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Nextiva vs RingLeader

Compare Nextiva vs RingLeader. Find out whether Nextiva or RingLeader is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Nextiva and RingLeader and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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RingLeader is a leader in On-Premise & Cloud Communication for businesses, with deep experience in SIP Trunking, Hosted VoIP, HIPAA compliant faxing, CrowdVoicing, Disaster/Continuity applications, and custom VoIP solutions. RingLeader has...

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  • Headquater Country: USA
  • Founder Year: 2017

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  • Nextiva Office Enterprise - $29.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro - $19.95
  • Nextiva Office Pro Plus - $22.95
  • Micro Bundle - $7.00

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So From the CRM to the Mobile app everything has bugs and problems. The mobile app does not work and they want to blame your router. So my router at home, my router at work, the router at Starbucks, the 4G form my cell provider. They keep you on the phone to try to fix the bugs and trouble shoot for hours at a time for an app that is not yours to begin with. To then nothing resolved, and try again next week. They don't care that you have a business to run and want you to help in the " trouble shoot and try to fix it ". In the mean while you loose business because you don't get your phone calls either the app does not work or your on the phone with support .They don't understand that for a small business it is our lifeline. Don't waste your time or money, unless you actually want to loose your business. I have spent thousands of dollars to do marketing for my company for the mobile app to ring and dead air, because it does not work. SO when they look at the analytics they say "you received 270 phone calls last week" but fail to look at the average call being 4 to 7 seconds in length. STAY AWAY From This Company nothing but headaches and problems!!!!!

rolly360 February 2nd, 2021

I left Google Voice to be 'saved' by Nextiva. This is because Nextiva has a lot more features. But I'm not pleased with Nextiva either. I don't know why people boast about their support. Nextiva support lacks tremendously. Good support doesn't entail a support phone number. Good support entails proper setup, proper comprehension and getting things done right the first time. Their sales department is flawless. But as soon as you pay for services, you realize that you are kind of on your own. It takes forever to port numbers out. You have to create tickets and reach out to support for every part of the setup, it's simply not seamless or white glove to any degree. There's nothing cohesive about the company. It's like you need to deal with a whole new platform for each feature. Like SMS, recording voicemail, etc. They have a LONG way to go for their platform to be adequate. NOTICE! Their mobile app is complete garbage. You CANNOT run your business through their mobile app. It works 1/4 of the time and has list of bugs from NY to Mexico. It's mind blowing that they onboard customers to an app so deficient. Do they not understand that phone calls are an integral part of running a business? Anyway, so much more to say, but I need to go. I'm switching providers yet again and I'm not even one month in. Horrible experience.

nateadmin December 22nd, 2020

I heard about RingLeader through a promotional email. I typically skim and delete these kinds of things but I happened to need new SIP services at a newly acquired sister company. I attended a webinar surrounding their service and offerings and was impressed enough to take it to my boss right away. The demo process went great and we've been live on their services for a few months now. The service is solid and the customer service / tech support team are extremely knowledgeable, responsive and accommodating. Did I mention it's a native SIP solution for ShoreTel?! Really happy with the arrangement and hope for a long and prosperous relationship!

180bwolf June 12th, 2019

I switched my office to RingLeader, customer service has been excellent, fast resolution to the very small issues that arose while switching to VoIP, and excellent and fast response to any questions I had. I highly recommend RingLeader.

crhutchison May 10th, 2019
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