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VoIPo Reviews

VoIPo is a residential and business VoIP service provider that offers services within the United States. Described as The Likable Phone Company, VoIPo provides quality VoIP solutions at affordable monthly rates. Their services allow you to make and receive virtually unlimited calls to the U.S. and Canada using your regular phones with their VoIP service. Their plans are fairly priced, and VoIPo believes that they can help you save up to 75% on your phone service when you make the switch. They also offer a 30 Day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. 

Furthermore, VoIPo has plenty of extra perks with their phone solutions, including 40+ features, 60 international minutes per month, a free rollover line, and more. They are also a privately-owned, owner-managed debt-free company that believes in delivering top-notch customer service.


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Editorial Review

Branded as  “The Likable Phone Company,” VoIPo offers affordable home phone solutions to customers in the United States. The company was created by Hostgator, a popular web hosting company, in 2006. Dedicated to delivering a reliable and straightforward service, VoIPo only offers one residential VoIP plan that includes more than 40+ features for an affordable monthly rate.

Cheap Yet Feature-Packed Plan

VoIPo’s residential VoIP plan is an excellent option for customers who want to get a reliable VoIP service but don’t want to deal with complicated or non-sensical features. Starting at $6.21/month (for their 2 year-contract) or $15/month (for a regular monthly plan), customers can take advantage of over 40 amazing features, unlimited calling to the US and Canada, and 60 minutes of free international calling per month. Plus, users also have the ability to send and receive text messages.

Excellent Customer Service

VoIPo isn’t called “The Likable Phone Company” for nothing. On top of their excellent residential VoIP plan, VoIPo also prides itself in having a great customer service team based in Southern California. They have support agents and technicians ready to assist customers for any queries or concerns, along with installation guides and an expansive knowledge base for all of your VoIP questions.

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Horrible Customer Service - Voipo

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Average: 3 (1 vote)
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Average: 2 (1 vote)

I signed up for the service a few weeks ago for my own house. I got the
adapter in the mail but decided I did not want to set it up yet because I
also figured this would be a good service for my parents. I am going there
for thanksgiving and my only chance to get it setup for them. I called voipo
and they said it was not possible to transfer the adapter to another account.
I asked if I could sign them up for their own account and then pay extra to
have it shipped with two day shipping. They said there was no way to do
this. Have they ever heard of driving to a post office and request priority

I heard in other reviews how the owner, Tim, was so customer centric and
willing to really help its customers. So much for that. Not only am I going
to go elsewhere for my parents account, but I am going to cancel my newly
opened account and get a refund. They definitely do not seem like a company
that caters to its paying customers.

Inexpensive and feature list looks nice.
People on phone in customer service show no desire to help. They have not figured a way in which they can get an adapter shipped via priority.

Likeable company? Not so much - Voipo

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Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)

