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Zultys vs Nextiva

Compare Zultys vs Nextiva. Find out whether Zultys or Nextiva is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of Zultys and Nextiva and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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Zultys has been voted one of the top VoIP service providers in the business. Offering up high quality products and services at low prices, Zultys has proven to be a great competitor in the industry.

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My BIGGEST complaint is the complete lack of user reference material. Zultys has a small 4 page "Quick Reference" guide that basically gets you making phone calls and not much more. Our previous phone system had an excellent user guide that detailed every feature of that phone system. The only training we got was what we found on YouTube! I will say the audio quality is excellent. Navigation is buried and confusing. Again, wouldn't it be nice to have a detailed user guide! Another negative is their handsets. While they are sleek and pretty, they are slim, hard to hold and fragile. I purchased phone pads to compensate for this as my guys were complaining they were impossible to hold with their cheek and shoulders while talking on the phone and working on the PC. I suppose a work around for this would be headsets for everybody. This system is also prone to just dropping calls. Our fax machine still drops calls before the system transfers to hold before the fax machine picks up. Nobody seems to know how to fix this either. Needless to say we miss our old system.

jbruenn November 16th, 2018

Our company specialized in smaller "key system" units until we were approached by two 100+ user clients to provide system, installation and support services. After researching available VOIP PBX vendors solutions, Zultys was an easy choice. After several years and multiple deployments, Zultys remains the right choice. Zultys is amazingly open to dealer feedback and development in helping us to meet and exceed customer's expecations. Bill Rakowitz General Manager Ganado Telephone Company

telemangt June 6th, 2009

We signed a 3 year contract with Nextiva in anticipation of building and opening our new office on April 1st. Not only could we not finish building the office, we have had to close our exisiting office and lay off all employees. We never used their services, never used the phones. They will not let us out of the contract. Their "generous offer" as it was put to us, was to put our account on hold for 3 months instead of just month to month, while we continue to pay a fee for each of the eight lines we will never use. They were not open to other offers or compromises we proposed. The only other option we were offered was to pay off the 3 year contract in full, to end it. I have had other vendors we work with send offers, discounts and refunds without our even asking. Not this company. They just want their money and could care less about trying an approach with a bit of humanity. Their customer service is a stone wall. Their attitude, pretty despicable considering the current situation and my telling them we most likely would not have a business in three months let alone 3 years.I am a CEO and owner of a company. Never ever would I treat a brand new nor an existing customer in this manner.

Snowglow June 11th, 2020

If there is way to give them minus stars I would. Painful experience of dropped calls and generally bad reception which was never fixed in spite of numerous calls to tech support. I was locked into a 1 year contract so had to stick it out for a year. After the year I ported my number out and tried to cancel service but was informed that I was automatically renewed (NO NOTIFICATION). This auto renewal verbiage is not in the contract and when I pointed this out was informed it was in the Terms and Conditions which was only accessible via a link (which did not work). I've been shunted around to five different customer service reps with no resolution and they've said they are going to continue to bill me even though they are not providing any service. I notice that lots of folks have had the same experience and would like to pursue a class action against this shady company.

Sam M June 8th, 2020
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My experience with N2P has been unequivocally great. They are available 24/7 and have always responded quickly. We are able to use them for our...

June 17th, 2020 - Mark Gilbert
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We signed a 3 year contract with Nextiva in anticipation of building and opening our new office on April 1st. Not only could we not finish building...

June 11th, 2020 - Snowglow

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