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Toll-Free Conference Call

A toll-free conference call is the most affordable way to conference call.

What does "Toll-Free" mean?

"Toll-free" means that the calling party does not pay for a call. The person on the receiving end - you - pays for the calls received. Businesses usually use toll-free numbers so that customers can feel free to call them, at any time and for any need. After all, it's free for the customer.

Toll-Free Conference Calling

A toll-free conference call means that the dial-in number for the conference attendees is toll-free. Participants, including moderators, don't pay long distance or per minute charges. The host for the toll-free conference call pays.

Most businesses outsource their conference calls to dedicated conference call providers. These providers are usually cheaper for all parties involved - even the host. The toll-free conference call is cheap for the host (because you don't have to pay for equipment or for use of your business phone system). Conferencers don't have to pay long distance or per minute fees.

Benefits of Toll-Free Conference Calls

  • Savings: Save on travel costs and long distance fees.
  • Reach more people: More people, at the same time, on the same conference.
  • Improve sales: Give customers, clients, and partners something for free - pay for their conference calls.
  • Collaboration: Reach people more quickly. Meet with convenience and comfort.
  • Be globally competitive: Country-specific toll-free and international numbers mean your international partners can call in easily.

How do Toll-Free Conference Calls Work?

It's very easy conference call toll-free:

  1. Tell your provider you need a toll-free number.
  2. Your provider should provide you a toll-free number and a PIN.
  3. Distribute the toll-free number, PIN, and conference call time to the conference call participants.
  4. Host a conference call.
  5. Relax and enjoy.

Providers charge two different ways for conference call services. Some charge a few extra cents for a toll-free number. Others provide the toll-free option free for those with unlimited plans.

Businesses with a lot of conference calls should opt for a monthly unlimited plan. Those with minimal conference calling requirements should use a pay-as-you-go plan. Regardless of whether you choose a pay-as-you-go or unlimited plan, the savings are significant when you compare it to long-distance per minute rates.

Get Toll-Free Conferencing Now

We have listed several conference call providers below. Compare their costs for toll-free conferencing and pick a provider for your business now.

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