In February 2016, we decided to switch to Voipo from our previous
voice-over-ip company of 5 years for VOIPO's competitive price. We didn't
think much of it since we treated that number as a backup landline phone and
rarely used it anyways.
Our first trouble was that after a few days of waiting, we found out that the
number porting was disapproved and further action was required. What??? The
reason, according to Voipo, was that our previous company would not release
it. ( But really?? I should have noticed at that time Voipo had a tendency to
blame others for wrongdoing.) Then next few days, a few back and forth
message exchanges and more documentation ( with zero help of a real human at
Voipo by the way, more a DIY style navigation), finally the number was
ported, much longer than I ever thought. This lengthy process should have
been a warning sign for me to stay away from Voipo. Keep in mind this porting
drama happened AFTER I paid for a two year contract, and all of a sudden not
sure whether the porting would eventually get through or we would lose the
number of many years. Before that, I had always assumed number porting was a
breeze in the process of switching providers. When the time came we finally
plugged in the Voipo adapter, we noticed something odd, that was, one phone
jack on Voipo adapter was dead, and the remaining working one had a high
static background noise, At that time, I told my wife Voipo must have blocked
one of them and allowed only one to work. I didn't assume that could be a
detective equipment mainly because that had never happen with other companies
we were with. Since this was a backup number we only used occasionally, we
simply tolerated the background statics of that working line. That's our
second mistake. Little did we know later on Voipo would blame us for that
first adapter, while it was a defective unit upon its arrival. Thinking back,
we were tired from chasing down the number porting process and just wanted
some peace. Fast forward another two months, one day in April 2016, my wife
decided to use that now VOIPO number to make a call, and the statics was so
incredible, that makes a conversation impossible. I contacted Voipo. After a
few days of message exchanges and self troubleshooting attempts based on
their instructions, they finally agreed to send us a new unit. The new unit
worked well, with clear signals on both phone jacks. But again, we should
have noticed that it took quite a bit of convincing for Voipo to take any
action to help their customers out, correcting a mistake that's most likely
their own fault. They blame all on the customers, as if we were criminals who
just loved to cheat.
Rather, we were just happy that finally we had our usable phone back! A
simple joy we assumed and always had with our previous two priders. Well, not
so fast! Fast-forward another 4 months, in August 2016, we accidentally
noticed ( again, we rarely used that phone) that there was zero signal from
that phone line. When did that first happen ? We weren't really sure. It's
not our day-to-day phone. So as an experienced DIYer by this point, I started
the troubleshoot, from the network setting, to power outlet. This took me
precious multiple hours of attempts to rule out every possible causes that's
not adapter related. When I had my prime suspect of the problem, the adapter
again. I realized that I could not fix on my own, I contacted Voipo. Of
course, another long journey of convincing and agony which showcased how
little Voipo thought of customers. In their mind, we were all merely criminal
who would like to scam their company! Each question asked was repeated a
dozen times by different rep and support tech, who didn't bother spend time
reading the written notes and my typed answers. Imagine each time I typed the
same lengthy answers to address the inquiries of a tech or network engineer,
before it was handed out to the next, who asked the same question without
reading what's been asked and done, all clearly typed in the ticket trail? It
ended up a long digital paper trail with repeated questions and answers. So 5
hours later, problem was still unsolved. They sent a ticket suggesting that
I initiated an online help session, in which they navigated my home computer
and network environment remotely. I agreed. Another 3 hours passed, they
finally came to the conclusion that VOIPO adapter was the culprit, something
I had been telling them all along. Guess what, at this point, Voipo put in
words that basically said we were the one who messed up the system - you
damaged it, you paid for it. All yours. They took zero blame. Really? In the
almost past 10 years of time we never had such experience with any other
service providers. How low the ethics bar can a company has? It was the low
cost and the shear numbers of features Voipo offered lured us to switch. We
were speechless to hear Voipo would finger point on us that we broke the 2
units. We have a rather new house with surge protection wired, temperature
and humidity control all year round and even a designated area for the
adapter where no one is nearby. Not to mention our good records in the past
with companies. If any blame has to be placed, I would think it's likely the
quality of Voipo equipment, the adapter they sent us. Stop sending us junk!
Hope this experience of our account will help you with more well rounded
assessment. Don't simply go for the price and features alone! We certainly
regretted our decision and the precious time and efforts that cost us. Now,
by switching it out to another service provider again and abandoning a two
year prepaid contract, we also lost on the money side too. A lesson learned.
Hope you are all careful with your decisions. Buyers be aware.

low price, number of features
always a lengthy trip to get issues addressed. more interests in blaming the customers than fixing the problem for you, even when it isn't your fault.

