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  • Jackson WeberJul 30, 2013
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    FreedomPop, the mobile virtual network operator, stands poised to become the first to offer a completely IP-based mobile service powered by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Mobile VoIP phone systems place calls through the Internet instead of through local phone lines, which saves users money while delivering a higher quality phone call.

  • Jackson WeberFeb 21, 2013
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    Just as quickly as the mobile phone anti-unlocking law came out, so did the petition to eradicate it. On January 26th of this year, the U.S. Copyright Office made it illegal for both individuals and phone providers to unlock their mobile phones.

  • Jackson WeberJan 23, 2013
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    Distance can either make the heart grow fonder or make it wander, and communication plays a big role in the direction the heart chooses. Thanks to social networking sites and email, it’s easier to keep in touch with friends and family spread out around the world. However, those means of communication are lacking as there certainly is something to be said about hearing the sound of a loved one’s voice over the telephone while apart. 

  • Jackson WeberJan 12, 2012
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    Okay, I admit it. I haven't had a chance to try Bobsled yet. It's not my fault, though.* The T-Mobile app couldn't call out to landlines.

    Well, now it can. The Bobsled app for both Android and iOS can call to landline/cell in addition to Facebook friends. Unfortunately, you still need a Facebook account. That is, unfortunate for all Facebook haters (see Android market reviews).

  • Jackson WeberDec 06, 2011
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    If you haven't been following trends in the cell phone world, there have been a few recent pushes for mobile VoIP. One is the release of Republic Wireless, which, on its own, dramatically changes the landscape of mobile phone plans. Another is eVoice's business-oriented mobile VoIP app from last month, giving users a mobile PBX.

  • Jackson WeberNov 16, 2011
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    The tech world has done it again. This time the new iPhone app is a virtual PBX for your cell phone.

    Wait, what?

    Like other apps and products coming out, such as Republic Wireless, the eVoice Mobile App uses WiFi or 3G/4G networks with VoIP.

    The eVoice Mobile App even has an auto attendant to direct incoming calls. eVoice’s app also adds extensions for employees and intercom functionality.

    Really. What?

  • Jackson WeberNov 02, 2011
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    On November 8th, a new product is coming out. is launching VoIP for mobile phones.

    “Great,” you say, “it happens all the time.” Well, this product release is special. Republic Wireless, they're calling it. It's not a softphone app, it's a new cell phone service for Android smartphones.

    Republic Wireless will use "Hybrid Calling." The phone relies on Wi-Fi when available then automatically switches to cell networks when there's no Wi-Fi. Some premium VoIP apps can already do this.

  • Jackson WeberOct 17, 2011
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    Great news for our cell phones!

    On Monday, October 17, wireless phone providers agreed to tell customers before they approach their monthly limit for voice, data, and text. When providers don't notify their customers of a sharp increase on their phone bill, it is known as bill shock.

    New FCC regulations mean that this won't be you when you look at your cell phone bill.

  • Jackson WeberAug 31, 2011
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    Earlier today, AT&T was sued by the US Department of Justice over a proposed merger with mobile carrier T-Mobile.

    You can read more about the AT&T T-Mobile lawsuit on

  • Jackson WeberJul 13, 2011
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    It’s a big day in the mobile phone industry: T-Mobile is the first mobile phone provider to offer caller ID to their customers. Now presenting: Name ID.

    For just $3.99 a month, Name ID gives you the name of the person who is calling - just like caller ID with a landline phone.

    Before Name ID, cell phone users only saw the phone number that was calling them and, on some phones, the city and state the number is based out of. With Name ID, mobile users can now see the name of who’s calling them, just as they would on a traditional landline or VoIP line.

  • Jackson WeberAug 17, 2010
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    Having VoIP doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to purchase a VoIP unit, which is pricier than a standard telephone. Apple, being one of the premier manufacturers of mobile phones, has come up with a rather handy solution for iPhone owners – they gave other companies a door to add on the phone’s features through ‘iPhone Apps’. Several companies took advantage of this ‘door’ and made VoIP apps for the iPhone.

  • Jackson WeberJan 13, 2010
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    With today’s every changing technological advances, AT&T committed to compete in  the VoIP world with “CallAdvantage”. Although the highly respected company opted to roll with the technology punches, lack of commitment shut the doors to CallAdvantage. The VoIP service provided outstanding call quality at a very inexpensive price, yet for some reason never put in the bucks to advertise.


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