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Unified Communications

Unified communications means the integration of communication services, such as telephony, call conferencing, and voicemail, into one platform. Offered by a single company, unified communications are managed through a unified user interface.

Unified communications solutions are among the many services offered by VoIP providers. IP telephony uses internet technology to make calls; that same technology makes internet faxing, web conferencing, email, and instant messaging possible. Since they all function with that similar base, it becomes easy to unify communications. When integrated, unified communications increase flexibility and productivity. In addition, unified communications can create huge savings compared to the costs of piecing together services provided by separate companies.

Imagine a company with several satellite offices. Without unified communications services, interaction between employees in different offices may be slower and certainly more expensive. Some employees may have to be flown in from time to time to attend important meetings. With a unified communications solution, they can call each other on a VoIP phone, send chat in real-time through instant messaging, collaborate through audio or video web conferencing – regardless of which office the employee is in. All you'll need is an internet connection.

On the list below, we've compiled top-rated VoIP service providers that also offer unified communication systems. Most have a basic VoIP phone service which you can customize with other add-on communication services.  If you are looking for a business VoIP solution, you might want to consider taking it to the next level with unified communications.

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