The Likeable Phone Company - VoIPO

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

A lot of people might be wondering why you need to use VOIP instead of a traditional land-line. VOIP has become extremely popular, thanks to Skype, a service that lets you use your computer to talk to your friends over a broadband internet connection. Right now, most TV cable companies and phone companies offer VOIP handset deals. The reason why they are so popular is because in most place, the old phone company had always the monopoly of landlines. Calls between cities in the same country are considered as long distance, and don't even start looking at international long distance calls. The costs are pretty steep. But first of all, what is VOIP? VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, a way to talk over the internet.
Most people use VOIP as a bundled phone service through their cable provider. However many people are not aware that many companies provide a better feature set at a cheaper price! One such provider I used to run my business is
They offer many advanced features which many cable companies simply don't offer at a fraction of the price. Here are some examples on how VOIPo makes me more productive everyday:
-If I'm going to be out of the office with just a few keypad entries all my calls can follow me wherever I go.
-Thanks to custom caller ID if someone in my online address book calls me from their cell phone I don't have to guess who the number belongs to.
-Some months I do alot of remote support which has to be billed hourly or flat rate. With the calls logs being conveniently logged in a control panel there is no need to watch a call timer.
-I use a service called YouMail which is voice-mail on steroids; using VOIP's call forwarding along with YouMail all my messages go to one unified mailbox. That is just my preference and VOIPo in itself has voice-mail that works very well.
-Choice of phones! Whether you want to use your existing phone system with the ATA they send you or want to use a softphone client on your PC, MAC, or smartphone devices one can answer calls where it is convenient for them. Personally I use a Cisco 525G2 IP phone on my desk along with an ATA hooked up to a waterproof cordless phone.
-Sick of telemarketers and Robocalls? VOIPo has their own telemarketer block list and integrates with NoMoRobo so no longer will they interrupt your dinner.
What I love the most is their pricing 180.00 for 2 years of phone service. One can pay yearly or even monthly. However most all of my clients have opted to pay for two years in advance at such a great price point.

Customer Service Price Advanced Calling Features

Voipo Service is awesome!

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

I have had Voipo for the last 3 years and it just keeps getting better. First it is reasonably priced at around $6/mo for unlimited calling. You even get 60 minutes of international calling each month included with that. Voicemail is emailed to you in wav files. I have also recently begun using a softphone on my iPhone with my Voipo service which allows me to make and receive calls from my home line using my iPhone no matter where I am in the world! Fantastic! The support is CA based and extremely responsive. Open a ticket online or call and they get back to you right away. I was paying over $40/mo to the phone company for worse service. The only downside is that the 411 they provide is automated and you have to listen to an add, but I rarely use it and opt to simply google my phone numbers. Do not hesitate to sign up especially if you are already using a cable company voip service. Also enter 7325230700 into the promo code field and you will get a free month added to your subscription!

Sound Quality, Price, Reliability, 2-line adapter, Softphone on iPhone/Android, Customer Service, Email Voicemail

Lost My Number to AT&T and never got back for me

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 2.8 (1 vote)

They let AT&T to port my number out without my consent and never being able to get my number back. So I lost my number i had for years.

Was chip first two years $180(two years) after that same price for a year
They Lost my number i had for years.

VOIPo - Fast Service - Review

Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

Box came fast. Plug in, wait, worked perfect. Love all the features. got 2 months free so less than $7.00 per month. Service for ? very fast and just what I needed. Called New Zealand and daughter was on cell phone outside so really poor on her end. Called her again when she was in the house and no difference from line call. Got everything set up on line really good choices. Would pick it again. Had it 5 weeks so far and not one single problem.

fast service, easy set up, great features, perfect sound, dial tone comes on immediately, calls go through no problem.
Have found none in 5 weeks.

ALMOST (but not quite) there! -Voipo

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)

