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2Talk vs magicJack

Compare 2Talk vs magicJack. Find out whether 2Talk or magicJack is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of 2Talk and magicJack and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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magicJack is an extremely cheap VoIP provider that works by using your existing Internet connection to make and receive calls. magicJack provides a plug-and-play...

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  • Founder Year: 2004
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  • Headquater Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 2002

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Horrible service and support. West Coast office and if you are on the east coast don't hold your breath on getting any support before 11:00am-12:00pm EST. Nothing but trouble since the system was put in. Do your self a favor and spent the extra money on Ring Central or some other provider that does it all.

hyp8ri0n September 11th, 2017

With a smart phone, what good is Magic Jack? When power's out, MJ is out. A real landline is good when a power outage kills your smart phone, but MJ is not. And how often is there a power outage? Years ago, Magic Jack charged me for 5 more years AFTER I notified them I didn't want to renew. Unfortunately for me, the credit card I'd given them was stil good. To cancel, you may need to block them from your credit card if you can. Magic Jack customer service is behind an impenetrable wall. You can't reach a live person to explain a complex problem. Their FAQ's don't cover all their bad programming that causes customer problems. Anything unusual is going to be impossible to get help for. The one use MJ might have had is being able to call the USA from anywhere, BUT you need a perfect, super-strong WiFi connection for that, and I haven't found that in any of the places I've stayed. So MJ is useless overseas unless you pay a WiFi cafe to use a strong WiFi connection--if you can find one anywhere. I tried to cancel their useless service, but they charged me for another 5 years. In a couple of years, I'll be able to cancel because the old credit card they have is dead. It will be a relief.

dsewell December 28th, 2021

I just cut Verizon because of the robocalls. I am on the do not call list, but that is a joke. MagicJack has solved my problem with call screening. I have had MagicJack for nearly 10 years and have not had problems that apparently others have.

obvious June 23rd, 2021
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Axvoice is great if you’re on a budget and even when you aren’t. Their service undercuts all major players by as much as $20 to $30 and that isn’t...

May 8th, 2022 -
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It just works, very similar to the other options out there but they have cheaper plans. This is the biggest reason why I switched and have stuck thus...

March 22nd, 2022 - jamiempenn

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