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SageVone vs magicJack

Compare SageVone vs magicJack. Find out whether SageVone or magicJack is better for your VoIP business or home needs. The experts at VoipReview have analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of SageVone and magicJack and detailed analysis of the comparison can be found below.

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magicJack is an extremely cheap VoIP provider that works by using your existing Internet connection to make and receive calls. magicJack provides a plug-and-play...

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  • Founder Year: 2006
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  • Headquater Country: United States
  • Founder Year: 2002

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I had Sagevone for around a year, and can't say much that is positive.I didn't have trouble with the uptime of the service but the call quality was constantly very , very, very poor, which made the service unusable. The voice quality itself was above average but parts of the conversation were lost, and this problem was constant and never solved.It was like dropping every other word, and it was just in one direction. The people that I talked to could hear me just fine, but I couldn't understand their responses because of this problem of missing every other word of the conversation. All VOIP tests run by them and me showed no problems with the connection over the Internet, with MOIP usually 4 or higher. The technical support seems to revolve around one person, which may be the owner. All of my problems were blamed on my ISP by the support person. After changing adapters, routers, cable modems, and switches several times, no problems were ever fixed. Call quality was the poorest when talking to them. They have a lot of features, a lot more than most, but if the service is always very poor, the features really don't matter.

Anonymous July 3rd, 2007

After six months and two VoIP adapters I have never had reliable service. Calls drop at random times, audio drops out for several seconds, the audio quality is bad and lately, when I get an outside call all I here is a busy signal. When people call me they hear a ring tone but my phones do not ring, or they get a message "All lines are busy." When I contacted the SageVone service people I made appointments to talk with technical experts that were never kept. In six months I have never talked to a technical person. Their service representative was rude and abusive and blamed everyone except himself for the problems. They kept blaming my broadband service even though I sent test data showing that there was no problem on this end (6.5Mb/s isn't enough?!?). They also told me that their service is incomatible with MacOS and Linux systems. Something that they do not advertise. In my opinion, this is not a company to be trusted or patronized.

Anonymous April 14th, 2007

Have been using MagicJack the traditional way plugging it into the USB power adapter connected to a land line and router for over 10 years. The price is cheaper than traditional service $74.03 per year including the Canadian phone #. I was even using a second MagicJackGO for about 5 years. I got an email from MagicJack one month prior to my service ending asking me to renew my Canadian phone # and service. I just assumed that they would charge me when my current subscription ended but they charged my credit card and added a year prior to the end of my service. My needs have changed and I wanted to connect to the MagicJack using a USB headset. MagicJack supports this feature. Instead of plugging the MagicJack into a USB charger it's plugged into a computer. First off I noticed neither of my 2 Macs would detect the MagicJackGO. On both My Windows 10 PCs the mic input is 2% with both MagicJack dialler and the PCs mic set for maximum. I spent 3 hours chatting with MagicJack Support. They weren’t helpful and not knowledgable ie: one Support guy asked me if I disconnected the USB power cable from the MagicJack while plugged into the PC? MagicJack only has one USB port. I kept hinting that the issue was a defective MagicJack but they would have none of that. Two Tech Support reps just ended the chat without explanation. The next day I found my MagicJackPlus and asked Tech Support to activate it and transfer my months onto it so I could test the service. She did this for me and I confirmed that MagicJackPLUS was detected on my Macs and the sound was louder on the PCs. I wanted to get a new MagicJackGO because it’s a newer device but they wanted to charge me $34 + delivery for this. I decided that it was a better value to buy a MagicJackGO with 12 year subscription for $49. I told MagicJack Billing that I bought a MagicJack with 12 month subscription and to cancel my 1 year with them. They told me it was over 24 hrs since I purchased the subscription so they couldn’t refund me. I brought up the point that my subscription was 4 weeks prior to expiring and that they should not have charged my card. Billing spoke to a Manager and said they would refund me. I got any email from MagicJack Billing Team the next day: Thank you for contacting magicJack. This is a follow up email regarding your call on June 03, 2019. Please be advised that we cannot process refund for order number Txxxxxxxxx since we have already transferred the subscription from your magicJack Go device with serial number A1132001131E60 to magicJack Plus device with serial number Axxxxxxxxxxxxx as per your request on June 02, 2019. This is extremely disingenuous. They could easily reactive my MagicJackGO (like Tech Support activated my MagicJackPLUS) and I could go into my MagicJack account and move the 12 out of 13 months of service so they could cancel and refund me but they won’t because they don’t want to refund me. The company has a very bad reputation for a good reason and I would not recommend their service.

thepix June 4th, 2019

You may find on YouTube a fix for incoming call issue is to use high Amp AC to DC Adopter. Or you might have got impressed when you called magicJack Tech Support and they asked you to unplug and plug the device again and boom it started working. These are all temporary fix; unplug and plug again the magicJack to power, change the adopter, unplug and plug again the Ethernet cable from magicJack or from router side, make an outgoing call etc. all would resolve the issue but for few minutes. Not sure if this has been done intentionally to keep signalling burden low on some server(s) but these devices don't seem to keep themselves alive. All troubleshooting efforts result in kind of forcing them to register again with server, like the firmware is lacking in periodic re-registration. I won't recommend anyone to buy these devices and waste money, unless someone wants to keep the service for outgoing call and with an app on smartphone for incoming calls. However app should be running in background helping smartphone to drain the power. With an apk on my Galaxy no issue on incoming calls but the quality of voice is sometime terrible. It's hard to blame internet connectivity now-a-days as throughput is usually enough to cope with VoIP. It's more about QoS and SLA agreed upon. Also you can confirm this with any free app service like duo, whatsapp, signal etc. on the same connection at the same place

alkaramat May 25th, 2019
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