This was the first VoIP provider I tried, and I liked quite a few things about them. I really wanted this to work out, but in the end there was one single showstopper that led me to switch to PhonePower.
VOIPo's residential service has quite a few bells and whistles that I found useful. One key feature is the way they allow you to forward calls to your cell phone(s) for simultaneous rings. Normally this is an issue because your cell phone's voicemail might pick up the call (right away if you have no coverage), and your home phone will stop ringing. With VOIPo, once you pick up a forwarded call, you need to confirm that you want to receive it... A very simple and practical safeguard that I wish PhonePower had as well.
Also, it allows you to pick any of your registered numbers (virtual numbers, your cell phone numbers) as outgoing Caller ID. In my case, I have no cell phone coverage at home, so this allows me to use my cell phone number as my public "main" presence regardless. Combined with forwarding unanswered calls from my cell phone to my VOIPo number, I can then pick up incoming calls whether I'm in coverage (my cell), at home, or via a SIP soft phone from anywhere. (What particularly makes this attractive is that VOIPo's voice mail system is nicer and more practical than that of my cell phone carrier... voice mails can be sent to your email address as attachments, for instance).
Now the negatives.
First, the VOIPo-supplied phone adapter would lose its registration at regular intervals. My home network is behind a NAT router (basically a Linux box with masquerading firewall, but it's apparently the same issue with a standard NAT/broadband router you'd buy in a store), which means that the adapter does not have a public IP address (presence) on the Internet. So the adapter can initiate contact with the VOIP registration server, but not the other way around.
To keep the channel open, the device would normally send "keep-alive" packets to the server at regular intervals.. say every 30 seconds or so. Also, the device needs to re-register with the service every so often - perhaps every 1 - 3 hours.
For whatever reason, the VOIPo Registration server keeps losing the VOIPo adapter's registration after a few (10-15) minutes, and the device would not be able to receive incoming call until its next registration, some 45 minutes later. In other words, it would have an active "duty cycle", as it were, of some 1/4 of the time.
I did some testing, using my own VoIP soft phone (a Yealink SIP-22P from Amazon), and found a similar issue - at the default 3600 second/1 hour registration interval (even with keep-alive packets every 30 seconds in the interim), the VOIPo registration would lapse after 10-15 minutes. To work around this, I had to set the registration interval very short - 300 seconds/5 minutes. After this, I did not have any more registration issues with my SIP phone (or my soft phones) - but since I was not able to configure the VOIPo adapter, I was not able to use this. [*][**]
[*] VOIPo included a piece of paper with the adapter where they explained that if you are behind a NAT router, you need to forward all incoming traffic on UDP ports 2000-65000 to their adapter. This is a non-starter if you, like me, have other services in use. Also even when testing this, it did not seem to address the problem.
[**] In contrast, I now use a 7200 second (2 hour) registration interval with PhonePower, without any issues whatsoever. It's simply rock solid.
This led me straight to the 2nd and more important showstopper. International calls are restricted when using your own device (like my SIP phone). You can whitelist specific countries, but this does not always work. I had to contact their tech support line for them to fix something in order to be able to call to Norway, and even after multiple attempts, they were unable to fix whitelisting of calls to Taiwan.
In other words:
- Calling certain destinations is only possible when using the VOIPo supplied adapter
- The VOIPo supplied adapter does not work well behind NAT firewalls.
Lastly, although voice quality was overall pretty good - VERY good at times - there were other times when the voice was terribly garbled both ways. I've not experienced this once I switched to PhonePower.

A wealth of features: - SIP access (Bring your own VoIP phone, generic soft phones, some mobile phones) - Validate your cell phone number, use for outgoing Caller ID - Forwarding/simultaneous ring, with safeguards against VM pickup (e.g. your cell phone)
- International calling tricky over SIP (BYOD, soft phones...) - Slightly tricky behind NAT firewall (short registration intervals required) - Occasional Quality of Service issues

I can recommend VOIPo

Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 4 (1 vote)
Average: 4.4 (1 vote)

I have been a VOIPo customer since the summer of 2010 and, though I've lived at several different locations during the past four years, I have had use of my same New York-based telephone number in a number of locations. It has been easy to hook it up anywhere there has been broadband internet service.
In the account settings online, you can set voice mail to come to you as an mp3 file attached to an email. This wonderful feature has enabled me to receive messages while en route from place to place by using public wifi, checking email, and playing the messages through my media player.
VOIPo also offers call recording, call forwarding, call waiting, distinctive ringtone, a “do not disturb” setting, and detailed/extensive call history records, among other features.
Customer service and technical assistance has been quick, respectful, and responsive to my needs.
And the price is right! I recommend this service and this company. My brother originally recommended VOIPo to me; he has remained with the company since 2009. I have recommended it to friends.

An inexpensive phone that has worked for me wherever I had good broadband internet service. Great special features that I can turn on and off easily, as needed, via my online account panel. Responsive customer service and tech help. Very reasonable pricing.
Internet service itself is sometimes unreliable and that effects the sound quality of the phone.

