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Businesses use conference calling to save time and money and increase efficiency. Discover the many benefits and uses of conference calls.​

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Benefits of Business Conference Calls

Businesses use conference calling because of the following advantages and benefits:

  • Savings: The prices of gas, flights, and lodging have increased, but telecom costs have dropped more and more providers compete for your business. Save money on an impromptu conference by conference calling.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Conference calls let you collaborate on projects and conduct team meetings without having to be in the same room. Or state. Or country. Audio conferencing can also be integrated with video and web conferencing to make your meetings even more interactive.
  • Go Global: Take your business global. International clients and colleagues can participate in business conference calls without having to pay international calling rates – because some providers offer toll-free numbers.

Business conference calls are not just for meetings. They can also be used for employee training and team meetings.

Most public corporations even use conference calls regularly for their performance/earnings reports. The earnings conference call is recorded and made available to the public via webcast. This builds better investor relations for the company.

Integration with web and video conferencing also make conference calls a more cost-effective option for businesses that need to collaborate with people in different locations.

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Useful Features for Business Conference Calls

Conference call providers offer users various features that are relevant for businesses. Features vary among providers but here are some of the most common features offered:

  • Recording: The conference call session can be manually or automatically recorded. The file can be downloaded or accessed by phone later on.
  • Moderator Controls: The conference leader or moderator can invite, mute, or remove any one they need to.
  • Pre-conference Meeting Room: Discuss the meeting agenda with your team before you begin the meeting.
  • Lecture Mode: Only one person speaks while all others are on mute.
  • Question and Answer: Participants can “raise their hands” when they have questions. The moderator can choose which participant to address first.
  • Operator Assistance: An operator facilitates your meeting: she schedules it, greets everyone, and handles the question and answer section.​

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