such as 150,000 minutes of long distance calls per site throughout the US and Canada.

OfficeSuite also supports employee mobility through apps for the iPhone and Android, the ability to receive messages by email and text, and through PIN-based access that turns any phone into the employee's assigned extension.

Multisite Support

OfficeSuite unifies the workforce, no matter where they are located: Customers with multiple locations can enjoy the same 3- or 4-digit dialing convenience to reach colleagues at another branch or home office, just as they can for the co-worker down the hall. Also available to OfficeSuite users with multiple locations is the Broadview Network MPLS data network, which provides efficiently routed calls, redundancy, security, and QoS standards with calls routed over Broadview's IP network.

Automatic Call Distribution

OfficeSuite Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) is one of Broadview Network's cloud computing solutions, and integrates with its award-winning OfficeSuite tool. ACD is fully-hosted call center software for SMBs looking to reduce their business expenses, hardware needs, and ongoing maintenance.

With anywhere/anytime browser accessibility and administration, ACD offers Broadview Network's business VoIP system customers advanced functionality at a fraction of the cost of an on-site PBX with call center features, including:

  • Advanced call routing
  • Queuing
  • Reporting
  • Call recording
  • Custom holds

Cloud based phone system features such as OfficeSuite's ACD also support geographically dispersed call center staff, and can facilitate the most appropriate call assignments based on the agent's location, skills, and experience, as well as other user-defined criteria.


OfficeAnywhere is a cloud computing solution that provides a central, hosted location for business applications, including Microsoft Office. By using OfficeAnywhere, employees can access documents and data from any location with an Internet connection.

OfficeAnywhere is an ideal solution for employees who are frequently mobile yet need to access documents that might normally be stored on their desktop or laptop computer, such as sales personnel. OfficeAnywhere prevents data leakage by eliminating the existence of important files on laptops or other devices that might be lost or stolen. Cloud computing solutions such as OfficeAnywhere also provide greater security and automatic backups.

Broadview Networks also offers wholesale services (origination/termination), a customer portal known as eCare Enterprise, hosted servers for business customers, and cloud backup and recovery options.


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