VOIPO - few redeeming qualities

Average: 2 (1 vote)
Average: 2 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 3 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 2.2 (1 vote)

This is a pretty bad phone service. I wish I had tried it for a few months before paying up front for such a long term commitment. The service is erratic. For domestic calls or international. I signed up for a long term believing that it would be similar to my prior VOIP provider but a bit less expensive. Turns out I was wrong. These guys try hard but are simply working with a system that is deficient in so many ways that it must be impossible to keep on line.
My guess is that most customers who use this as an office or home phone will leave the service as soon as their initial period is up.
I hope that my next VOIP service is better! Otherwise Verizon here I come....

Customer service folks are pleasant when you can reach them. Since if you choose this service you will be in constant contact with them, that is a good thing. Great system if you are within shouting distance of the person you are trying to reach.
Poor reliability. Erratic service. Customer service is limited. Takes a long time to get through. The service sometimes just quits requiring an involved visit with customer service who are only available on West Coast business times.

horrible VOIPO-faxes

Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 5 (1 vote)
Average: 2 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 1 (1 vote)
Average: 2 (1 vote)

we were not getting faxes for over a week. they could not fix the problem and didn't know what the problem was. eventually faxes started coming in again but a week later this problem happened again.

the price is very cheap
but you get what you pay for.



Newport Beach , CA
United States
2004Year Founded
57User Reviews

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Service Locations

  • United States
  • Canada
VoIP app

The Skinny

First off, VoIPo doesn't want to confuse customers (or potential customers) with complex or meaningless differences between residential and business VoIP services: in the end, VoIPo's offerings are almost exactly the same:

  • Small business and home phone lines both cost $15 for a month-to-month contract or $6.21 a month for a two year-long contract
  • Small business and home phone service both deliver unlimited calls to the US and Canada
  • Small business and home phone service both have 60 included minutes of international calling per month
  • Small business and home phone service both have the same feature set

VoIPo also delivers quality customer service across all of its plans. They provide outlets like a support team, Knowledgebase, and installation guidelines for your VoIP service needs. 

the rub

The Rub

As far as a residential VoIP phone system goes, VoIPo makes it easy. Their VoIP service allows you to either choose a new number or port your existing number (for free!). With your residential service, VoIPo also provides over 40 productivity features and tools like caller ID, call waiting, three way calling, do not disturb, and more. Your residential service plan also comes with unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, and 60 minutes of free international calling to over 40 countries a month. Check with VoIPo's international rates chart for additional international calling rates.

If you sign up for a VoIPo residential service now, you can secure yourself a VoIP phone system for the low price of only $6.21/month (prepay sale of 2 years for $149). 

bottom line image

Bottom Line

With VoIPo, ordering service and setting up your new VoIP telephone system is easy. Select a new number or port an existing number, plug in the free VoIPo phone adapter to your phones and broadband internet connection, and that's it. VoIPo also has easy-to-understand and easy-to-read terms of service. And VoIPo also has the backing of HostGator, a leading web hosting company with a very good reputation for customer service and service consistency.

The prices are low, the features are great, the terms are easy, and the service looks good. Give VoIPo a go.

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Our Two Cents

VoIPo's residential phone service comes with the same features as their business VoIP phone system, meaning that you get 40+ features to help you make the most out of your calling experience. These include Caller ID, Call Waiting, Three Way Calling, and other features that make your phone more functional than ever. Their residential VoIP service also offers subscribers unlimited calling to the U.S. and Canada, PLUS 60 minutes of free international calling a month. This is huge for any residential phone user that infrequently calls other international countries (select countries apply). They also have low international rates, too, if you need additional international calling.

VoIPo also offers customers the option to get a cheaper monthly rate if they sign up for a two year contract. And if for some reason you aren't satisfied with their service, you can cancel within 30 days and return the VoIPo adapter for VoIPo to refund 100% of your service fees.

