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Internet Phone Providers

Internet phone providers are phone service providers that use the Internet to supply phone service.

Internet phone providers use a technology called Voice over Internet Protocol to make calls. Most phone companies use some kind of VoIP nowadays: an Internet phone provider just advertises that is uses VoIP.

Below, we have a growing listing of all the different Internet Phone providers on the web. If there's an Internet Phone Provider that we don't have listed below, please contact us and let us know who we're missing.

You can also use the table below to compare Internet phone providers based on user ratings. Use the other tabs on our site to compare different types of VoIP products.

You can use Internet phone providers to make international calls from with a pc to phone call (or a call from phone to pc); you can use Internet phone to cut phone costs at home or with your business. You can even use Internet phone providers to make free calls to other users on the Internet phone provider's network.​

All our internet phone provider reviews are moderated. They are also all written by actual users of the VoIP products.  All our reviews are of active Internet phone providers. Please read our submission guidelines to see what we require in the reviews that are written on this site.

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I am the kind of person who always goes first for the isle that says “Sale” because I like to SAVE. That’s how my life is and I am not ashamed of...

August 11th, 2017 - Alison Grace

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