Plan Info
Plan Name VoIPo Residential/Small Business VoIP Plan
Plan Summary For crystal-clear calling at a low price, VoIPo's home service plan makes switching to VoIP easy. This plan comes with unlimited calling to U.S. and Canada, 60 free minutes of international calling per month, a 30 day money back guarantee, and more. Pay in advance to get a cheaper monthly rate, or just pay month to month.
Key Features
  • Easy Setup
  • Free Rollover Line
  • 40+ Features
  • Money Back Guarantee
Notes Toll free numbers are $4.95/mo. and are charged at $0.025/min. for overage incoming minutes, and $0.01/min for outbound domestic calls. Additional U.S. number available at $4.95/mo. and are charged at $0.01/min. for overage incoming minutes and $0.01 for outbound domestic calls. Faxing is $4.95 /mo.or $36.00/annually This Plan is available in the following countries :
  • United States
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • Plan Pricing & Services1
    Regular Price $15.00
    Promo Price $6.21
    Price Disclaimer $15.00/mo. or $6.21/mo. with 2 year contract
    Setup Fees Free
    Activation Fees Free
    Number Porting Fee Free
    BYOD Yes
    Termination Fee Free
    Unlimited Minutes Yes
    Toll Free3 Yes
    Plan Pricing Tiers2
    Month to Month
    (per user)
    • No contract : $15.00 / mo.
    Annual Contract Prepay
    (per user)
    • 2-year contract : $6.21 / mo.
    Toll Free
    Setup $0.00
    Monthly $4.95 /mo.
    Included Min. 100
    Add'l Min. Cost $0.01 /min.
    Setup N/A
    Monthly $4.95 /mo.
    Included Pages N/A
    Add'l Pages Cost N/A
    Number Availability & Details
    Area Code Selection
    Local Number Port
    Number Port
    Toll-Free Number
    Virtual Numbers
    Equipment Options
    Phone Credit
    IP Phone Included
    IP Phone For Sale
    ATA Included
    ATA For Sale
    Plan Minutes
    Local Min. Included
    Add'l Local Min. Cost N/A
    Long Distance Unlimited
    Incl. Long Distance Min. N/A
    Add'l Long Distance Min. Cost N/A
    Plan Features3
    Admin Dashboard/Portal Yes
    Anonymous Call Rejection Yes
    Auto Attendant No
    Barge No
    Business SMS No
    Busy Lamp Field No
    Call Analytics No
    Call Announce No
    Call Continuity Yes
    Call Forwarding Yes
    Call Forwarding - Advanced Yes
    Call Hold No
    Call Logs/Reports Yes
    Call Me Now No
    Call Monitoring No
    Call Notifications Yes
    Call Park No
    Call Pass No
    Call Queuing No
    Call Recording No
    Call Return Yes
    Call Routing Yes
    Call Screening No
    Call Transfer No
    Call Waiting Yes
    Caller ID Yes
    Caller ID - Dynamic No
    Caller ID Block Yes
    Caller ID Control Yes
    Click-to-call Me No
    Click-to-dial No
    Conference Bridge No
    Conference Calling Yes
    Custom Greetings Yes
    Custom Tagging No
    Desktop Integration Client No
    Dial-by-Name Directory No
    Directory Assistance (411) Yes
    Do Not Disturb Yes
    E911 Yes
    Fax to Email No
    Find Me/Follow Me No
    Group Paging No
    HD Video Conferencing No
    HD Voice No
    Hunt Groups No
    Interactive Voice Response No
    Local Number Portability Yes
    Mobile App No
    Mobile/Desktop Sync No
    Music on Hold No
    Redial No
    Ring Groups No
    Selective Call Acceptance Yes
    Selective Call Rejection Yes
    Shared Call Appearance No
    Simultaneous Ring Yes
    Softphone Yes
    Speed Dial Yes
    Switchboard Software No
    Telephone Numbers (DIDs) Yes
    Third Party Softphones No
    Unified Inbox Yes
    User Portal Yes
    Video Conferencing No
    Virtual Extensions Yes
    Virtual Fax No
    Visual Voicemail Yes
    Voicemail Yes
    Voicemail to Email Yes
    Voicemail Transcription Yes
    Whisper No
    1Plan pricing displayed here has been sourced directly from the provider's website or via the provider's sales team. Pricing is subject to change without notice. Check provider's website for most current pricing.Plan pricing may differ based on the country for which you are requesting service.
    2To determine the number of users for your VoIP phone system, count the number of devices you need, including desk phones, softphones, conference phones, and fax machines.
    3The following plan features (offered by the provider) are either included in the plan, available for an additional fee, or unavailable. Check with provider for most current feature listing and any prices that may be incurred.

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